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Naughtydate Review 2024 — Real Hookup Site or Scam?

Naughtydate Review 2024  — Real Hookup Site or Scam?
About Site
Active Audience 62%
Quality Matches 94%
Popular Age 26-28
Profiles 2 600 000
Reply Rate 92%
Ease of Use 8.8
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The Naughtydate site is entirely free to access. This is advantage makes the users happy to use the site. Who does not love free yet quality services?
  • There is no need to download any app. The site is a hassle-free mobile-optimized site. This means that the user can create accounts on the site; the use of sites is proven to be convenient. Typically, some people do not want their friends to scroll through their phones to find an online dating app.
  • The site embraces freedom and the ability to be funky. In the light that people should just be on a dating site to find a soul mate, Naughtydate was created. People are not usually allowed the freedom to flirt or to be naughty on dating apps and sites because most of the users are looking for something serious.
  • On Naughtydate, everyone is expected to be naughty, so it will not offend a user when you flirt. You can also find your soul mate since common interest, and character breeds love.
  • The site is very and fast to use. The site doesn’t just allow you to upload pictures and swipe for a match; you are allowed to post a status about how you feel. It gives you the opportunity of being funky.
  • The site is also well checked against pornographic images. You can flirt, yes, but the site is not a porn site. It is for mature adults to be funky, not horny.
  • Dating sites and apps are naturally faced with the “catfish” or “fake account” problem. One might get exhausted from the number of fake accounts on the site.
  • However, it is quite sad that normal users cannot see a full picture of the persons they intend to flirt with. And as usual, the profile does not do much in describing the person of interest. Some of the users even have uncompleted profiles.
  • As a result of the fake accounts and all, some of the users do not respond well. This, unfortunately, spoils the fun the site was built for.

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Naughtydate is an online site for finding a date. Together Networks created the website for flirty people. As the name naughty implies, it is a site for people to find other people that share their naughty philandering interests. The use of this app is not a strange thing to the users as their very motor is to “Bring your innermost desires to life!”

This explains why there are over 700,000 registered users. So, if you are young and ready to explore, you might want to try the Naughtydate site.

Naughtydate is for flirts, people that want to hook up and also for people that want to find love. However, it is a decent dating site to be. You are allowed to chat, like, and view pictures to find a partner. It is easy and fast to open. The site has a fantastic interface. Together Networks really designed the site for the users to enjoy flirting in the best way possible.

There are many features on the site to help the users interact well. You will find the place exciting.

Naughtydate Review – Legit Or Scam?

How Does NaughtydateWork?

Unlike most of the dating apps or sites, Naughtydate does not require a Facebook account to be a registered member. All the new members need to answer some questions to be registered. After opening the site, a platform for registration would be found just in the top right corner of the website. The users will have to state their gender and the gender they are interested in. Then, their age, email address, and a password would be needed. There will be no need to set a location because the site is designed to discover your location through your IP (internet protocol) address.

The next phase will be to verify and activate your email account by copying the code sent to your email or using the link sent to it. It is quite fast and easy to open an account.

However, once you are logged in, you are required to provide a picture, write a status, and give some information about yourself. You can decide to fill your profile at that point or do it later. Whichever one you do, you are automatically directed to the homepage of the site. There you will find pictures of eligible flirts, depending on the gender you bargained for.

In the bottom right corner of the homepage, a site admin will be assigned to you. This admin welcomes you to the site and gives you the five easy steps to getting your sexual interest. The homepage allows you to see all your sexual interest staying in your location, the ones online, and new members. Also, there are flirtcasts provided by the site. These flirtcasts are like nice short messages to help the users on their flirt game. They pop out as the first little box just beside others’ profiles. You can decide to send the flirtcast if you like it or change it if you do not like it. You can only get five free flirtcasts, and then you will begin to pay for it. You can wink at others, explore people’s profiles as much as you like.

There is a taskbar at the top. This taskbar gives you the options to increase or limit the ages of the matches you want. You can also filter them by asking for specific descriptions. You are allowed to chat, like, and even ask a person for more stories and pictures. Once you see a profile you like, you can tap on it to see more information about the person. You can change your profile whenever you want, see who sent you messages, and see notifications.

The site is really for young yet mature people as there are no pornographic pictures, no celebrity copyright infringement (no pictures of celebrities), no photo with a message of violence, drug abuse, or a picture or another gender.

These measures were made to cob the issue of fake accounts.

A Look Into The Audience Analysis

  • Geography
  • Like I said earlier, there are over 700,000 registered users of the site globally. The users of this site have their goals as the name of the website. This means that most of the users are not on the site to look for love or a long-term relationship. This intention is not surprising as the site was not built to find a soul mate; it gives people you just want hookups to really tell the truth. There are up to 10,000 logins daily on the site.

  • Age
  • Any gender can use the app from the age of 18 to 78. According to the study, most of the registered users from the age of 18-29 use the app for hookups, while other users from 30 to 50 may just be the search for a serious relationship with a funky partner. Again, the users from the age of 50 above are not looking for marriage. They are just ready to mingle and hook up.

  • Sexual Orientation
  • The site is for all sexual orientation and interest. You will notice this as soon as you start to register.

  • Gender
  • There are more male users than female users of this app. Records show that about 70% of the users are the male gender, and the rest of the 30% are females. The site is designed for all kinds of sexual orientation to use, but straight people mostly use it. This is because people of other sexual interests are more comfortable with a site built just for them.

    The site is available to anyone in any country, in other languages like German.

    Most of the members of this site have only one goal, which is casual hookups.

  • Ethnicity
  • Naughtydate seems to care about the ethnicity of its users. This can be an advantage for people who have a list of ethnics they want to hook up with. Naughtydate intends to retain the reputation of being a platform for casual hookups yet a dating site and a possible place to find love.

Essential Features Of Naughtydate

Naughtydate Review – Legit Or Scam?

Every dating site is designed with a special feature to keep new and old members interest. For Naughtydate, the features are quite unique and straightforward. The first feature is flirtcast, and this feature is a brilliant idea. The short messages are flirty and interesting. Here is an example of what the flirtcast look like; “I’m your modern-day princess looking for my Prince Charming. Have you seen my slipper?” Imagine having to start a chat with someone like this. There is a guarantee of interest and response.

The only unfortunate thing about flirtcast is that new members are only given free five. If you are not creative with words, you might need to buy a subscription.

Another unique feature is the “Winks.” This feature is to say hello to whosoever you want to talk to. It comes in handy anytime. This means that unlike the flirtcasts, the winks are actually free.

On this site, you can like and chat with anyone you want. This is quite an advantage since the goal is to find someone to flirt with and not love, you might want to keep your options open. The site does not only let you flirt. It encourages you to.

However, you also get the Naughtydate version of a guardian angel, the site admin. She pops up, especially if you have not updated your profile.

You are also allowed to pick the set of people you want to view. You can decide to explore the site for new members or all the members. You can also sort for your match by popularity, last activity, distance or age.

Because members cannot see full pictures, there is a game called “Like Gallery.” This game is quite simple and easy to play. You will be presented with a picture of your sexual interest; you are required to like or cancel a picture. Once you like the image you see, you are allowed to start chatting with them.

All Right, But How User Friendly Is Naughtydate?

The site is straightforward to use. There are no complicated or hidden tabs. This is just perfect as a person who wants to flirt does not have the patient of learning a complex site. All that is required of the users is just to tap and fill in the questionnaire. The best part is that registration is free. The only problem comes when you are chatting with a person, and you do not really know what to say.

Naughtydate provided the users with flirtcasts, but standard users lose access to these short messages after five flirtcasts.

Most of the male users of this site complain that they get a lot of fake messages. This is as annoying as when one is being catfished. Naughtydate assures users that some of these messages are from the staff to check up on some things.

A new member may have difficulty using the site if they have not uploaded a picture. It is compulsory to upload an image. The users will be redirected to the upload picture set up anytime they click on something. The site is practically useless until they upload a photo. However, there are a lot of rules concerning the upload of pictures.

Naughtydate Design and Usability: Key Points

Naughtydate Review – Legit Or Scam?

With a straightforward website like www.naughtydate.com, it has proven itself to be durable. The Naughtydate is pink, white, and a touch of black. This is metaphorical as pink and white are subtle and cute colors. Some may even call these colors pure or the color of love, but the touch of black was added to balance things. This is because it was not built for lovers to find each other. It was built for people with like interest to meet, go on dates, hook up and maybe find love in each other. After all, it is a dating site. The users can see their activities on the top bar of the site.

However, the site has also proven itself not to be a porn site. The site goes against any form of under-18 nudity. This means that the website can be used anywhere. A working-class man can sit in his office and go through the site without being in trouble. The site is a total porn-free zone.

The tabs and options are very easy to find. It is very easy to know what to do when using the site for the first time. It takes less than 10 minutes to explore and understand the site. It is that simple to use.

Does Naughtydate Have a Mobile Application?

Naughtydate is a site, not an app. It does not seem that Together Networks have any intention of creating an app for the site. However, the accessibility on both desktop and mobile phones is equal.

What About Naughtydate Customer Service?

Naughtydate has a unique way of supporting and helping its members. The very instant a user is logged into their dashboard, they are gifted with a site admin who welcomes and put them through the first step of finding a partner.

There is the provision of the flirtcast that helps the users. As they exhaust the free and easy platforms, Naughtydate provides her users with affordable subscriptions. Naughtydate knows how to take care of customers.

Naughtydate Registration Process and User Profile

The sign-up process is quite easy and fast. As soon as you open the site, you will find the sign-up form on the right side of the page. It’s pretty straightforward, so let’s see some small steps.

Here’s How To Sign-Up On Naughtydate

You will need to provide some information about your gender, sexual orientation, age, email, and password. Your IP address will provide the location.

You will be required to verify your account through your email. This can be done via an activation code sent to your mail (or the link). All these should be less than 10 minutes, and you are logged in.

How’s The Profile Quality and Verification Process On Naughtydate?

Profile quality is quite high. The community comprises people from all walks of life, and you are sure to find someone interesting. To become a member, you are required to set or create a profile. You will need a picture that does not breach any of the rules. Then, you will need to provide some information about yourself, like ethnicity, body type, and hair color. You can decide to skip the profile set up and do it later, but the questions are short and simple; you should answer them. There is also a small notification that offers you the option of promoting your account and using your status as a promotion message.

Once you have provided the answers, you can save your profile and enjoy the site. The quality of the profile is excellent; it all boils down to the type of picture you upload and the status you write.

Searching for Dates on Naughtydate

Naughtydate Review – Legit Or Scam?

Naughtygate has a “Find” option on the top bar of your dashboard. This ensures that you can find a perfect march when you have a name. This “Find” option saves you the stress of scrolling and looking for your match. Isn’t Naughtygate just determined to spoil you with comfort?

The Chatting And Matching Process On Naughtydate

As far as you have completed your profile, this stage is easy. All you have to do is to like and chat up a profile you find interesting. You can get more pictures of the person you are chatting with. You can also decide to play the Like Gallery game to chat with people.

Membership Option

Naughtydate is a free site. You get five free flirtcasts. You get to explore the site and chat up people. But if you want unlimited chats, flirtcasts, and pictures, you will have to subscribe to their plans.

There are four plans to pick from. There are:

  • 3 Day trial subscription
  • 1-month subscription
  • Three monthssubscription
  • Six months subscription

The subscription allows you to do more than a standard member of the site. With a paid subscription, you can have unlimited chats, view larger and clearer pictures, get more information than a standard member, shared photos and videos quickly.

Free Membership

The site is free. You can decide to use the website for viewing activities and exploration if you do not want to pay for a subscription.


Each subscription has different prices.

  • 3 Day trial subscription – $1.50 per day
  • 1-month subscription – $1.38 per day
  • Three months subscription – $0.77 per day
  • Six months subscription – $0.62 per day

There are times when there are limited discounts. For secure payment, get your credit card handy.

How to Cancel Subscription On Naughtydate

Naughtydate Review – Legit Or Scam?

You can decide to opt-out of a plan by canceling it or picking another plan. You will find your setting option easily. This will lead you to your subscription plan. Tap on the cancel subscription option to leave that plan.

Is Naughtygate Safe And Secure?

A lot of people say Naughtydate is not safe because of the number of fake accounts and messages on the site. It is, however, a fun place to be without this disadvantage.

Your user ID is unique and safe. It protects you from being hacked.

Naughtydate Competitors and Alternatives

The website has its flaws, but it’s doing well in a highly competitive industry. Remember, every site has a unique community, and it matters where you feel more comfortable. Here are the four main competitors of Naughtydate.

  • BeNaughty
  • Passion.com
  • Hookup
  • Adultfriendfinder


If you are looking for hookups with the hope of finding love, this site is for you. It is not every day you find a website that is happy to make you free and helps withyour interest. We highly recommend Naughtydate because it offers exciting features, and there’s a massive community of quality users out there. Have a good one!

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