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Inmate Dating: Credible Sites with Real Singles to Love

GOOD FOR connecting inmates from across the United States

Best Inmate Dating sites

  1. Good for long-lasting relationships Romance Tale
  2. Good for finding a Thai match ThaiCupid
  3. Good for communicating with unknown people ChatStep
  4. Good for successful people dating The League
  5. Good for love, romance, and marriage FriendFinder-X
  6. Good for finding singles in your area Livelinks
  7. Good for finding military singles and civilians looking for a perfect match in uniform Military Cupid
  8. Good for finding a partner from Russia
  9. Good for finding black singles in the U.S. BlackPeopleMeet
  10. Good for sex dating and having fun AmateurMatch

General characteristics of inmate dating

Everyone can face difficult life situations. Some people go to prison by committing a crime. However, these people also deserve love and cordial relationships. If you are an inmate and you are looking for relationships and support, there is a way out. Register on one of the inmate dating sites. There are a lot of dating platforms for inmates on the Internet. But how to choose a reliable one? First of all, you need to read the users’ reviews before you register on a dating site. They will help you to choose the right platform suitable exactly for you. As soon as you’ve chosen a suitable platform, you need to pass through the procedure of registration.

Registration is available only if you have reached the age of the majority (18 and more). The process of registration is usually simple and doesn’t require much time. You only need to indicate your personal information such as your name, date of birth, age, gender, and so on. Some inmate dating platforms require verification. It can be email, photo, or mobile phone verification. Why is the procedure of verification performed? It’s one of the ways to fight against fake accounts on the site. Sometimes fake accounts are created by scammers. So, you must be careful when contacting new people on the site. Please, follow some simple safety rules not to become a scammer’s victim.

During the procedure of registration, you also need to create a profile page. Make your profile page as informative as possible. Fill in all the fields of the registration form, and don’t neglect to write a short bio of yourself. You also need to describe the partner you are looking for. The more informative your profile is, the more users you attract to visit your profile page. Thus, you will get more chances to find your perfect partner in the shortest possible time.

As soon as the registration is over, start searching for your ideal partner. Most of the dating sites offer several search options: basic, advanced, and local. Apply one of them to find your perfect match. To start contacting a person you like, use one of the communication methods offered by the site. It must be mentioned that not many communication methods are available to free users. To get a full set of options the inmate dating site offers, you need to update your subscription to a premium. Of course, there are free inmate dating sites. However, the set of features they offer is usually limited. If you want to be successful on a dating platform, you need to purchase a paid subscription. Paid dating sites usually have excellent dating features and an extensive database of users. Thus, you will get a variety of choice options. The prices on premium subscriptions are different and usually depend on a set of dating features the site offers.

Nowadays, dating via mobile devices becomes more and more popular. If you are fond of dating on the go, choose inmate dating platforms that offer mobile apps. Mobile apps are usually free to download and install. As a rule, both Android and iOS devices users can download them on their mobile devices. The most important thing is to make sure that your mobile Internet is stable. A mobile app is a great way to stay in contact with the users of the site and be independent on your location.

Some dating sites don’t have mobile apps. Don’t be disappointed if your dating site doesn’t have a mobile app. You can still date on the go if you apply the mobile version of the site. To use it, apply your mobile browser to find your dating site and open it.

These are the main work principles of the inmate dating websites. If you want to find a good and safe inmate dating platform, the following list of dating sites will be helpful for you:

  • MeetAnInmate – unites civilians and inmates. The site offers cool features and great communication options.
  • Women behind bars – if you are looking for a female inmate dating site, this platform is for you. The site offers great features and a lot of profiles.
  • LoveAPrisoner – the site is perfect for those who are searching for romantic relationships. The site offers free and paid memberships. A lot of cool dating features will be available for you if you are a premium user.
  • WriteAPrisoner – it’s a professional platform created to connect inmates with professionals and educational mentors, friends, and consultants.
  • Friends beyond the wall – this platform is mainly focused on making friends. However, it will also suit you if you want to find a soul mate. To use it, you need to register.

Pros of inmate dating

Like all other dating sites, platforms for inmates have both advantages and disadvantages:

  • Inmate dating websites help to unite inmates. They can find supporters, advisors, and even their love. Everyone deserves understanding and empathy. Inmates are no exception. Dating sites for inmates can help them to find meaning in life.
  • Dating sites for inmates help them to meet new people from all over the world.
  • Most sites have quick and simple registration. You don’t need to spend much time answering boring questions. Just provide some basic information and start using the site’s services.
  • There are free dating sites for inmates. This is a great way for people in financial need to make friends, find support, and even love. However, most of the free dating sites have rather a basic set of options.
  • Paid dating sites provide their users with a lot of dating features.
  • A lot of inmate dating websites have forums and blogs. Here you can communicate with other people, discuss different topics and problems.
  • Most dating sites have mobile apps. Mobile apps are great if you are fond of using your mobile devices.

Cons of inmate dating

Several disadvantages of inmate dating platforms can also be distinguished.

  • Inmate dating is slow. You can’t arrange an appointment any time you want if you start dating an inmate.
  • Many people have prejudices towards inmate dating platforms. Not many people are ready to date an inmate.
  • There are fake accounts on such dating sites. This concerns not only inmate dating sites. Almost all dating platforms have fake accounts. You should follow some safety rules to avoid meeting scammers on such dating platforms.
  • Some dating platforms for inmates have expensive subscription plans.
  • A lot of cool dating features are available to only premium subscribers.
  • Not all dating sites have mobile apps.

Tips for finding a successful match on inmate dating sites

If you want to be successful on a dating platform and find a suitable person in the shortest possible time, use these simple tips.

  • Use only the services of safe and reliable inmate dating platforms. Study what safety measures the site performs on its official page.
  • Make your profile as detailed as possible. An interesting and detailed profile will attract more users to visit it. This will help to accelerate the procedure of a partner search.
  • Add nice and clear pictures to your profile page. A person who visits your profile must see whom he/she is going to communicate with. The more attractive photos you have, the more chances you have of meeting a good partner.
  • Choose inmate dating sites that offer a lot of search filters, cool features, and moderate prices.
  • Study the user’s profile before you start communicating with him/her. This will show your interest. Make a person understand that you are interested in him/her by showing that you know some details about him/her from his/her profile.
  • Don’t be shy to stop your communication. If a user you’ve started communicating with seems unsuitable to you, feel free to stop communicating with him/her.
  • Apply a Block option. If someone on the site seems suspicious to you, don’t feel shy to apply a Block feature. You can also report it to the site’s administrators if someone raises your suspicions.

Myths and misconceptions about inmate dating

There are myths and misconceptions about dating with inmates with the help of dating platforms.

  • All inmate dating platforms are illegal. That is not true. Of course, there are a lot of unsafe dating platforms on the Internet. This concerns not only inmate dating. There are reliable and unreliable dating platforms. You can find a lot of reliable inmate dating platforms on the Internet.
  • All profiles on inmate dating platforms are fake. That is not true. There are fake profiles, of course. Actually, you can hardly find dating sites fully free of fake profiles. Most of the profiles on inmate dating platforms are genuine.
  • People on inmate dating websites are violent and cruel. Wrong again. Of course, there are a lot of violent criminals in prisons. However, not of them are violent. Actually, everyone can face a difficult life situation. And everybody deserves a second chance.
  • Dating with inmates won’t lead to serious relationships. Sometimes it will, sometimes it won’t. When dating online, no one knows what happens next. No one knows whether a casual acquaintance will grow into something bigger. All people take a risk when they start dating online.
  • It’s hard to understand whether the inmate really likes you or he/she uses you to get the benefit. When you start dating online, you should be careful no matter what dating site you choose. If you feel that the inmate uses you to get his/her own benefit, just stop communicating with this person.

Tips for successful inmate dating

To be successful when dating online with inmates, use the following tips:

  • Choose dating sites with an extensive database of users. The more users the site has, the more chances you will have of finding a suitable match.
  • Study the features and memberships the site offers. Compare the prices and choose dating sites with a bigger set of dating features that goes at a moderate price. There are free dating sites, of course. But the set of features they offer is usually quite basic. Moreover, free dating sites often have annoying ads.
  • Determine your purpose. Some dating sites for inmates are aimed at making friends. Others are perfect for people who want to find romantic relationships. Select the dating platform according to your preferences.
  • Some dating sites for inmates offer mail services. Choose the ones that provide email services.
  • If you want to help inmates to pass through their difficult times, it’s better to register on a site that allows its users to counsel, provide professional advice and support, and teach the inmates to acquire new skills.
  • Safety is extremely important when you register on inmate dating websites. Study the site’s safety policy, what safety features it offers and whether the site shares the users’ information with third parties. It’s good if a dating platform provides the procedure of verification. Block option is also must have when you register on an inmate dating platform.
  • Choose dating platforms that offer a lot of search filters. Usually, dating sites offer basic, advanced, and local search options. Advanced search is applied when you want to find a person using refined search criteria. Local search is applied when you want to find someone who is near you.
  • Be open and friendly when starting to communicate with other people on the site. Treat them with respect. Be curious about their feelings and emotions.
  • Remember, harassment and rudeness are strictly prohibited on dating sites. If someone behaves inappropriately, you can block this person. You can also report it to the site’s administrators if someone on the site seems suspicious to you or behaves inappropriately.

These are the main tips that will help you start safe and reliable relationships with an inmate person.

To sum up

Not all people are ready to start relationships with inmates. What to do if you are an inmate and want to find your love and start serious relationships? The way out for you will be to register on an inmate dating site. Dating platforms contain a lot of profiles of inmates and people who intend to build relationships with an inmate. The most important thing is to choose a reliable platform. You will also need to pass through a registration procedure to start using the dating site’s services. The registration is usually simple, fast, and free of charge.

You only need to provide some of your personal details to register. Pay attention that registration is only allowable if you are 18 and more. During the registration, you need to create a profile and add several clear photos. There are free and paid inmate dating websites. It’s better to choose inmate dating platforms that offer free and paid services. As a free user, you will be somewhat limited. To use the site’s dating options in full, you need to update your subscription to a premium. Pay attention to the profile quality and the number of users before registering on the dating platform. An extensive database of users will help you to find a match as soon as possible.

Nowadays, more and more people prefer using mobile apps for dating. Choose dating sites that provide their users with mobile apps. Mobile apps are free to download. Most of them are compatible with both Android and iOS devices. If your dating site doesn’t have a mobile app, you can apply a mobile version of the site.

So, if you want to start the relationships with an inmate person, it’s easy to do. Just apply the services of the reliable inmate dating platforms.

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