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Meet-An-Inmate Review 2024 – All You Need To Know About This Platform

Meet-An-Inmate Review 2024 – All You Need To Know About This Platform
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Active Audience 61%
Quality Matches 91%
Popular Age 43-44
Profiles 238 000
Reply Rate 89%
Ease of Use 6.9
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • A platform is an excellent tool that helps prisoners get mail.
  • A great and functional customer care support system.
  • Ads are updated routinely, and it takes the platform one to five days to achieve this upon receiving an ad of a prisoner.
  • Civilians can reach out to as many locked people as they can. There is no limit to the number of prisoners you can contact.
  • It has a large number of convicts who you can interact with. You will never miss someone interesting to write to.
  • It’s impossible to communicate with a prisoner in the same or different penitentiary.
  • Prisoners cannot receive gifts: this varies from prison to prison. Confirm with your inmate the rules specific to their institution.
  • Convicts are limited to making long-distance mobile calls: It's quite expensive to make a long-distance call.
  • To use this chatting platform, you must be over 18 years. If you are a 16-year-old teen getting in contact with locked relatives, chances are close to impossible to text them.
  • Instances of fraud have been reported. If a convicted user requests you to send some form of monetary benefit, avoid them.

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Are you a counselor or a person who loves to offer a helping hand to troubled people? If you are this kind of person, then you are in the right place, because in this review, we’ll tell you all you need to know about the online platform.

To get essential information about this popular inmate website, you have to read this full article and get to decide for yourself.

First, the Meet-An-Inmate website is not a dating platform but rather a recovery tool that helps convicted people to interact and receive inspiring mails from civilians. As such, it’s not your ordinary love site but rather a platform that helps prisoners connect with concerned civilians wishing them all the best.

Now, let’s have a look at some essential elements about the Meet-An-Inmate website. We will take you through all key areas from the sign-up process, user profile, to searching for a match.

Meet-An-Inmate is a functioning and helpful tool that helps connect inmates with civilians. It’s always nice to send inspiring messages to convicted people, and this platform is specially made for this. We have found no major concerns about this tool, but we advise civilians to be discreet while interacting with inmates.

How Does Meet-An-Inmate Actually Work?

How Does Meet-An-Inmate Actually Work?

Although Meet-An-Inmate is an online communicating platform, prisoners are not allowed to have access to the internet. Does this sound a bit confusing to you? All communications between an inside person and a civilian are done in correspondence to the United States Postal Service. However, in some prisons, convicted persons may have access to email services. This website functions by making it possible for you to connect with prisoners whose interests and past life may inspire you to write to them.

Let’s Have A Look At Audience

As the name suggests, this interactive channel is for civilians. Here, you will come across different ads of incarcerated persons who have come from different backgrounds. There are black, white, and Latino people who are looking at getting interactive with people on the outside.

This tool does not bias people based on their religion. From Christians to Muslims, there are countless ads to get contact with. Also, both men and women are equally represented on this platform. You will likely find people of 18-60 years actively participating in the sending of emails.

All levels of convicts from death row, county jails to maximum-security prisons are presently making this avenue multi-diverse. Meet-An-Inmate works only in the US, and people from other countries can communicate endlessly with convicts.

Are you interested in sharing some helpful and comforting insights with a locked felon? This avenue is a good connector for locked convicts and civilians. We think you should know!

Crucial Features You Need To Know

Crucial Features You Need To Know

We have come across additional helpful features that make this platform popular. Members interacting through this channel get to enjoy immense benefits from using these features.

  • Civilians can search for ads based on their different perspectives. Be it age, background, race, or the place of conviction, it is possible to search endlessly for convicts who suit your interests.
  • Unlike other platforms, sex convicted offenders are not allowed to make ads on this website.
  • You get verified promptly: verifying a user profile is super-fast and takes less than five minutes to finish.
  • Fast update of ads: it takes a maximum of five days for ads to be updated. It is much faster as compared to similar interactive sites.

How Is The User Friendliness?

This platform has the best and most distinct user-friendly interface that enables users to get the utmost connection with a convicted felon. The official online page of Meet-An-Inmate has well-placed essential options where you can seek helpful information. If you want to write to either a male or a female prisoner, it is easy and only takes a click. All critical features for linking you to an inmate or seeking helpful tips are well-placed on the website.

Overall the Meet-An-Inmate platform is clearly defined and easy to navigate around. There are no cumbersome features that you can’t handle by getting acquainted with this site.

Meet-An-Inmate Website Usability & Design: Essential Info

We know how hard it is for prisoners to have comfort and hope after being abandoned by their loved ones. While creating this platform back in the days, the designers had all this info in mind, and they wanted to create a platform that could help connect these troubled people and civilians. We have found out immense and unique benefits that users can enjoy when seeking to write to a convict.

The official website page is simple to use with the layout design made for people who are not advanced in using tech gadgets. Each tab is located uniquely on the website and directs interested persons to prisoners of all kinds. The whole website design comes with black and dark red colors that help provide a straightforward and hassle-free user experience.

When it comes to searching, it’s super easy to achieve this. The website allows you to search for a convict based on their backgrounds. All in all, we can say that the site offers a unique experience in terms of usability and design.

Is There Any Meet-An-Inmate Mobile App Available?

Is There Any Meet-An-Inmate Mobile App Available?

In our extensive research, we have not encountered any released mobile app for Meet-An-Inmate socializing channel. The website owners have not come up with an app for this platform for prisoners.

If you are lucky to find the mobile app specific to this website, we recommend you to include it in our review. Either way, do not panic by the lack of an app for this platform. Getting interactive with prisoners should not be a problem with this platform.

You can access all the services by linking them to a desktop or PC. Just search for Meet-An-Inmate.com, and you will be a step close to finding your first pen pal among convicted felons.

Customer Service Info

Customer service based upon our detailed research is not that bad, and they help civilians to go through the whole process of writing to an inmate. If you are faced with any problem while getting interactive with a felon, you can always contact the customer care desk.

Also, these guys are always supportive when it comes to helping both parties achieve the utmost success with Meet-An-Inmate platform.

Signing Up & Creating The User Profile

Signing Up & Creating The User Profile

Are you thinking about joining Meet-An-Inmate and wondering about the registration process? You are in the right place, and we are glad to help you achieve the most out of this excellent platform. The whole sign-up process is super-fast and easy for everyone to achieve. Also, creating a personal user profile is easy. Everything is made direct and available for you on the Meet-An-Inmate.com official website page.

Going Through The Registration Process

To sign up at Meet-An-Inmate interacting platform, you need to register as a civilian member. You will be required to fill in an application form about yourself and what you seek based on your interests. The whole registration process takes a maximum of 3 minutes.

All About User Profile & Verification Process

All About User Profile & Verification Process

We found out that it’s essential to have a high-quality profile. By uploading clear and vivid pictures, users will likely have more traffic among inmates seeking to write to you. Also, this website recommends users to have a good description of their personalities. You will likely get noticed by having these tips included together.

Verification of a user profile is made possible, and it takes a couple of minutes. By using your account email, you will be sent a verification link to confirm you are a legal member of the Meet-An-Inmate interactive platform.

Meet-An-Inmate How The Search Process Works

To start your online search for a felon is easy and fast. Simply click on the female or male link on the website to specify the gender you are seeking to communicate with. By clicking on their photo, a personal ad of the felon you are seeking will open.

The search criteria allow outside people to search for convicts based on their age group. If you are looking for young prisoners or elderly ones, just specify your search criteria, and they will be available for you. It is free for outside people to write encouraging and motivational mails to felons, and as such, you get nothing to lose.

The Complete Process Of Chatting & Matching With Users

Writing to a felon for the first time can be intimidating, and we recommend you to approach these guys with an open heart. After all, we are human, and everyone can make a mistake. Once you have found a suitable prisoner to write to, simply send a short description of yourself, and if interested, they will reply.

You can chat on any issue like your interests and hobbies. This can be a great way to start chatting.

To match convicted people with civilians is made possible by this exceptional platform via using your profile information. This tool helps connect you with people you share similar interests with. If you are seeking to write to a bank robber, this channel will match you with people fitting this description.

The chatting and matching process works perfectly to ensure that there is an inmate for you to interact with. From our research, we have discovered that this channel is the best for matching civilians with prisoners.

What Are The Available Subscription Plans?

What Are The Available Subscription Plans?

Since Meet-An-Inmate is a pen pal based website, a few subscription plans are involved. These charges are not subjected by the site directly to users, and fall to both the convicted felon and civilian in terms of posting ads and letters.

All we can say, it’s super easy and affordable for interested people to communicate with prisoners at Meet-An-Inmate.com.

Unpaid Version

The free version of this tool helps civilians view countless profiles of prisoners. Here you can search for a particular inmate and get to interact with them through mailing. The free membership option does not limit you to the number of inmates you can communicate with. It’s free for civilians to interact with inmates.

The subscription paid plan for this felon-finding platform is suited mostly for people who reside outside the US. The cost is usually directed to the inmate when it comes to posting a reply message. The prisoners are also subjected to a small charge for their ads to be listed.

MeetAnInmate Pricing Policy

MeetAnInmate Pricing Policy

In the course of our research about Meet-An-Inmate, we have not found the exact pricing plan for getting interactive with inmates. The cost subjected to an inmate is substantially small. Writing back to an inmate shouldn’t be costly, and we believe the charges are affordable to everyone. Sharing an inspirational and encouraging message with a prisoner should not be costly.

The Process of Canceling Your Meet-An-Inmate Membership Plan

Since there is no direct cost between users and the Meet-An-inmate, there is no need for you to cancel a membership subscription. If you come anything about canceling a subscription, please include the info in our review, and we will appreciate it.

How About The Website Safety & Security Assurances?

How About The Website Safety & Security Assurances?

We have found nothing that should worry people seeking to get interactive with convicted men and women. The best thing about this platform is the fact that inmates are restricted from using the internet. You need not worry about getting into trouble after getting in contact with a convict.

The website keeps your information private while registering. No one, apart from the correction and justice department, can access your private information. We always recommend that users of online interactive platforms keep it discreet while communicating. Do not send money or make favors to inmates, and it’s not allowed either.

Also, the website does not publish ads of inmates who have been convicted of sexual offenses. You will never get to worry about writing to a past sex offender as the website bans these persons.

In terms of website safety and security assurances, we have found no issue that should deter you from writing to an inmate. Utmost safety is the top priority for civilians seeking to write encouraging letters to inmates.

Meet-An-InmateMain Rivals

Meet-An-InmateMain Rivals

This highly versatile tool for inmate dating has faced endless competition from similar channels seeking to connect convicted fellows with the outside world. Here is the major competing platform for the Meet-An-Inmate channel —Loveaprisoner.com.


Meet-An-Inmate is a helpful tool that helps connect locked inmates and people in the outside world. It’s hard for these people to stay locked and away from their loved ones. Sending mails is the best thing they could ever hope for in terms of getting connected to civilians.

From the researches based on different sources, we have found this website to be very robust in connecting civilians and inmates. Although the internet connection is prohibited for inmates on this website, writing them mails is priceless.

We know how it feels to get appreciated and loved by someone in the outside world. This website seems to be the perfect platform for people who love to encourage inmates in prisons around the US. They offer the best and most secure inmate to civilian interaction experience.

We hope we have assisted you with helpful insights about the Meet-An-Inmate platform. If you are thrilled and satisfied with the information we have provided you with, try the platform for yourself!

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