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Meet24 Review 2024 — Real Dating Site or Scam?

Meet24 Review 2024  — Real Dating Site or Scam?
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Active Audience 69%
Quality Matches 90%
Popular Age 23-25
Profiles 1 000 000
Reply Rate 88%
Ease of Use 6.9
Popularity 9.0
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • It’s very easy to sign-up
  • There are many different ways to browse user profiles
  • Straightforward dynamics
  • Good customer support
  • There are a lot of fake users and users who would like to be paid for their services. No judgment, just: be careful!

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There’s probably in some hidden and smoky place on the Internet a room filled with red velvet sofas and dating-app developers sipping gin tonic. At some point, a manager comes through the door, wearing sunglasses. He murmurs a new kink or fantasy which is growing more influential on the web.

“They like smashing Nerf toys!”. The developers stir their cocktails, adjust their shirts’ sleeves, and start typing. Here’s how we reviewers imagine the dating app world on the other side. Here’s maybe how the well-known dating app Meet24 was NOT born.

Meet24 is an honest dating app, mostly for heterosexual people. In this review, you will get to know more about it. You won’t have any unanswered questions, and you will be ready to balance the pros and cons yourself.

As we believe in Web safety, there are also some useful tips not to find scammers and misbehavior in your dating app experience. So, what are you waiting for? Welcome on board!

It is a straightforward and funny dating app, which maybe is more meant to be funny rather than useful for dating experience. It is a common issue for so-called hookup websites, to be more a playground or livestock than a place where real people have the chance to meet for real, have fun, have a chat, and so on.

Meet24 will lead you to think that there is a middle way: you can find a lot of real users and also need to defend yourself from scammers. Bad news: scammers are everywhere! So, keep on following us, and let’s discuss how Meet24 works.

Meet24 Review – Legit Or Scam?

How Does Meet24 Work?

Basically, it’s a regular dating app. You sign-in by giving little information about you, and then you can freely see a lot of users’ profiles and chat with them. You need to be at least 16 years old.

You have your own profile, which you can edit your profile picture, pictures, and description. There’s no swipe option, so you can choose to chat with some users today, and to save some others for tomorrow, without losing them forever. Let’s get into the audience now.

Audience Analysis

The audience is vast, especially within the US. There are more men than women and more straight people than homosexual people. Still, there is the option “bisexual” in the sexual orientation, so technically, you are welcomed here as well if you like both sexes.

There are some fake users, especially among women. As usual, men tend to be more willing to pay for dating or mating, and this trend is reflected in the females’ profiles.

It is said that people on dating apps typically put a red rose next to their profile picture to tell the audience that they are willing to be paid for their sexual performance.

This may be true, but we have found in several chats people who were not carrying the rose, and still, they were asking for money. There’s no telling, the world is big, and so is the human fantasy.

Meet24 Key Features

So, let’s summarize: you can sign-in for free from your mobile device. There’s no web browser version, so you’ll need to use a mobile phone or tablet with a phone number related to it.

Then, you are given a free profile, which you can edit with your description and profile picture. You can then browse other users’ profiles, according to what you like the most. Aged women or more teenage-like ones? This is only one of the million options you can pick.

You can buy a virtual currency here, called “points,” and send gifts and random winks to a bunch of users. The number of users you send the wink to depends on how much you would like to spend for credits. We will talk about the “points” further, in the “pricing” paragraph.

Last but not least: you can like profiles, and see them later if you have forgotten about them.

Meet24 Key Features

Meet24 User-Friendliness?

It’s not so easy to answer. We found little consistency in some of the navigation paths, and there are no breadcrumbs (nerd term) to say to you, “you are here, now.”

Let us take an example. You go to the main page and see all the profiles displayed. On the lower bar, there is the search, who checked you out, wink bomb, and list view options. Where do you find your profile edit section? There’s no clue, so follow us.

Touch a random profile, and another lower bar will appear: you can decide whether to “wink,” “chat,” add to favorites, send a gift, or report. Now click the back arrow on your mobile phone. Click it again. As you can see, you are in a totally different place.

Now you can see a very usable and friendly interface, looking like a dating app. Well, sort of. We will call this “home page 2” so that we can distinguish it from “home page 1”, the one you are directed to after log-in.

Here you can browse, see chats, see favorites, use a “look at me” function, express wishes which will be shared publicly, earn free points by subscribing to other apps, see your scheduled encounters, your newsfeed, and all of your notifications!

Sorry for the long sentence. But that is a home page! On the top part, you can change your profile. We could not understand why this is not the main page, as we found it highly usable and easier to understand than the “home page 1”.

Meet24 Usability & Design

So, here’s the thing: home page 1 is not very usable, as you can’t find your profile section, you can’t see notifications clearly, and you can’t figure out how to be a features profiles, and you can buy gifts.

Still, the homepage 2, highly usable and with a more modern design, will not allow you to send random winks. It looks like two different website’s version were badly patched at some point.

Well, to be fair, not “badly,” but more. Roughly. We have reported this issue to the Customer Support, and maybe while you are reading this review, it has already been fixed.

Meet24 Mobile App

Good news for you, dater! There is both an Android and an Apple app. The developers did a good job, and they left the browser version behind.

No big deal, as the app is light and will not consume a lot of energy and internet bandwidth on your mobile phone. It is meant to be a more private app, to be read by you and you only. On the go, at the grocery store, in your car, while you wait at the traffic lights. Just joking, use it safely, and focus on driving while you’re driving.

Meet24 Customer Support

You will need to go to the main page from a web browser if you want to find Customer Support.

That’s what we did for our report, but you can also review the app, send tips, and complain about the service.

Meet24 Mobile App

Sign-Up Process Process & User Profile

Meet24 developers couldn’t possibly imagine an easier sign-up process. As the subscriber is usually eager to chat and date, they will know that a complicated verification process may discourage the laziest users.

Don’t be afraid, as you won’t need to be a geek to understand how the sign-up process works. Our recommendation for dating apps is: find yourself a lovely nickname and a bunch of pictures you can use for all your active dating profiles.

Usually, it’s easier to own only one profile on one app at a time, and we know that. Still, listening to some useful tips may help you if you are a dating app hunter, shooting them one by one and seeking your favorite matchmaker.

Go on, follow the sign-up steps of Meet24. We believe in variety, but we also think you may find a long-term deal here.

How to Sign-Up

The sign-up process requires only a bunch of steps: look for the Meet24 app in your Google Play Store or Apple Store. It won’t be hard to find it. Once you have, download and open it, and you will be asked if you would like to log in with Facebook or in another way.

In case you would like to sign-up with Facebook, then it’s done: click on the button and allow the app to access your personal account information, like the city, gender, and so on.

If you don’t want to use Facebook, go on with the other sign up process. Fill the form with your email address, password, username, sex, and sexual preference. You are asked about your current location, and a pop-up will appear: it’s asking you if you would like your phone to share your current position.

If you are a privacy worshipper, don’t share and type it manually. Our take is: there’s no point in signing-in to a dating website if you don’t want to share your position. How are you supposed actually to meet people, then?

Still, it’s your decision, in the end.

How to Sign-Up

Profile Editing and Quality Verification

You will not receive a verification email at this point. Once you have completed your sign-in process, you will be re-directed without further waiting for the app.

So, you can’t be 100% sure that other users online are real, as they didn’t have to verify their email address. On the other side, as Meet24 is a mobile app, other users have to own mobile phone to be signed-up.

There’s a balance from these two poles, and the balance is your common sense: if a user gives you generic answers and does not answer properly to your questions, that might be a bot.

Once you start chatting, a disclaimer appears: Meet24 is inviting you to report any unusual activity on the website, like violence, harassing, under-aged content. But it also links to other websites, urgent requests for money. You can’t sue Meet24 for a scam if it’s performed by one of its users, and you have not followed this simple advice in the first place. This is basically how disclaimer messages work.

Let’s move on and see how you can browse user profiles.

Profile Editing and Quality Verification

On the bottom left of the screen, you will see the comfortable icon of the magnifying glass. Here you can browse user profiles according to your own likes. You can conduct research by age, sexual preference, location, and so on.

All the filters are displayed in front of you. The matter now is just to decide which ones are for you! Another way to find new friends is to check the “list view,” also on the lower bar.

Here you can see all the profiles listed, one by one. You will only see the profile, the name, and a yellow/green circle, which means the user’s online (green) or not (yellow).

Chatting & Matching On Meet24

Basically, you can browse users and decide to chat with them. They can either answer or block you, but you still have played your cards in the first message.

Another fun way to find new chatters is to use the lower icon “Who checked you out.” Here you can visualize all the users who have seen and maybe liked your profile. Starting a conversation with “Hey *, I see you liked my profile! How are you today?” is always more personal and confidential than a simple “hi.”

Another smart way is the “wink bomb.” You can use your virtual coins to send a limited number of random users a wink, which is no more than a virtual emoji.

During the chat, you will be able to send gifts as well, as we have explained before, in the “features” paragraph.

Meet24 Search

Meet24 Subscription Options

You can decide to buy “points” or to buy a monthly membership. One plus side is that you can freely chat using a free account. This is so annoying when you can take a look at a website, and you would like to test the audience’s quality, and you find out that to chat, you need to pay.

This can hijack your opinion of the website at the beginning of your journey, and you may never recover from this lousy impression you had at first.


So, you can do everything without paying. Check the features of the app in the “Key features” paragraph of this review, and find out all the horizons Meet24 is opening up for you.

Still, a paid membership is always a little better. Otherwise, who would pay for it? With a paid membership, you can see users who liked you and who checked your profile. Then you can see if your chat messages were read.

You will carry the “premium” diamond icon on our profile so that anyone can see you are a premium user. You can also see who adds you to the favorites list. You can send 20 gifts per day.

Finally, no ads will be bothering you.

You can also decide to stick to a free account and just buy “points,” the virtual currency which will allow you to buy gifts and make your profile featured.

Meet24 Pricing

You can buy a membership for no less than one month, for 12,99$. Then you can go for three months, which will cost you 34,99$. 6 months, 57,99$ and 1 year, 74,99$.

Meet24 Canceling Subscription

Go to your app and uninstall it, if you are sick of Meet24. If you would like to cancel your paid membership beforehand and to have your money back, write to Customer Support, and they will inform you whether you are entitled to a refund.

Meet24 Canceling Subscription

Safety and Security Of Meet24

Your safety depends on you, on Meet24. The website offers you a safe environment where your payments are encrypted, and you can buy credit by being a premium account.

Still, you are alone on the Web: behave and stay away from scammers.

Meet24 Alternatives And Competitors

There are a lot of competitors for Meet24. All you have to do is to look for other apps that offer basic dating features, like chat and swipe, f.e.

Bear in mind that if you feel more comfortable with all the profiles displayed at once, look for the search-and-swipe apps. Some apps like Tinder, which is indeed a serious app, do not offer the thrill of seeing all the profiles together, and a browser searching for them. It’s up to you.

Here you are some of the most famous dating apps around: Meetic, Badoo, IDates, ICupid, Tinder, Once, Lovoo, MyDates, Qeep. They are all free, with sometimes a plus membership available.



Now that you have an accurate idea of how Meet24 works, you can go out there and test this popular app yourself. After all, you can sign-up and chat for free! We hope our comprehensive article showed you everything to know before you get started. Have a thrilling Meet24 experience!

MS, RD & Writer
Josie holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology, and she is a certified relationship coach. The young lady offers clients a warm and caring environment. She has dedicated her life to other people’s well-being since she understands what they go through. Throughout her career, she has acquired enough skills to build healthy relationships.
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