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TS-Dating Review 2024 — Real Trans Dating Site or Scam?

TS-Dating Review  2024  — Real Trans Dating Site or Scam?
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Active Audience 86%
Quality Matches 93%
Popular Age 25-27
Profiles 2 600 000
Reply Rate 90%
Ease of Use 8.2
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Easy registration Process: this online website has a simple registration and account-creating process.
  • Best communication features: TS-Dating has the best messaging and other communication features, which include winks. However, the messaging feature is available to only premium account holders.
  • Easy to use: the interface and design of this online website are easy to use. Navigating through this site is easier compared to other platforms.
  • Transsexuals: This website makes it easier to find members of the LGBTQ community as compared to other mixed-orientation platforms.
  • Secure: Due to its tight security measures and mobile phone approval system, this site has fewer scammers and fake profiles.
  • Free accounts: free account members can register, update their profiles, and enjoy other services for free while using this dating platform.
  • Free matching: the matching and the like process on this online dating site are free to all members.
  • Premium features are costly. Their subscription rates are higher compared with other sites.
  • Not available in other countries: this dating site is not available to all countries.
  • Anonymous: Usernames are not real names. It’s not easy to know the kind of people you are matching with and their real names.
  • Low membership count: this online site has a low number of accounts. This makes it difficult to find matches.

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Welcome to this TS-Dating website review. In this review, we’ll discuss the functions of this dating site, its features, and all other relevant information. Join this review to find out more, but first, the basics:

TS-Dating is an adult dating website, which helps to connect transsexuals for their sexual encounters, short term relationships, and long term dating.

It is one of the largest transsexualswebsite, which aims to connect real transsexuals for hookups and dates. It is a free dating website, which offers free account registration and profile creation.This site was launched in 2018, and TS-Dating.com owns it. It has a mobile application available to both Android and iOS users.

TS-Dating—How It Works

TS-Dating Review – Is This A Worthy Site?

Before going deeply on how this website works, let’s first define who transsexuals are, since they are the majority members on this adult platform.

Transsexuals are individuals who are living as different genders from the one they were born with. In simpler terms, a male may decide to live as a female, or a female may choose to live as a male.

This online dating site works to connect these transsexuals forhookups and dating. It provides a relationship venue for admirers of transsexuals, who would want to seek a private and secure type of dating experience.

It is for individuals seeking transgender groups and those who want to get sexual experience with bisexual couples.

It works by providing different types of dating experiences, which include: Threesome, Bisexual, Swinger, and the overall transgender dating.

It is a dating site mostly used by the LGBTQ community.

Audience Analysis

  • Geographical: TS-Dating has members across the world. Most of its members come from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia.
  • Gender: this dating site accommodates all types of genders. It accommodates males, females, and the overall transgender groups. It has members who come to seek services of the transsexuals either for hookup or long term relationships.
  • Sexual Orientation: TS-Dating is the online dating site designed to cater primarily totranssexuals (individuals who have adopted other sexual genders apart from the one they were born with), but other types can also be found on the website.
    1. Bisexuals: Involves individuals who are interested in both males and females match.
    2. Threesome: involves members who want more than two sexual partners.
    3. Swinger: Involves finding sexual relationships with other types of users in groups.
  • Age: Most members of this site are the youth aged between 18 to 34 years of age. However, you can find members as old as 60 years and as young as 18 years of age. The minimum required age on this site is 18 years.
  • Ethnicity: This online dating site has members from different ethnicities. On this site, you can find Arabs, Black Americans, Indians, Chinese, and other European countries members. As long as you are into transgenders, this site will accommodate you and your needs.

TS-Dating Features

TS-Dating Review – Is This A Worthy Site?

This online dating site has special features, used to enhance the matching and communication processes of this site. These special features include:

  • Search: search features enable users to find their perfect matches easily and fast. Users on premium accounts can further search their matches through advanced filters. These advanced filters include keywords, states, provinces, cities, among others.
  • Messaging: This is a communication feature available to only premium account holders. Messaging allows members to send and receive chats and photos from other users of this website.
  • Icebreakers: This dating site has winks as an ice-breaker to all its members, including the ones on free accounts.

Is TS-DatingUser-Friendly?

With added features and design, this online dating site is user-friendly to its members.

All features are placed at the top of the site, making it easier for members to find them.

It has efficient customer support, which solves issues and problems that arise while using this site.

Let’s Now Focus On TS-Dating’sUsability& Design

This online dating website has a very lovely and easy to use interface to all its members.

The homepage is pale white, decorated with user profiles, making it appealing to the first-time and recurring users.

The design is modern, with unique features that work well while on use in this dating site.

Does TS-Dating Have A Mobile App?

This online website has a mobile application available to its android and iPhone users.

The mobile application can be downloaded via the Google Store and the Apple Appstore for Android and iPhone smartphone users’ respectively.

The mobile app contains the same features as the website and has a nice interface for chatting and finding new friends.

Downloading and installing this mobile app is free of charge to all users.

Does TS-Dating Have Reliable Customer Support?

TS-Dating website has customer care which deals with issues and problems arising from using this dating site.

Premium members are given an account manager, who calls users to learn how they are using the website and solves any challenges they might be facing. They also guide the user on how to use several features on this website.

Registration Process &Profile Creation

TS-Dating Review – Is This A Worthy Site?

Users are required to have an account to use this transsexual platform. The only way of having an account on this site is through signing up. After the signup process, users are required to create their detailed profiles. An in-depth profile enables other users to know them better and also helps in conducting the search process.

Easy profiles can be created by signing up via the Facebook page. However, to manually sign up, you have to use the below-explained procedure.

Here’s How to Register

Members are required to provide the following details on the signup page:

  • Gender: Users are required to provide their genders in this section. Options include bi-woman, bi-man, bi-couple, bi-curious woman or man, or bi-curious couple.
  • Seeking: users are required to state the kind of gender they are looking for. Options includeBi-woman, bi-man, bi-couple, bi-curious woman or man, or bi-curious couple.
  • Age from: In this section, you are required to give your age in years.
  • Email Address: you are required to provide an email address to this section.
  • Mobile Phone number: you are required to provide a mobile phone number for security purposes. Verification is done through this mobile number.

Before finishing the registration process, users are required to accept website terms of use andservice agreements.

What AboutProfile Details? Is There Verification?

TS-Dating Review – Is This A Worthy Site?

To create a detailed profile, this site requires members to key in the below details, classified into three sections, which include: Personal details, photos, and “about you” and the match you’d prefer. The details required include:

  • First Name: you are required to provide your first name, which will not be displayed publicly in the profile.
  • Username: You are required to provide a username, which will be used to identify you on this website.
  • Password: A unique, secure password is required to secure members’ accounts.
  • Country/Area: Includes your country of origin, province, and the city.
  • Height: you are required to state your height in this section.
  • You are required to choose your ethnicity. Options include Arabs, black Americans, African, among other ethnicities.
  • Relationship status: you have to state your relationship status in this section. Options include; Single, Never married, Married, Divorced, widowed, in a relationship, or separated.
  • Photos: in this section, members are required to provide their identification pictures. They can also upload other photos in this section.
  • You and your match: this section requires members to provide details about them, and how they would want their matches to be.

Verification is done through a text message to the mobile number you used during registration. To confirm your account, you are required to key in the six digits code received.

How TS-Dating Search Works

TS-Dating allows its members to search other profiles using the below search filters:

  • Gender: you can use gender as a search filter to get your preferred match.
  • Age: you can search for members by using the age filter.
  • City: You can search for profiles using their locations—the city where they are located.
  • Advanced features: these are available to premium account holders and include: keywords, states, provinces, and cities, among others.

What About Chatting &TheMatching System?

TS-Dating Review – Is This A Worthy Site?

Matching involves a member accepting a request from another interested user. Once the other member likes you back, then it becomes a match. A user can have as many matches as possible, by sending and accepting the received requests.

There are two main types of communication features found on this dating website.

  • Messages: This is a premium feature where members can send and receive messages from other users.
  • Flirts: these are icebreakers, sent for free to show your matches you are interested in them. This is available to free and basic account holders.

You can also contact a user without matching. To contact a user, first, you need to check on their preferences. Some users have special requests, which include the type of people to contact them, their location, age, photos, among others.

What Are The Membership Options?

There are two types of membership options in this online platform: The basic membership and the premium membership. Basic accounts are free, while premium accounts have to be paid for. These membership options provide different features, as explained below:

Free Accounts

TS-Dating Review – Is This A Worthy Site?

These are the basic accounts users get just after registering. Users on basic accounts enjoy the below features:

  • Free account registration: individuals on free accounts register for free.
  • Profile Creation: it is free to create profiles on this website.
  • Photos: users on basic accounts can add up to 26 basic and 26 private photos into their accounts.
  • Search: users on free accounts can search for other users using the location feature.
  • Favorites list: users on free accounts can put profiles they have liked into their favorites list.
  • Unlimited Icebreakers: members who use these basic accounts can use the wink feature for free.

Users are required to update their accounts to premium to have unlimited access to other features.

Premium Accounts

These are paid accounts through the subscription method. Members can subscribe to different packages to upgrade their accounts to premium. Apart from the above free services, users on paid accounts have the below advantages:

  • Messaging: users on premium accounts can send and receive messages to and from other accounts.
  • Reverse matches: users who are on paid accounts can see members who have liked their profiles.
  • Last seen: users on premium accounts can see the last time their preferred matches logged in.
  • Photo and Profile Security: users on premium accounts can upload unlimited images which have been secured. They can also enjoy other advanced security features.
  • Advanced search: Users on these paid accounts can search other profiles using the advanced search filters. These include keywords, states, provinces, cities, among other features.

TS-Dating PricingPackages

TS-Dating Review – Is This A Worthy Site?

There are different subscription packages that users can pay to use the premium accounts. These packages include:

  • 12 months package at3.95, which translates to .95/month
  • (This package is only paid through check or money order)
  • Six months package at .95, which translates to .95/month
  • Three months Package at .95, which brings to .95/month
  • 1-month package at .95

Let’s Discuss TerminatingYour TS-Dating Subscription

Most of these subscriptions are auto-renewed after expiry. Users must know when their subscription ends, to cancel this auto-renewal feature.

It is very easy to cancel subscriptions on this website. To cancel, account holders are required to turn off the auto-renewal feature, next to their account settings.

Does TS-Dating Have Safety&Security Policies?

TS-Dating Review – Is This A Worthy Site?

TS-Dating has safety and privacy policy, which ensures the safety of its members and that of data. It works to see everyone, and their data is safe while on this website.

TS-Dating has also shared how it collects users’ data, how they store and use this data, and also how they share it with other third parties.Spam or fake accounts are always kept out on this online matching site. Once a user faults its terms of use, their account gets suspended.

User accounts can be suspended due to various reasons. Some of these reasons include:

  • Creating a fake and low-quality profile
  • Uploading unacceptable content into the website
  • Sending junk or unwanted content to other members
  • Suspicious account activities which may include fake registration and login
  • Advertising other dating sites on this website.

What AboutTS-DatingCompetitors and Alternatives?

TS-Dating has other competitors and alternatives which users can seek services from. These competitors include:

  • My Transsexual Date
  • My Transsexual Dates is also a transsexual dating site for the LGBTQ community in which individuals can seek matching services. The good thing about this platform is, it has more members as compared to TS-Dating. Users can check it out to see if it fits them in finding their preferred dating partners.

  • TSDates
  • TSDates is an online dating website for transsexual women. It is a site for transgender women to meet their preferred men matches. This online platform is also available on mobile applications. TSDates has been voted to be the most discrete and safe women sites.

TS-Dating Review: Final Thoughts

TS-Dating Review – Is This A Worthy Site?

There is a large number of online transsexual dating sites in which users can choose to find their partners. TS-Dating is one of them. However, TS-Dating has few members, and it is more often confused with TSDates, as they share almost similar names.

The good thing about this site: it has well elaborated and functioning safety and security features. It blocks members who violate its laws thus can be regarded as one of the safest dating sites in the world.

However, members can check on other alternatives, depending on their tastes and preferences. They can choose the best platform which suits their needs. This site is recommended for those who love using discrete websites with less traffic.

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