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Polish Hearts Review 2024 — Real Polish Dating Site or Scam?

Polish Hearts Review 2024  — Real Polish Dating Site or Scam?
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Active Audience 55%
Quality Matches 85%
Popular Age 27-29
Profiles 1 700 000
Reply Rate 86%
Ease of Use 6.5
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • You can search widely
  • You can reach out to other members via several secure ways
  • The security system of Polish Hearts is very reliable, and all information given is safe
  • One can have their account verified, including a free version
  • You may not like the design of Polish Hearts since it’s cramped
  • To some extent, one must subscribe to enjoy all the perks the platform can offer.
  • An average person may find the fee not pocket-friendly.

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Anyone is allowed to join Polish Hearts to find a person to love, romance, befriend, or even marry. Many individuals think online hookups are merely meant for the so-called introverts, elites, or any other interested party. You might have tried the local dating scene, and you must admit it is tricky to get the right fit. Over time, technology and several advancements have made it possible to find a beautiful woman or a male counterpart who matches your desired qualities. And that is how Polish Hearts was born.

If you have been on the lookout for a good matchmaking site, Polish Hearts is your bet. Here you can get linked to some great people who you may not have met as you walk down the streets of your native city. It has reached different people from various nations, and you can be guaranteed to meet the right person.

This Is How Polish Hearts Really Works

The Top Elements of Polish Hearts That Show It Is Legit

Not all dating services will offer the same goodies. You know, every firm employs unique tactics aimed at satisfying their target audience. This also applies to Polish Hearts. Anyone could get a Polish lady with little regard to where you come from Poland. Once you create your free or paid account, you could browse members’ profiles to see who matches you perfectly.

An Outline About the Audience of This Platform

  • Gender and Sexual Orientation
  • In most cases, people will require someone of the opposite sex to date. However, that is just about 90 percent of individuals. The other ten percent will be attracted to the same sex. But the goal of Polish Hearts is to link you with potential members for romance, friendship, fun, or even marriage. So, any man in search of a beautiful woman would make the best decision ever when joining this site.

  • What About Your Current Location?
  • Now that the platform goes with a polish name, that does not connote non-Polish are not welcomed. It is an international matchmaking site, and anyone who qualifies can join without much hassle. For example, it is reported that lots of traffic hail from the US, Germany, and Poland.

  • Race & Ethnicity
  • Polish Hearts do not have extreme restrictions on race and ethnicity. You can be from the USA and still enjoy the services. Despite your origin and background, you can join Polish Hearts and get the most out of it.

  • Age Distribution
  • It is reported that most users of Polish Hearts are persons aged 20 to 40 years. The site has thousands of those looking for partners aged 30 years. However, once you become a participating member, you may find more details on the demographic. You may even search by age to meet the perfect partner.

The Most Utilized Elements of the Site

The Top Elements of Polish Hearts That Show It Is Legit

Polish Hearts have incredible features that improve your experience. They make the site easy to use and help you get the most out of it. Here are various perks found at Polish Hearts.

  • Blacklist
  • Yes, you have realized how your mobile phone’s blacklist helps you keep off people you do not want any form of communication with. At Polish Hearts, you will still enjoy the aspects of blocking some individuals. Once you blacklist anyone, there is no way to reach you again. Literally, they may not be able to deliver a message or even an emoji.

  • ‘Who Remembered Me’
  • This is where you see those who thought it was a good idea to add you to their list of pals. But you may not enjoy this feature if you use a free account. You have to subscribe to a paid plan to access it.

  • ‘Who Visited Me’
  • Yes, it is possible to check who viewed and opened your profile with this option.

  • My Friends
  • You can click on ‘Remember this profile’ on the profile page of another member to have them in the “My Friends’ section.

  • Advanced Search
  • You can search for other visitors using certain filters that will yield great results. This feature helps you get the perfect matches.

  • My VIP List
  • Being in one’s VIP list enables you to send as many messages as possible.

  • Sending Smileys and Kisses
  • Not all online matchmaking sites will allow you to send feelings and virtual things. But with Polish Hearts, you can enjoy the freedom of sending kisses, roses, or even drinks. Nonetheless, anyone may deliver gifts to the liked individuals as a sign of love.

Is Polish Hearts User-Friendly?

The Top Elements of Polish Hearts That Show It Is Legit

It is true to say that nobody likes websites that consume a lot of time before opening. Everyone loves platforms that work smoothly without glitches. And Polish Hearts is exactly this type of service; you will definitely like the way it operates.

The Website’s Design and Its Performance

One of the elements of the Polish Hearts website is simple navigation — no slow pages or even errors. Unless the platform is under maintenance, you will always find it easy and seamless to browse around the pages as you check out the goodies.

Does Polish Hearts Have a Mobile App for the Users?

The developer has already created a good mobile app for everyone to benefit from the services. It is available for mobile phones, tablets, etc. Unfortunately, the iOS software is yet to get availed. The program takes just 3 MB of your mobile space. It is designed to give you a wonderful view, and it displays the sites exactly as on the web. However, the greatest recommendation that you can get: if you find the program is not working on your phone, kindly go for the Polish Hearts web version.

Is Their Customer Support Ready to Help?

At online matchmaking sites, there are numerous ways of receiving help. First, you can find directions and guidelines on the terms of use to get an overview of how they operate. Second, if you have a problem with changing the password, you can always visit the frequently asked questions block to get answers to your concerns. Also, you can hit the ‘Contact us’ icon, and it will be easy to reach them.

How to Sign up on This Online Matchmaking Site

To enjoy the services offered by Polish Hearts, you must get registered.

Sign up Procedure

Quick tips on joining Polish Hearts:

  • The process takes 4 minutes or less
  • One can sign up via Facebook
  • You will be required to verify your email before you could proceed
  • You will not receive match recommendations
  • You will not be subjected to personality tests upon sign up

As you can see, it is quite easy to register on Polish Hearts. If you do not have a lot of time to do a manual sign up, you can use Facebook. However, if you do not want to opt for Facebook due to some reasons, then you will have to do it manually. Just provide a good username. Right after you filled in the information, submit the profile for review.

Besides, if you intend to utilize your personal credentials such as email address, tell more about your sex, when where you born, and finally give a valid email and a proper user name. The password to your account must be secretly set and confirmed. Make it as easy for you as possible and hard for anyone else to find out. A verification code will be sent to your email. Once you validate, you shall now be permitted to go ahead and share further details that would be used in your Polish Hearts account.

Make Sure Your Profile Is Quality Enough to Attract

The Top Elements of Polish Hearts That Show It Is Legit

You see, your page is what other members will come across. They will not meet you in person. So, you should make yours look awesome. The site may not ask for a lot of data, but it is your job to make it interesting and noticeable. In most cases, you are only required to provide personal details such as sex, location, and birthday. You will still give more info with regard to what you like, your hobbies, and much more.

Polish Hearts is known for using the usernames to identify its members. And remember to select a good one because once approved, you may never be in a position to alter it whatsoever. Anyone who thinks that they do not need their profile can suspend it for some time.

Searching for Matches on Polish Hearts

There are various tactics for digging up for matches on this incredible platform. Adjust the following filters, and the results will be amazing.

  • Hair or even eyes color
  • Children
  • Languages
  • Smoking or drinking habits, etc.

By using the above-mentioned filters in your search, you will get results based on the keywords. However, only those with upgraded accounts can leverage this element of the site. Any individual utilizing a free version is thus required to switch to a paid membership.

Finding a Match and Communication

Your match search can be more focused if using the specified search engine. Once you get the results — the matches — it is about time you begin a chat with the chosen members. Have a look at their profiles, check out their photos, and ascertain every detail is properly checked before you chat with them.

Subscription Options

You are eligible for a free account on Polish Hearts. However, it will only enable you to view the pages of others. You may not be able to enjoy all the perks of the platform. It is right to say that the premium plans carry the best features.

Browsing for Free

The Top Elements of Polish Hearts That Show It Is Legit

Anyone can register at Polish Hearts. The main aspect would be its free joining feature. Nonetheless, you must know that most of the best tools of the site are kept for premium subscribers. A good example is the “My VIP” list.

Is the Premium Membership Worth Purchasing?

It is true to point out that the best version of Polish Hearts is the paid one. With it, you have unlimited access to an entire bundle of handy features such as the Blacklist, My VIP list, My Friends, etc. You can easily send virtual gifts and smileys without any limitations. Thus, free account members can upgrade to the premium plans so that they can enjoy all that and more.

The Cost of Becoming a Member

As noted earlier in this article, the membership is the best way to explore Polish Hearts and use it to the fullest. Thus, anyone who wishes to enjoy the most result-oriented elements of the platform must consider paid subscriptions, which range from 15.99 euros for one month to a yearly subscription of 3.83 euros per month. However, you can have a three or six-month plan since they are also available.

See, using a free account will restrict you from accessing the numerous features that all subscribers enjoy. So, to stand the best chances of finding love at Polish Hearts, try one of the packages to see what this platform has to impress you.

Can Someone Terminate Their Subscription?

It is okay to terminate your subscription, but the fee may not be refundable. This connotes that you need to be fully aware that you may not get the money back. However, you can contact customer support if you want to quit. They will give you guidelines on that.

Is the Platform Safe and Secure?

The Top Elements of Polish Hearts That Show It Is Legit

Indeed, as a grown-up, it is good to mind one’s safety and security. Your information is important and must be kept confidential. Polish Hearts has a policy of protecting the information provided to them. Thus, you should rest assured that you are safe while browsing through the various pages of Polish Hearts. However, if someone tries to piss you off, feel free to block them before you can even report.

Here Is a List of Alternatives to Polish Hearts

If you are in Poland, then the spots to find love are endless. One of the most preferred sites is the Polish Hearts, but many more services still exist. Here are similar spots:

  • Polish Girl 4 U
  • Polish Cupid
  • match.com
  • Polish Souls
  • ePolishWife


The Top Elements of Polish Hearts That Show It Is Legit

Up to this point, you must admit that the online dating scene is becoming better. You have seen how it is now possible to find love online. Many successful stories have hit the headlines over time. So, anyone can try this out and bring his or her own story. Things have changed, and individuals must not stick to traditional flirting scenes when you can get a wonderful experience in Polish Hearts. Big thanks to technology for making it possible to meet virtually and even plan a lot of things before meeting in person. Everyone should be elated since busy daily schedules cannot bar anyone from finding love being just a click away.

The site is awesome. It houses many users, so everyone has access to hundreds of individuals in search of someone to love. However, one must make a little investment so that you could get the most out of the Polish Hearts service. Don’t hesitate because joining is simple and enjoyable. The premium plans are different; thus, you can select the one that deems fit for you. Just in case you come across any problems, try to contact customer support, and you will get help. If you think Polish Hearts is a great spot, consider inviting your friends to enjoy the service.

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