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Local Milf Selfies Review 2024 – Scam or Just Fun?

Local Milf Selfies Review 2024 – Scam or Just Fun?
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Active Audience 78%
Quality Matches 93%
Popular Age 20-32
Profiles 3 100 000
Reply Rate 91%
Ease of Use 6.1
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The “fake” profiles are marked with a yellow star so that you can see them.
  • There are a lot of different features.
  • Easy to use
  • Huge variety of choices
  • You can sign in two ways: giving your Gmail account and waiting for a confirmation email that will not come, or paying for a member account
  • You can’t contact Customer Support if you are not already a member, so if you can’t sign-in and don’t want to pay, you can’t have to access the website

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What is love without experience? This is what a lot of milf-worshippers ask themselves almost every morning. There are less philosophical questions in milf’s world, though.

For instance, where can I find a decent—so to say—and funny website lumped by milf profiles, eager to chat with me without judgment, and ready to share spicy details about their lives with me?

Here’s when our Local Milf Selfies review comes into the story. By reading this review, you will have a fair idea of what’s at stake when you subscribe to this popular website. It’s always best to take good advice first, and then to make a wiser choice. So, don’t rush, zip your pants back and read on!

How to Use Local Milf Selfies

This would have been an excellent review, if only we could have access to the website. Unfortunately, we tried signing up, and they said we could only access a Gmail account. Not a big deal, we thought, and we gave them a Google Mail. Then the verification never came, and an ad is blocking the view of the website. You can only see a little of it behind the ad.

A way to close the ad is paying for a membership, so be aware of that when you access for the first time to Local Milf Selfies. There’s no other way of getting rid of this annoying balloon. You will only see the website behind it, like from a hole in the wall. You taste the ice cream, but you can’t have as much as you would like to.

We immediately wrote to Customer Support to let them know about this bug in email verification, but they have never answered us. Not too bad, as there is a three days trial membership. But this can be a little annoying if you just want to have a tour on the website before deciding to pay for it.

By the way, this website is just HUGE. You can chat, match, search for beautiful chicks’ profiles. There’s a video section and a live cam one.

You may be wondering why the fake profiles are in the pro section. Well, fair point. Actually, in almost all the hookup websites, there is a variable number of fake profiles. Here, it’s easier for you to spot them at a glance.

It’s just a matter of honesty. There’s no big deal in desiring a horny conversation. Imagination is not a felony: it’s a fact that some users would just like to have an arousing chat with a person who maybe they don’t want to meet at all!

Not everyone wants a date, after all. Who’s behind these fake profiles, then? There is plenty of societies using chatbots or paid actors to perform realistic chats with people who seek a sexting experience. Here the society taking care of these profiles is called Fantasy Cuties. Now you are aware of that, and we can proceed. Let’s see this further.

What’s the Audience Like?

As soon as you open the main Local Milf Selfies page, you will see a young chick looking at you. She does not actually look like a milf, but don’t give up. There’s more than a picture on the main page.

All the other users are either cougars or milfs. Many of them carry the yellow star, but you are free to select the users you like the most.

There’s no lack of adult entertainment here, that’s for sure. Let’s say this website is more for straight men who would like to meet milfs. There’s little to no DILFs for the women reading, so if that’s what you are looking for, we’re afraid this website is not for you.

Important Local Milf Selfies Features

In Local Milf Selfies, you can chat with random users who approach you. You can “like” or “unlike” profiles by looking at their description and profile pictures.

Then there’s the “Quickie” feature, enabling you to get a random encounter with a profile on the website, for a truly intense and quick experience.

The videos section will allow you to stay up whenever you feel a little bored by all these chat balloons. Then, the live cam. Yes, there’s everything you can imagine in Local Milf Selfies.

How to Use Local Milf Selfies

Discussing User-Friendliness

The website’s main page looks like a little cluttered. We did not like the expectations given by the free account, and then denied by the pushy ad, which is filling the screen after the sign-in. Let’s get into more details.

How Is The Design?

The design is a little old-fashioned, but we like the white/dark gray and yellow colors. The main toolbar at the top of the page is easy to read and to understand.

You can surf through the website through its tabs: there are “home,” then “search” and “messages” sections, which are easy to understand. Then there’s the “quickie” part we talked about it earlier in the “features” paragraph of this review. In the “newest” section, you can find new people who have just signed in.

Then in the “friends/favorites,” you can keep track of your likes and your chats and see them in a large window. “Xxx movies,” “help,” and “cams” are the three last, and it’s easy to understand which wonders they can disclose…

The videos are many, and the cam quality is usually quite high.

There are also two columns on the right and of the left of the main page, which are mostly lumped by banner and ads. On the right, you can see your profile-edit section, while on the left, you see some random profiles of naughty milfs.

Local Milf Selfies Mobile App

There’s, unfortunately, no mobile app, neither for I phone nor for Android phone. There’s a mobile browser version, as there always is, but it will make the whole experience slower.

Especially is you are chatting or uploading photos and downloading videos we recommend forgetting about it. Use your laptop or tower computer—it will work a thousand times better.

The Customer Support

As we said before, unfortunately, we received no answer to our Customer Support request. When you are a paying user, they should guarantee it.

Usually, the answer arrives in less than 48 hours. You can ask the Customer Support by clicking on the “help” button in the main toolbar and filling in the form.

Local Milf Selfies Discussing User-Friendliness

The Sign-In & Profile Creation

Signing-in is very easy: just type “localmilfselfies” without spaces in your search engine, and you will be directed to the main page. A visible tab will appear: push the sign-up tab and go ahead, filling the form with your personal information.

You will be required to say if you are a man looking for a woman or if you are a woman looking for a man. It’s not explicit, but you are supposed to be a milf woman if you are here…

Now it’s time to correctly sign-up and give them your email address.

Here’s How to Register

Select a username, a password, and an email address. If you are thinking of keeping your personal email address for yourself and giving a fake one: there’s no way you can sign-in.

The website will automatically detect whether the email you typed is valid or not. You will be asked to type a valid email address if you want to proceed. Another thing, the email must be a Google Mail.

Profile Editing and User Verification

One good thing about dating apps is that you don’t need to decide only once who you are. Creating your profile is like a form of art for the hookup websites’ developers. Go to the top right of the main page, and select your profile section. Here you can make all the updates you like.

You can state you are a woman, in the first place. Then you can change your mind. Still, in Local Milf Selfies, you will be able to change how many times you like. The only core feature you may have is the Google Mail account. Everything else is not mandatory, and your experience will be as free as anonymity usually is.

So, no user verification is performed. You are giving your email as a sort of disclaimer, so we suppose the website’s owners claim that Google should have verified your identity first. In some way, this is a truth: how can a hookup website like Local Milf Selfies, meant to be fun and nothing more, can verify your identity if such a big platform – like Google is – has not?

We are just trying to make it clear that there is no actual verification process. So if you would like to create a sort of “fun mail,” only for this kind of website, you can—no need of providing you working email.

Local Milf Selfies The Sign-In & Profile Creation

How to Search among Local Milf Selfies

Go to the right of the main page once you are logged in. You can tick the box “only people with profile picture” and select an age range, then click on the “search” button.

This simple action will display all the fun in front of your eyes. You will not believe it. As many profiles and body types, you can imagine. Remember: look for the yellow star to know if they are real or not.

Another thing: you can always upgrade to a VIP account to see more search filters. For example, a VIP membership allows you to select body type, ethnicity, and so on.

How to Chat & Match

As soon as you sign-in, you will receive a welcoming message. Check the main toolbar on the top of the page. There is a small yellow number next to the beloved “chat” icon.

Here’s what the website is giving you as a warm welcome. No spoilers, you’ll discover this on your own. You will be able to chat only when you have verified your user account.

How to Search among Local Milf Selfies

Local Milf Selfies Membership Options

If you are sick of the limitations of the free account and want to know more about Local Milf Selfies, click on the yellow ad that will keep on popping up. You will be re-directed to a page where all the options are displayed on the screen.

From the cheapest and shortest on, you have a three days membership, a monthly VIP membership, a Silver Membership, and a Gold Membership. All of them are the same thing. Let’s see which features are enabled by paying for a membership.

Free Membership

Well, there’s a thing we haven’t mentioned yet: you will need to verify your account by clicking to the Google Mail you received during sign-in if you want to have access to Local Milf Selfies features.

So technically, there is a kind of verification process, but only if you don’t want to pay in the first place. Let’s see the features now.

With a paid membership, you can get Action Guarantee, which is limited to some instances. Please visit the page directly to know more about this, in case you’re interested. You can see new members enrolled, day by day. You can use your cell phone to type in chats. You will receive a personal math-making, and you can receive unlimited photos in chats and see as many profiles as you want.

Also, it is possible to send gifts. Then there are more search filters available so to enhance the quality of the results. In a few words: with a free membership, you can do almost nothing.

So make sure the Local Milf Selfies features to suit you, and consider the paying option seriously.

Local Milf Selfies Pricing

The pricing changes, so we are now reporting this month’s price, but we recommend you to check on the webpage directly to know if it’s still valid.

Here we go: you will get a three days trial by paying $8,90. Then there’s the VIP monthly subscription, which will cost you $29,95. You will get three months with $49,95 and six months for $69,90.

Canceling Your Subscription

Canceling your subscription is easy: write to the Customer Support and explain why you are leaving. They can help you with setting your request and forwarding it to the Administration.

Maybe you weren’t fond of the website at first, and now you find it tiresome. Or maybe you have just found a bed or life companion, and you don’t need this website anymore. Ask the Customer Support if you can have a refund.

Local Milf Selfies Membership Options

Local Milf Selfies Website Security

Local Milf Selfies is as safe as a hookup website should be. The payments are encrypted and secured, but make sure that you un-ticked all the possible boxes, to not activate hidden features and hidden costs for your credit card statement.

Then, the recommendations are always the same: take care of your identity, as it is more precious than you think. Don’t share your address, your credit card number, or family details in chats.

It’s not safe to give a stranger too many details, especially if you consider that here you have a lot of people asking for paid sex. If you have already paid for your membership, there’s no point in paying again, some people think… Well, we’re not here to judge. We can move on.

Local Milf Selfies Website Security

Local Milf Selfies Competitors

You can find a lot of milf sites that are similar to Local Milf Selfies, like Cougar Life, Local Milf Affair, Cougar – Sugar Mommy Finder, Sugar Mummy Dating… We can’t list them all, as we could do another review!

These are some of the most famous, but you can do nasty research yourself and find the one that inspires you most.

Local Milf Selfies Competitors

Review Conclusion

Now that we have explored together with the Local Milf Selfies’ universe, you are ready to pick a choice. If you are only looking for easy entertainment and some more comfortable sexting, and you don’t mind paying just for the pleasure of the unknown, go for Local Milf Selfies.

As this website is enormous, you won’t be bored, that’s for sure. There are plenty of features and users’ profiles. We hope this review has been useful to you. Now choose wisely, and have a proper hookup/sexting milf experience!

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Pablo has done various life coaching sources and personal development. He has even worked as a relationship technician and loves empowering other people. Having encountered several hardships in life, he understands what others go through and is willing to help them. His primary focus is on building self-esteem and changing people’s perspectives on their challenges.
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