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Hitwe Review 2024 — Real Dating Site or Scam?

Hitwe Review 2024  — Real Dating Site or Scam?
About Site
Active Audience 58%
Quality Matches 87%
Popular Age 20-24
Profiles 2 100 000
Reply Rate 86%
Ease of Use 8.3
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Easy signup Process: The site has a smooth and speedy signup process in which members take a little time to register and make their accounts running.
  • Free chats: This dating site has a free chatting feature. Unlike other sites, you do not have to pay to send and receive messages from other members.
  • Mobile Applications: This online platform has existing mobile applications available to both android and iPhone users.
  • Different languages: This dating site can be used in six major languages. These include English, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Chinese, and French.
  • Verification: Verified users always have a blue verification badge on their profiles to prove their accounts are approved and legitimate.
  • Few active users: compared with other major dating sites currentlyavailable, this site does not have many daily active users on its platform.
  • Pop-up ads on the mobile application: users have complained a lot about pop-up ads available on its mobile platform.
  • Not suitable for the older and mature age: the majority of members on this site are youth, aging between 18 to 34 years of age. This feature means people above this age may find it challenging to find their mates.
  • Premium services: to enjoy all the benefits of this dating site, you are required to upgrade the primary account to a paid account. This comes at a fee.
  • Expensive process: the premium rates as compared to other dating sites are average. This means using these premium features at a cost.

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HitWe.com is an online dating site that was specifically designed to match members that are looking for friends and relationships. Launched in December 2015, this site has grown, with its current population estimated to be over 240 million members and growing.

In this HitWe Review, we will guide you on all features of the site as you try to find love and relationships in the year 2020. Follow this review to get the best details about this dating site.

How HitWe Dating Website Works

How HitWe Dating Website Works

Hitwe.com is a popular online dating site, with the aim of connecting its users who are looking for friendship, dates, and long-term relationships. It is a social site where people meet to socialize and create friendship, and this friendship may lead to dates or long-term relationships.

Unlike other dating sites, HitWe users don’t have to wait until a match is made to communicate. Members who are interested in each other can send messages without matching.

HitWe matches its users according to their location. It matches a user with potential matches who are just near in their area.

Let’s Have a Look at Audience Analysis

The dating site has over 240million registered members, most of whom come from Brazil, Russia,and Ukraine. The members are categorized into the segments mentioned below.

  • Geographical Info: Most members who use the HitWe dating website come from such countries as Ukraine, Brazil, and Russia. However, the site is available globally, with most countries experiencing low user numbers.
  • Gender:This website is comprised of both genders – male and female. The number of male users is almost equal to the number of female users.
  • Sexual Orientation:This dating site offers all types of sexual relationships. It accommodates straight members, gays, and lesbians who want to socialize and meet their friends.
  • Age:HitWe consists of users who are over 18 years of age. However, the majority of members who use this site are at the age of 18 to 40 years old. This means, most users are the youth group.
  • Ethnicity:This website comprises of all races and all ethnic groups. It mostly consists of Asian, Black American, Caucasian, Arab, and Chinese people among others.

HitWe Special Features

HitWe Special Features
  • Chat messages are free and instant. You do not have to match with a member to send or receive messages; once you have completed the registration process, you can go ahead and message a member.

The chat feature is free. Unlike other dating sites, it offers its members free sending and receiving of messages via its site. You do not have to upgrade your account to premium to enjoy this feature.

  • Profile Visit Counter: This online dating site has a profile visit counter. This feature shows the number of people who have visited your profile since the joining date. Premium users can view all the profile visitors, while the primary account users are only limited to the recent five profile visitors.
  • Pet Evolution: This is a feature only available on the mobile application. It is designed to make users busy by completing some daily quests to grow the number of their Pets. Pets start at one, and members are encouraged to build them by completing specific tasks available.
  • Profile Visitors: This feature allows users to see their profile visitors for the last 30 days. Premium members can view all the visitors, while the basic account holders are limited to only five. After the 30 days, the list is refreshed again.
  • Profile Likes: Just like the profile visitors, this feature enables users to see the members who liked their profile in the last 30 days. Premium members have unlimited access, while as above, free account users are limited to only five profiles of the members who liked their account.

Is HitWe User Friendly?

Is HitWe User Friendly?

The website is super user-friendly, and its design helps a lot in this matter. Let’s have a look at some things design-wise.

HitWe Design and Use

With its blue and white-colored design, this online dating website is easy to use with appealing features. The design is simple and easy to apply to all its users.

Profiles are not much detailed, but members can add more optional details, which may include their professions and social habits to guide other members.

The Mobile Application

HitWe.com has an existing mobile application available to both iOS and Android smartphone users. This mobile application has all the features of the website, with an extra location feature to enable members to discover other users who are near their location.

This mobile application is user-friendly and easy to use. It has notifications for all member interactions, which makes it easy for users to get information just on time.

This mobile application has some other additional features, which include: The Pet feature, Location feature, and a dedicated message button, which is found just on the profile interface.

HitWe.com Customer Care and Support

This online dating platform has a customer support system available to solve its members’ queries over the use of this site.

It has a detailed FAQ section, where members can find solutions to part of the issues they are facing with ease.

The site has a support page where members can directly contact customer care on more complicated issues. This contact page requires members to specify the subject of their request, their email address, and finally, a message which should not exceed 30 characters. Feedback is always given through the above email within 24 hours.

Signing Up on HitWe(and Info About The User Profile)

The registration process at HitWe is simple and very short. It does not require many details during registration.

Here’s How to Sign Up

Here’s How to Sign Up

While registering, users are required to provide the below details:

  • Name: you are required to give just one name on this section, which will also be your username.
  • Email Address: You are required to key in your email address. This email address will be used for subsequent logins and account verification.
  • Password: You are requested to provide a unique, easy to remember the password to secure your account.
  • Gender: You have to specify your gender. This should be either male or female.
  • Age: the dating site requires you to state your age. Only members who have attained the minimum age of 18 years are allowed to register.

After filling in the information above, you are required to pass the ReCAPTCHA method, to prove you are a human before being allowed to register. You are also required to agree to the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and signup to the newsletters.

How’s Profile Quality? What About The Verification Process?

Just after creating your account, the site takes you directly to the profile, where you are required to complete it and enjoy the full usage of this dating site. However, the making of this profile can be done later while using this dating platform.

To make up the profile, you are required to provide the following information:

  • Photos: you are required to upload pictures to your profile. Basic account holders are required to upload only 20 photos, while users on the premium can upload up to 50 photos.
  • Basics: Here, the dating site requires you to give the following details:

Your ethnicity: e.gBlack American, Indian, Asian etc.

Religion: you are required to choose whether you are: Hindu, Christian, Muslim, Catholic etc.

Sign: here you are required to include your Zodiac sign. It can be Virgo, Pisces, Gemini and so on.

Body type: you are required to state your body type. E.g.:fit, average, overweight, among other options.

  • Status: you are required to fill in the following conditions:

Sexual Orientation: it includes straight, bisexual, or gay.

Relationship status: e.g. single, married, divorced, among others. You can also decide to tell later.

Relationship type: this can be classified into monogamous or polygamous.

  • Personal details: personal details in this section include:

Children status: whether you want, don’t want, or have some children etc.

Pets: here you state whether you have or like pets.

Car: whether you have it or not.

Home ownership: living in a dormitory, a house, a flat, a rented house, or living with parents.

  • Members professional details: which may include:

Profession: you are required to state your type of job.

Industry: you have to provide the industry in which you work. It may includescience, education, and hospitality among others.

Education: you are required to state the level of education. Variants vary from college to an advanced degree.

  • Habits: this is the last part of the profile build-up, and it contains the following information:

Smoking: from non-smoker to a heavy smoker.

Drinking: sometimes, with friends, of often.

Drugs: whether you use drugs or not.

Diet: whether you are on a special diet. This includes vegetarians and Halal among others.

Profile verification is mainly done through the email address used to register. Members are required to click on the link sent to verify their profile. Approved and verified profiles always have a blue tick next to their profile names.

The site also allows you to sync your account with Facebook to update your profile.

HitWe Search Features

HitWe Search Features

HitWe.com has only four options, which allow users to search for other members. You can conduct this search by using one or all of the following features:

  • Gender: you can choose whether you would want to meet a male or a female member.
  • Age: you can choose members according to the various age groups available.
  • Country: you can search for members with their country of origin.
  • City: this location feature allow you to search for members according to their place of residence.

The search feature is both available to free account users and premium account holders.

HitWe Matching and Communication

HitWe Matching and Communication

The matching process on this social dating site occurs when the profile you liked before likes you back.

You can search and like a profile using the feature mentioned above. Once the liked profile likes you back, it becomes your instant match.

The matching process is location-based. This means you can only like and match with members who are near your location. However, through the location filter, you can choose the place where to find your matches.

Communication: in HitWe, communication doesn’t depend on matches. You can quickly contact a member evenwithout creating a match. All you have to do is to go to their profile, press the message feature, and create a chat.

The chat feature also has a quick message. This is a feature where you press and select an instant message, which will then be delivered to other member.

Received message notifications are always shown on the site, mobile app, or through the email used to register the account.

You can also stop a member from sending you messages by blocking them. This blocking feature creates a barrier between a user and an offensive member.

Subscription Options on HitWe.com

Subscription Options on HitWe.com

This online dating site has two types of accounts for its members: a free, basic account and a premium account.

Free Version

A free basic account is available to members upon registration. This account offers basic features of this dating site, which include the following:

  • Messaging: members with free accounts enjoy free chats and instant messages between them and other users.
  • Photo Uploads: users with free accounts can upload up to 20 photos to their profiles. However, to add more photos, you are required to upgrade to the premium account.
  • Pet Evolution feature: users with free accounts can access the pet Evolution feature on their mobile applications. This allows them to take and complete quests, and win more pets on this platform.
  • Likes and Visitors: the free version of the HitWe dating platform will enable members to view five people who have liked or visited their profiles in the last 30 days. To see more people who visited or liked them, users must upgrade to premium account.

Premium (Paid) Subscription

A premium account allows members to use all the advanced features available on this dating site. Members with premium accounts enjoy the following benefits:

  • Advert Free usage: members with premium accounts don’t experience pop-up advertisements, which are usually seen on free accounts.
  • Highlighted messages: while having a premium account, members have their messages highlighted on top of other messages on recipients’ accounts.
  • Read Message: paid account holders have the privilege of seeing if their message has been read by the recipient or not.
  • Highlighted profile: premium account users are always highlighted on other members’ profiles as per their locations.
  • Unlimited likes: unlike with free account, where they are limited to only five, premium account holders enjoy unlimited likes to their profiles.
  • Profile visits and likes: members with paid account can view all the members who visited and liked their profiles in the last 30 days.
  • Photo Uploads: members with premium accounts can upload a maximum of 50 photos to their profiles.

Premium Pricing

Premium Pricing

The premium accounts have different packages that members can pay for to enjoy the paid-up features. These premium packages are as below:

1-month package costs .99

3-month package costs .97

12-month package costs .28

Canceling Subscription

This premium subscription is always auto-renewed. This means it renews itself automatically when it expires. To cancel this, members are requested to cancel the auto-renewal feature found in their account settings. You cannot revoke Active subscriptions.

Essential Facts on Safety and Security

This online social site has safety and security policies that adhere to protect its members and their data from cyber crime and site hackers.

All user information is kept private under the security and safety policies of the company.

The safety and security policy states:

  • The kind of data collected.
  • How it is stored and used.
  • How it is shared with other third-party users.

However, members are always cautioned on the type of private information they should share with other users. This type of information is not still covered under the Privacy and Security Policy, and members should share at their own risk.

What Are Some HitWe Alternatives and Competition?

What Are Some HitWe Alternatives and Competition?

Despite being a moderate popular dating website, it is facing competition from other dating websites which include, among others:

  • Adultfriendfinder.com
  • Badoo.com
  • Flingstar.com
  • BeNaughty.com
  • Ashleymadison.com


With this review, you can tell that HitWe.com is a good dating site. However, just like other online dating sites, you might find one or two profiles of scammers. Users should beware of these profiles.

However, due to its free basic features like liking and chatting, this dating website is highly recommended for those who don’t want to dig deep into their pockets looking for dates and relationships. The basic features are free.

For the youth, between the ages of 18 to 40 years, you might not want to look further to get a perfect partner. HitWe is recommended for young people who are looking for friends and dating partners.

Members who are old and mature, may not enjoy the benefits of this online dating site.

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