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Pussy Saga Review 2024 — Real Dating Site or Scam?

Pussy Saga Review 2024  — Real Dating Site or Scam?
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Popular Age 25-28
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Ease of Use 6.1
Popularity 7.4
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Details: every detail is well finished. There will be no bugs while you play
  • Fast: the developers worked hard to give you a real gaming experience, without gaps or delays
  • Quality of pictures
  • Originality: the game takes from here and there, and it sort of looks like already seen

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If you have an online social life, you have come across Pussy Saga at least one time. Maybe curiosity would have driven you through this mysterious set of hentai pinkie kinky ladies, to discover their hidden secrets.

But you were busy doing other things, and then, after all, you could have thought later. The thing is, you can’t just drop Pussy Saga. The time has come for you to learn more about this top popular sex game from Hooligapps.

What should you expect from Pussy Saga? First of all, more hentai chicks than you can imagine. Then, sex and fantasy mixed together to give you an entertaining and arousing experience through holes, drops, glowing little stars, hearts, and a lot of pink surfaces to explore.

This review will guide you through Pussy Saga’s most unknown secrets. We will try to explain fairly how it works, how’s the audience, how the levels are. Every question you might have will be answered. Now take a deep breath, scroll down, and read on!

Let us be clear: copying, when allowed by copyright, is not that bad. After all, if a feature works, why not use it in your own branded game? Either way, if you are a newbie and it’s the first time for you on a porn game, you won’t spot the similarities with other porn games.

Actually, another disclaimer should be made: aren’t all the dating websites similar, after all? Given that, we can forgive Hooligapps in quoting a little bit, if the final product meets the gamer’s expectancies.

Our take is: it does. It meets the gamer’s expectancies, as it’s more than it declares in the beginning. Namely, a puzzle game, where the puzzle is an enigma you should solve to date and get laid with hentai girls.

Once you got laid with them, you can create yourself a sort of harem, where you can name all your deep fantasies. This is just a preview of what you’ll get. It’s written on the landing page. But there’s much more. No, don’t unzip your pants yet. Keep going.

Pussy Saga Review – Legit Or Scam?

How Does Pussy Saga Work?

Let’s get a little more into the Pussy Saga world. As said, there is a puzzle, and there is a harem. It goes like this: you make your own character, and your goal is to ask hentai wild chicks out. First of all, you need to choose them, like in a regular dating website.

After you have made your choice, you should talk to them a little. This sex chat part is the limbo where you need to convince them to go out with you. And now, time for the date!

The ask-for-a-date part is the puzzle game. Like in an actual date, you don’t know if the rabbit is going to get back in the hole if your jokes will be fine if you are talking about the right things. Well, Pussy Saga makes it simple: do the puzzle.

Once you have completed the puzzle correctly, the chick and you are officially on a date. After a fixed amount of dates, the babe is yours. The game simulates a phone conversation with her, where you can do some sexting, ask her photos of whatever nasty thing you may be thinking about.

Basically, that’s it.

Audience Analysis

Who is the gamer? It’s hard to tell. We imagine the average player as a straight man or a woman interested in women, maybe. Be aware that all the adult entertainment here is a cartoon, so all who’s here generally enjoy anime style.

Then, there’s a lot of Ahegao here, so you should be at least aware that realism is not on the main course. If you haven’t heard about Ahegao before: let’s clear it up.

“Ahegao” refers to the typical facial expression in porn movies and anime/hentai cartoons: eyes of the girls are popping and shaking. Small glowing hearts are showing in strange places, like under her back or under the sheets, or from inside the teddy bear she owns. You can never know.

Her limbs are scattered like there’s no more brain control over them, and sweat drops mixed with tears – and whatever it may be – are drizzling from anywhere. The female’s tongue is usually out of place compared to what it’s supposed to be.

This is Ahegao: funny if you are used to it. It means no realism, and it is supposed to enhance the idea that the girl is enjoying the moment. Don’t lose self-confidence, now: if you have never seen a small glowing heart coming out of her ear, maybe she enjoyed it anyways.

The gamer needs to like simple puzzle games—namely, Tetris, Candy Crush, and so on.

There’s a cluttered interface. You need to like that, as well. Then, the average user likes porn games, of course. There are a lot of porn sketches here and there through the puzzle experience.

Audience Analysis

Pussy Saga Key Features

Let’s say Pussy Saga is more of a fun than a complicated game. You go for Pussy Saga is you really love anime, scenarios, levels, small icons, and adult stuff, of course.

You’re not here as a serial player, role player, D&D lover. There’s not much room for you here, but you still give it a chance after seeing all the levels. Let’s get more into details.

The Characters

The main character is you. Then there are the chicks. They are usually color-haired, and they were little to no garments. Pink is one of the primary colors they wear, yellow and metal, as well.

They are just cute fairies from the hentai world. The drawings are exquisite, and they look just like a good-quality manga from a good Japanese shop. Not too detailed, but still colorful and shaded as much as it’s needed.

About their speech: the chatbots are not sophisticated, but still, the sentences the girls say are horny.

The Characters

The Scenarios

The scenarios are mainly three: you chat with the girls in a free chat before you can play. Here you see a sweet cutie on a side, and on the other, you can select a phrase you would like to tell her.

Then there’s the puzzle part: a squared panel with some icons on it. There are balloons, fruits, ribbons, and some other small objects. You have to drag them around, create rows and earn points, like Candy Crush.

Then you will own your girl, and one last scenario will be disclosed to you: you are typing on a virtual phone, and you can ask her to do things for you – no, not like the groceries, please use some fantasy, here! – or to send naughty pictures to you. At this point, you can make up whatever story you want, create a role play, send her gifts—all of that in a fiction chat.

The Levels

There are different levels, but most of them are available only for paying users. At a basic level, you will have five puzzles to complete to get a girl’s number and have her for your own.

Let’s say something more about the puzzles, which become more and more complex through your user experience: at first, there’s a limited number of icons. But it’s not only a graphic thing: icons mean a skill.

For example, strawberries mean sex skills, then there’s charisma, adaptability, and so on. The icons can boost your “sexual” experience by enhancing your character’s skills and your girl’s ones. This is basically what the levels are about.

The Levels

Pussy Saga’s User-Friendliness

The user-friendliness is quite high, although sometimes bothered by a large number of icons on the screen. There are a lot of add-ons and gift options. There are the girls’ cartoon bubbles while you play. They look more like an arcade game, considering all the things there are on the screen.

Still, it’s straightforward to understand how it works, and it all looks like a virtual phone.

Pussy Saga User Interface & Design

The page, as said in the first place, looks a little cluttered. Given that, the design is modern, and all the pictures are shaped nicely.

It’s easy to understand how the puzzle works, as there is a big chessboard on the left, filled with small icons. On the right, there’s always a cute chick saying to you what next step you should make.

The girls will never leave you alone. Whenever the page design is not telling you what to do next, there’s a cartoon bubble somewhere on the screen helping you. They work better than a Customer Support, that’s for sure.

Plus, they will show some moments of adult entertainment, here and there, and that’s another well-designed feature.

Is there a Pussy Saga Mobile App?

Of course, there is. You can play Pussy Saga on the go, wherever you like. Make sure your boss is behind your shoulders, or that there are no young kids on the bus next to you.

There is now a mobile app available both on Apple Store and on Google Play. So much spare time to be filled, on your way to school or to work.

Customer Support

Now it’s time for us to talk about the proper Customer Support. Don’t forget there are real people behind all the Pussy Saga world! You can contact the Customer Support by going to the very bottom of the main page and selecting the “Support” tab. Now fill in the form and send it out. They will likely contact you back within the next 48 hours.

If you are not seeking help and just need to share your scores, suggest edits or any more proactive message like this: go to the bottom of the main page. On the left, in the first column, you will find a “contact us” address.

Copy and paste it in your e-mail app in your browser, and you will be able to send them the Customer Support your review, opinion, or just your high scores. This information is used for commercial/marketing purposes, but maybe your comment will be on the next Pussy Saga commercial!

Customer Support

Sign-Up Process On Pussy Saga And Profile Creation

The sign-up process is far easier than it may look like. We are saying this because you can’t just download the app and start playing. You will need your Flash Player to be updated, first of all.

Then you will need a simulator, but don’t worry. They are providing you with enough information to do it properly. The simulator is Nutaku, and you will be required to create a free Nutaku account before starting on Pussy Saga.

If you don’t have a Nutaku account, read the next paragraph. If you already have it, you can skip the next paragraph and go to the next one.

Registering a Nutaku Profile

Let’s do one thing at a time: go to the main Pussy Saga page. Press on the “play now” tab on the main toolbar and fill the form with our e-mail address, nickname, and password.

You will be re-directed to the Nutaku website. Don’t worry about that, you’ll need a working interface, and Nutaku is the right way to have it.

Now you are inside the Pussy Saga world. A player will display below, telling you a story about a beautiful sunny day. One of the first things you should do is: go on the top right of the page and select the gear: you can set the volume and many other gamers’ things.

Do that now, and you won’t think about it later.

Verification and Profile Quality

As Pussy Saga is a porn game and not a real dating app, the developers tried to keep the sign-up process as smooth as possible. You won’t need to think a lot about it, just go and type what they are asking you.

There is no mail verification. You will only have to confirm it when you will fill your credit card details. You don’t miss any critical communication about payments, do you?

Verification and Profile Quality

Here on Pussy Saga, the search process is performed like in regular dating websites: it occurs at the very beginning of your Pussy Saga experience. You will see a panel where a story takes place on.

Here you are into a story, and things happen to you. At a certain point, you’ll meet a girl who the game is showing you. So, there’s not an actual research process. Girls are like levels.

The real “search” will happen when you are at a certain level and have abilities and skills connected to your profiles.

Let’s see now how the chatting process is happening.

The Chatting Process and Matching

It’s now time to chat with your new girl: it won’t be hard – well, this depends on you – because there is only a diagram option. It means you pick an answer from a list of three.

So, as we said in the paragraph above, we have a sort of pre-match, and then a tree chat. Then, after the puzzle game, there’s the final chat. Here you have already gained the girl’s trust, and she is ready to show you pictures and to sext you.

Now, chatting will be more open-minded and lustful. It’s up to you to pick the right tone.

The Chatting Process and Matching

Pussy Saga Membership and Payments

Pussy Saga is a free game, and you can experience all of his functions by just subscribing. Then, you can pay to have more coins. Go to the upper part of the page and select the “coins” icon.

Now you can decide which package of coins you like the most. But first, let’s make a recap of what you can do for free.


You can subscribe, chat with girls, play puzzles, enjoy adult games.

You will earn coins and buy the girls some gifts. Then you can arrange horny chats with the girls, and ask them for private pictures.

Still, if you would like to boost your presence in this game scenario, you should pay for some extra coins.

The coins will help you buy gifts to the girls you already have, or to unblock scenarios and to have special skills.

Let’s see their prices.


You can buy a bag of 1000 coins for 5$. This is the starter pack. Then the prices are 10$ for 1000 coins, 10$ for 2000 coins and so on. You can buy 30 thousand coins for 300$, and that’s the higher number of coins you can get.

Cancelling Pussy Saga Subscription

We have tried several times to cancel our profile, but we weren’t able to do so. You can sign out after every use, but if you want to get your profile canceled, you will need to ask the Customer Support directly.

Pussy Saga Safety & Security

The payments you will make on the website are encrypted, and they will remain on the site. Your credit card data will not be sold to third parties, and you won’t need to worry about them.

There are no real users you can chat with, so the scam issues somebody may experience in real dating websites will stay away from here.

Pussy Saga Safety & Security

Pussy Saga Competitors and Alternatives

There is Cunt Wars, for the hentai scenario. Also, a valid fake-dating game is Hunie Pop. There are tons of hentai free games so that research can help you. To name some of them: there is Megumin, Pussy Trainer, Onaho Dragon, Gentle boy training, and many more.


Hoping that this review was useful for you, we wish you a safe and funny Pussy Saga experience! All in all, you need to take into account the most valuable information that you found and decide whether or not this website is useful. We hope all the details will help you!

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Josie holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology, and she is a certified relationship coach. The young lady offers clients a warm and caring environment. She has dedicated her life to other people’s well-being since she understands what they go through. Throughout her career, she has acquired enough skills to build healthy relationships.
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