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KenyanCupid Review 2024 — Real Kenyan Dating Site or Scam?

KenyanCupid Review 2024 — Real Kenyan Dating Site or Scam?
About Site
Active Audience 90%
Quality Matches 95%
Popular Age 20-23
Profiles 2 500 000
Reply Rate 94%
Ease of Use 6.4
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The service is easy to use.
  • All major features are available for free.
  • Quick registration is impossible — you will need to fill out a huge questionnaire, which will take at least 30 minutes.
  • Communication, viewing other member’s profiles, and other functions are not available without payment.

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KenyanCupid is a foreign dating site. It is a part of the Cupid Media network that was founded in 2000. There are 24 branches in different countries. The Cupid Media network has dating services for gays and Plus Size people, as well as an international dating platform.

Customer Focus of KenyanCupid: Geography, Gender, Sexual Orientation, Age

KenyanCupid Review — Meet Your Ebony Beauty with Kenyan Background

The website is oriented on Kenyans looking for partners of their nationality, or partners of other nationalities who are searching for Kenyans. Once you register on the website, you can see western men who are interested in dating Kenyan women. As the name implies, the site is local, but anyone can join.

Both straight and same-sex matches can be found on the website, even though the site orients on straight people. You can see people of various ages from 18 to 99 y.o.

Key Features and What Differentiates It From Similar Websites

What makes KenyanCupid interesting:

  • Adequate members. Moderation is actively monitoring users. It seems that users are naturally polite, even without the control of moderators. The first message is always courteous and positive regardless of a home country of a user.
  • A list of fields and questions in the questionnaire is thought-out well. Even if you have absolutely nothing to write about yourself, or if you just feel shy, you will still write something about yourself that will help to know you better. KenyanCupid primarily focuses on your positive character traits, hobbies, life plans, preferences, and habits.
  • Search customization options are extensive: from location to personal habits, appearance, and character traits.
  • Site has a section where happy couples publish their success stories.
  • Site has convenient and intuitive interface, where everything works well and quickly.

Is KenyanCupid User-Friendly? Convenience and User’s Experience

KenyanCupid Review — Meet Your Ebony Beauty with Kenyan Background

The site looks very comfortable and modern. The interface is user-friendly, and the simplicity of the menu will leave a pleasant user experience. We tested many dating sites where a menu was overloaded: several sparkling icons, constantly appearing photos and a lot of ads. Users get confused using such dating sites. Here everything is elementary and clear. And even ads are not annoying.

Website Design & Usability — Is It Intuitive?

The site design is elegant and uncomplicated. Everything is intuitive, and users don’t have to puzzle over where to press to get in the inbox or find matches. No doubt that the network of Cupid sites gave developers enough experience on how to make the website user-friendly, understandable, and easy to use.

Does KenyanCupid Website Have a Mobile Application?

Currently, there is no mobile application of KenyanCupid, but the website is mobile-friendly. It is unlikely that the mobile app will appear in the nearest future as the total quantity of users is not that big.

Customer Support — How Fast Do They React to Customer Issues?

Customer Support is pretty adequate: if you are unreasonably blocked, everything is solved simply and quickly by writing the proper appeal to the support service — and you are back on the site!

Sign-Up Process and User Profile: Easiness of Filling It up

KenyanCupid Review — Meet Your Ebony Beauty with Kenyan Background

Follow a few simple steps by registering an account on Kenyancupid. You can either use a Facebook login or fill in all the personal information manually.

After registration, fill in the information fields of your profile. The information you cannot skip is how you describe your look: how tall you are and how much you weigh, your hair color and body type. Of course, you have to enter the day and year when you were born. That gives an opportunity to add your zodiac sign as it is determined automatically. If you want to let your profile talk for you and weed out the people who don’t match with your views, you can fill up the fields, which show your attitude to bad habits such as drinking and smoking. For those, whose career speaks for their personality, there is a field about the working sphere and annual income.

The information about children is also available to fill in, including the information whether or not you want to go for more. Those, who want others to get to know them even better, could fill in the information about pets, what kind of relationships they are seeking, what languages they speak and at what level.

Not to waste anyone’s time, you can tick and show whether or not you are willing to move abroad if your match would be a foreigner.

On Kenyancupid you can add up to 5 photos. Before a photo is added, it passes the strict moderation on the point of whether or not it is you on the photo, comparing it with your uploaded documents. First photo which you upload will be set as the main profile picture. You cannot change the order of the photos once the images are uploaded, as they will wait for the approval. After that, you can enter some additional information which would let the users know you better. You can enter your favorite books and movies as the art unites people and gives an excellent chance to break the ice. For the same reason, you can help the Kenyancupid’s members to start the conversation with “So, what do you usually do in your workout, what do you eat after that, and which music are you listening to while doing it?”

Moreover, there is a field where you can add information about yourself, such as your strong and weak sides. Who knows, maybe filling in these fields will help you find the person who you can share your guilty pleasures with.

All of these columns are optional, some can be left unanswered, but looking at the fully completed questionnaires is more promising.

Sign-Up Process and Needed Details, Email Verification

To register, you have to enter your full name. You have to put your real name, as if you want to get your account verified, you need to understand that the information will be checked.

Enter your email address, phone number, and secure your Kenyancupid account with a strong password. Facebook login is also a possible way to enter your account without a need to fill out the personal information fields, just loading it up from your account. For many users, this is a huge plus as they don’t have to waste their time on entering data. You don’t have to worry — no info from the site will end up on your Facebook;

After you enter all the details mentioned above, you receive a welcome letter in your e-mail. After receiving such a message, you can log in and use the site.

Profile Quality and Verification

In a separate tab, the site offers the opportunity to confirm your identity by uploading scans or photos of identity documents. The documents allowed are a passport, driver license, a travel passport. The moderators check your photos, name, age, place of residence and nationality.

You can also provide information on height and weight, and they will also be confirmed. If you have fully approved your identity, a green checkmark icon will appear in your main photo.

KenyanCupid Search Parameters: Available Features and Search Criteria

KenyanCupid Review — Meet Your Ebony Beauty with Kenyan Background

On the website, you could use next search parameters:

  • Basic search.
  • Advanced search. It allows you to specify the detailed characteristics of the person you want to find.
  • Search by user number; search by name.
  • Search by tags and keywords.
  • Your saved searches. They base on the ideal match, which depends on the wishes indicated in your profile.

After you complete the profile, you can begin to use the site. You can use it immediately without a photo and information about yourself, but then your chances are void. Besides, if you do not have a photo in your profile, you can view only the main photo of members, the rest will not be available.

Each time you visit the site, a window with potential matches will pop up. You can click an icon to express your interest, and then view their profiles in My Interests. Then you can go to the Ideal couples tab, where the men most suitable for the requirements of your profile are selected for you. They can be sorted by activity, availability of pics, compatibility, and choosing the new ones first. You can view their profiles, send likes, and add them to your favorites. There is a partner search function. Use the necessary columns to select age limits, country, and city of residence, the availability of photos, and how long a person has been on the site. Your last activity is shown under your photo — for example, new posts, interests, favorites. As soon as you have looked your activity, the counter reset.

Also, there is an Activity tab at the top. There you can see not only those who chose you, showed interest or wrote a letter, but also those who you chose. There is also a Simultaneous Compatibility and Backward Compatibility tab. In the first tab, you can see partners with whom you are suitable, and at the same time they are ideal for you, and in the second tan, partners who are looking for someone like you. But these features are only available if you are a paid member. Only lists of the most suitable partners are available for free.

Enabled Matching & Chatting Functions — Can You Filter Your Inbox?

KenyanCupid Review — Meet Your Ebony Beauty with Kenyan Background

Users with free membership can’t write messages to each other. You can communicate if one of the interlocutors has a gold or platinum status (they are not free).

You can fill in the fields which will help you specify your search criteria, such as what you are looking for in a person, and ranking the importance of each feature.

To narrow your search and save loads of time for both you and your visitors, you can specify what you are looking for in your match. If you are not picky, you could leave it as “It doesn’t matter for me.” The other way for those, who cares about their match is restricting the age and body measurements. This way, you can search a partner from a specific country, blocking the incoming messages from all the users of a country you don’t see yourself in. You can restrict certain religions from shooting you a letter, as well as people whose attitude to bad habits differentiates from yours. If you want your other half to be educated, you can choose this parameter as well.

Letters of all those who do not fit into the parameters selected by you will go to the Filter folder. There is also a folder where the messages of your chosen users will be accepted. It is called “Favorite.”

Three Subscription Options Available at KenyanCupid

KenyanCupid Review — Meet Your Ebony Beauty with Kenyan Background

There are three types of subscription:

Even if you don’t want to pay, your account won’t be eliminated from the website. In this case, you cannot use most of the website’s features. You can use the site with one of three subscription plans.

  • Standard subscription is a free one, which limits your opportunities and features of site functionality you could use.
  • Golden version of subscription allows you to use most of the features of the site.
  • Platinum subscription allows you to use the site without any limitations. You can enjoy all the features, including the automated translation, which can come in handy for those who don’t speak English freely.

At the moment, you can get a 3 months premium membership for free, which gives some advantages:

  1. Your rating will be higher than the rank of other users of the site.
  2. You will have advanced search options that allow you to search for users by various parameters.
  3. Size of the fields on the site is increased. It will allow other users to get complete information about you and create the right impression based on your description of yourself.
  4. VIP-badge for your profile, which will help you weed out those people who can’t afford such a function and are on the site out of boredom.
  5. Premium membership enables users to translate all the messages automatically.

Free Version — What Does It Allow?

KenyanCupid Review — Meet Your Ebony Beauty with Kenyan Background

Free version of the site is available to everyone, but the functions of the profile would be limited. You still can write to anyone, but only the members with golden or platinum status can read your messages. Moreover, members with the free version of KenyanCupid are not visible on the top of the list, as compared to the users with paid subscription.

There are two types of paid subscription plans: golden and platinum. Both of them give you advantages, which are not available in free version.

Let’s see what subscriptions allow us to do.

Gold membership which is a cheaper paid option includes the following:

  1. You can read and receive the messages from all the users.
  2. Buying a gold subscription will block all ads.
  3. You can start live and video chats.
  4. You can hide your online status and browse anonymously.

A more expensive, platinum option, allows you to:

  1. Be ranked above all other members in the search results that didn’t pay for such membership.
  2. Be signed with a VIP membership badge to your profile.
  3. Search by additional parameters.
  4. Translate all the messages from your inbox automatically.
  5. Enjoy the advanced match-making mechanisms.

Pricing of Paid Subscription by Its Types

KenyanCupid Review — Meet Your Ebony Beauty with Kenyan Background

Subscriptions come at the following cost and are available for one, three, six months, and one year.

Gold membership plan

  • One month will cost you $29.98.
  • Three months will cost you $20 per month, $60 total.
  • Six months – $16.66 per month, 99.96 total.
  • One year will cost you $10 per month, $120 total.

Platinum membership plan

  • One month at a platinum membership plan will cost you $34.98.
  • Three months at a platinum membership plan will cost you $23.33 per month, $69.99 total.
  • Six months at a platinum membership plan will cost you $20 per month, $120 total.
  • One year at a platinum membership plan will cost you $12.50 per month, $150 total.

Canceling Subscription — What if You Want to Resign?

You could cancel your subscription in the settings, following the few simple steps which are guided by the pop-up hints. In case you still don’t understand how to cancel your subscription, you could always contact the customer support.

Is the Website Safe & Secure With the Privacy on Point?

The website doesn’t share its users’ information, so the privacy breach is barely possible here.

The site doesn’t leak any information from the profiles registered on the website. In case you login with Facebook, the website cannot make any posts on your behalf. Moreover, the security of the site is quite high, as the website protects its users by the two-step verification, and doesn’t let you in from different devices that haven’t been listed as yours initially.

KenyanCupid Alternatives and Competitors in the Ebony Dating Niche

KenyanCupid Review — Meet Your Ebony Beauty with Kenyan Background

There are lots of alternatives of the website inside the Cupid network. Outside the network, top competitors are:

  • Afrointroductions.com
  • BlackPeopleMeet.com
  • Blacksingles.com
  • BlackDatingForfree.com
  • SeniorBlackPeopleMeet.com.

Is It Worth Registering on the Site?

Statistics of online dating show that 20% of those who are now in a long-term relationship started them online. So why don’t you try your luck?

Finding a fascinating person is a big deal and requires a lot of effort from both parties. Communicating, listening skills, the ability to wait and to hold a conversation – all this is checked while talking to your new partner. Sites with a narrow national focus will not leave any chances that the person you met online is looking for someone different than you based on your nationality or place of residence. People who visit such sites know what they are coming for, the same as no one comes to the grocery shop to buy the table.

Good luck in finding your soulmate! Who knows, maybe your ebony Goddess is waiting for you at KenyanCupid.

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