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Maiotaku Review 2024 – A Legit Anime Dating Site Or Scam?

Maiotaku Review 2024 – A Legit Anime Dating Site Or Scam?
About Site
Active Audience 89%
Quality Matches 91%
Popular Age 20-23
Profiles 39 000 000
Reply Rate 89%
Ease of Use 9.8
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The site is free
  • It is a fun and exciting site
  • You can upload plenty of pictures
  • You can make new friends with the social network feature
  • Easy sign-up process
  • Premium plans are cheap
  • Advertisements are distracting
  • Fake profiles are annoying
  • Only for people who are interested in anime and manga

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It is not only Anime lovers that find MaiOtaku a splendid site to frequent. The advanced methods used for matchmaking here appeals to all single individuals in search of their ideal soulmate. Anime fans are undoubtedly the first to find the site fun and exciting. The system uses manga and anime as the basic factors for choosing compatible partners.

MaiOtaku is a dating site dedicated to marriage and genuine relationships. Single individuals searching for a permanent relationship or marriage will find the site ideal for meeting and connecting their life partner.

Despite catering to anime fans worldwide, MaiOtaku remains a highly active website with high traffic inflow. Innumerable, post comments, forum topics, and funny gifs make the rounds on this site daily. This makes visiting the site a thrilling and fun-filled experience. No wonder it is considered one among the biggest and open site for dating online.

Being part of the MaiOtaku site, singles can meet up with a vast community of people from all parts of the world. In fact, of the various anime-based websites you see online, MaiOtaku is the leading site in daily activity.

MaiOtaku is a fan-developed site. It is not managed by a corporation, like most dating sites. Instead, anime fans are behind the concept, design, and operation of the website. They have designed and built the site software, managed the servers, and spent most of their time immersed in anime. Formed in 2009 by Anime fan Ryan Kopf, MaiOtaku is still successfully managed by its founder.

Working Of Maiotaku

Working Of Maiotaku

Maiotaku collects your anime preferences and matches them with compatible anime fans as near as possible. The free dating site allows easy and quick matching, so you can make friends, go on dates with your matching anime, visit anime conventions, attend events, and much more.

The working concept of MaiOtaku is straightforward. Here is how the site works:

  • First, the site needs to know about your specific interests so that it can match them with a compatible Otaku. Although your Otaku status is clear, the site goes further to understand your interests to find the perfect match for you.
  • To know your information, you have to fill in a short and precise profile summary. This is to ensure anyone with a near match can easily find you.
  • Next, you are taken to the matching system of the site. Here you add all your favorite anime, events, and the anime conventions you like. This will help the site to find an Otaku with similar preferences.
  • The exclusive software used by the site creates an analysis personalized for you based on the preferences you have listed.
  • The site then begins searching for a match with similar interests and best compatibility with your personality.
  • You will be able to see all the matching Otaku profiles and message or leave your comments.

The reason for the massive popularity of MaiOtaku is because it is a smart blend of dating and social network sites. While many users frequent the place to meet up with other anime fans, others mainly use the site for dating. The cosplay galleries, comments, profiles, and messages posted on the site daily are stark proof of the popularity of the website.

The friendly and welcoming environment created by anime fans makes the site an excellent place to meet new friends. The matching program deserves special mention as it is a unique concept that appeals to individuals interested in serious dating.

Audience Stats Of Maiotaku

Audience Stats Of Maiotaku

As one of the fastest and rapidly growing sites for dating, MaiOtaku surpassed over 20,000 users in 2019. The site also acts as a social network exclusively catering to anime fans. This is another primary reason for the ever-increasing traffic that the site registers daily. 2019 saw MaiOtaku leading not only as a dating site but also as a highly conscious social network site.

The improvements made in the website design were mainly responsible for the explosive reach of the site. The revamped web interface enabling straightforward navigability helped in increasing userbase.

Social networking aspects were also given a boost with the advanced technology used in the site. Users found it easier to make new friends. Having real conversations was made convenient for users. And private message sending features were improved.

According to a post by Ryan Kopf, the user activity during December 2019 included 362 unique users per day, 1617 users in two weeks, and 1055 in one week. The numbers are related to every user logged in for a single time and does not include browsing or visiting users.

Crucial Maiotaku Features

Crucial Maiotaku Features

As a fairly new site, MaiOtaku has new and innovative concepts. The essential features that make the site stand apart from its competitors include

  • The latest technology is used to ensure users have a hassle-free time finding their matching Otaku.
  • The website is designed on an exclusive framework that makes it fun to interact with.
  • The sign-up for the site is free. You can connect with other Otaku easily and join the anime community.
  • The matching system used at MaiOtaku is unique and created from scratch. While creating your profile, the site asks to list all your favorite anime. It then matches your profile with the other users based on factors such as your age, location, answers to other questions. This helps to find a match nearest to you.
  • The site is a free dating site. Setting up your profile and uploading pictures, comments, messages, and viewing matches are all free. The site uses the advertisements and charging users a meager amount of less than $4 for added benefits, for covering its costs.

Is The Site User-Friendly

One of the important factors that ensure the success of a site is its user-friendliness. MaiOtaku does not disappoint users in this aspect. It offers the following


Maiotaku Website UI & Design: A Few Vital Points

Maiotaku Website UI & Design: A Few Vital Points

The usability design concept of the site is related to the chief goal of making Otaku connect in real-time. The site allows users to add as well as display their anime list to help match them based on their anime interests. The search feature is very easy to use, so is navigating through the various pages of the site.

Maiotaku Mobile App Availability

Maiotaku website features a responsive website design. This makes it easy for Maiotaku users to access the site from their mobile devices. The devices supported by the site include tablets, smartphones, or laptops besides desktops. All features available on the desktop are available on mobile too. However, the site does not have a special mobile app.

Is The Customer Support Good

Is The Customer Support Good

Maiotaku has a good customer support system. For users who have queries regarding the use of the site, the FAQ help page provides all the necessary information. For other complaints and queries, the contact form provided on the website can be used to contact the administrative personnel.

Sign-Up Steps At MaioTaku and User Profile Creation

The process for signing up is very streamlined and simple to do at the site. The entire sign-up or registration can be completed in less than 15 minutes.

Here’s How to Sign-Up

  • Visit the MaiOtaku site and click on the ‘Sign in’ option present in the top right corner of the home page.
  • You will be taken to a page where you have to provide details such as gender, age, and other information for finding a match.
  • Other information asked for sign up includes a valid email address. You have to choose a password and a user name.
  • After you have completed the login information, you will have to add other personal information such as location and age.
  • When the registration is complete, you can sign in and begin meeting people.

Is The Profile Quality On Par With Competitor Sites? Is Verification Reliable?

When registration is completed, you can log in to the site and start using its exciting features. Since it is a dating site, most users here are in search of long-term relationships and marriage.

To ensure this works well for you, you need to have a proper profile. The various questions asked for setting up your profile ensure you get a good match.

You can have better success in finding an exact match with compatible MaiOtaku members when you answer all the required information. The questions asked should be completed as they help the site’s algorithm ensure your profile is well set up and appropriately matched. For more likes, messages, and clicks, make sure your profile is detailed.

Search Option On Maiotaku

Search Option On Maiotaku

The search option in MaiOtaku is straightforward but detailed. It covers various pertinent details, including gender preferences you are looking for, your location, and age. Once you enter the required information and hit the search button, you can get matching results.

The anime dating feature can be used to search and meet other anime fans. It can be matched depending on the anime preference—you can share your personality and make new friends. The social network feature helps in making new friends. You can upload as many pictures as you want and connect with all your new and existing anime friends.

Chatting Convenience & Matchmaking Method

After joining MaiOtaku, the information you provide will help the site to match you with a compatible Otaku. The favorite anime from the provided list of anime and other information like the conventions you have participated in help in the matching process.

The site matches your list along with the basic personal information such as location, orientation, birthdate, and others. This helps to find other anime fans situated near you.

Finding people similar to your age, taste, location, and interests are more comfortable with the information you set up your profile. Once you find matching Otaku, you can chat with them and find dates, or participate in the forums here to strike new friendships.

MaiOtaku has an exhaustive database of manga, conventions, events, and anime. When you add such information in your profile, finding a compatible fan located near you is easier.

The anime tastes, age, and distance are analyzed by the site every day, ensuring you meet your perfect match. Welcoming more users, participating in the forums, and exploring the fans situated near you help in meeting more matching Otaku.

Membership Types To Choose From At Maiotaku

MaiOtaku offers two main membership categories for its users. The membership provides you easy access to all the important features of the site. The two membership options of the site are as follows:

Free For All

Free For All

The website is completely free for users. To avail of the various features of the site, you need just to complete the sign-up or registration process. Once you have entered the required information, you can make use of the matching process and chatting feature for free. Other features you can avail as a member for free include:

  • Contact all other MaiOtaku members through messages, comments, and likes
  • Upload tons of pictures
  • View the closest match for your profile

The site can provide almost all its features for free to its users. This is due to the advertising done on the site, which helps cover the running cost. Moreover, the site also asks interested users to pay a $4 subscription to show additional benefits.

The MaiOtaku site also provides a paid or Premium subscription. The premium plan is a recurring one. To stop the payments for the plan, you have to cancel it.

The premium account provides several benefits. The members with premium subscriptions find more highlights in the matching lists for them. The highlights appear in bold. You can also upload a greater number of pictures with this account. The various benefits of this plan include

  • Save all private messages permanently
  • During matching, get more highlights
  • Less Captcha
  • The plan is cheap
  • No advertising on the website
  • Better exposure to all users
  • More search options

Maiotaku Pricing Categories

The pricing plan is of two types formulated based on the duration of the subscription you choose. The pricing is provided as follows:

  • Subscription for one month – $3.50
  • Subscription for three months – $9.50

Canceling Of Maiotaku Subscription

Canceling Of Maiotaku Subscription

When you purchase the premium membership, it is essential to know about the cancellation policy. If you want to cancel your membership, you can do it online. The site has the facility to cancel paid membership. However, you can still have your profile active on the site after canceling the paid subscription.

For removing your profile from the site, you can deactivate your profile, which will hide your profile. Other members will be unable to view your profile without your permission. The deactivation can be reversed by just logging into the site and reactivating your MaiOtaku profile.

Another way to cancel your profile is to close the account created at the site. When you delete your profile, you have to create a fresh profile if you want to access the site’s features. However, the site does not unsubscribe you from the email list even after deactivating the account.

Is The Site Safe and Secure?

Is The Site Safe and Secure?

The site is very safe for users. It deletes all harassing messages or comments from the site and also monitors dangerous behavior. However, you have to take care of the information posted on the site. Make sure you use the private messaging system on the website for sharing private information with specific members.

Maiotaku Alternative Sites

If you prefer dating sites similar to MaiOtaku, here are a few sites to look out for.

  • Otaku Singles: This anime dating site provides free account sign up. With proper security that includes secure SSL encryption, the site also has several exciting features.
  • Soul Geek: This geek dating site features dating profiles, forums, convention schedules, events, and much more.
  • Anime Dating: This site helps you to browse various matching profiles, send flirts, share your information, and more. This is part of a dating network site that also operates several niche dating websites.

Final Takeaway

With over a decade of stellar presence in the anime dating niche, the MaiOtaku site has a substantially satisfied member base. The anime niche of the site is unique and attractively designed. Members find the experience here most fun and entertaining.

The free membership is a significant advantage for users. And the paid plan is not much expensive but comes with added benefits that anime fans do not want to miss. The easy user interface, detailed search, and chatting options further add to the beneficial features you get with the site. However, the free membership makes way for several fake profiles, but not all profiles are fake.

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