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S’More Review 2024 — Real Dating Site or Scam?

S’More Review 2024  — Real Dating Site or Scam?
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Active Audience 63%
Quality Matches 89%
Popular Age 24-27
Profiles 1 600 000
Reply Rate 91%
Ease of Use 8.8
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Verification—this online mobile application has a rigorous verification process. These include mobile texting and the use of a selfie feature.
  • Mobile application: this dating platform can only be used via mobile application. This means members can be online anytime, anywhere, via their iPhone smartphones.
  • S’More mobile app prioritizes personality overlooks. This means you need to know the user details first before you see their looks.
  • Expensive: most features of this online dating app require Premium subscriptions.
  • Not in all regions: this online app is only available to selected countries, including Philadelphia, San Francisco, Austin, and Los Angeles.
  • Few Members: there are very few members on this dating application since it does not cover all the regions.
  • Not available on android phones: this online dating app is only available to iPhone smartphones currently. Android users are still waiting for their release.

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Welcome to the S’More app review. This review will talk about its features, design, use, and other information, which may be useful to an aspiring user. Follow this review to learn more.

S’More is an online mobile dating app available for download to iPhone users only. This dating site is a new entrant to the dating platforms, and it’s only available in New York, Boston, DC, and Chicago towns. It is on its final stages to also launch in Philadelphia, San Francisco, Austin, and Los Angeles.

This dating application is only available on the IoS operating system; thus, it can be downloaded only by iPhone or mac owners. The website is only used to highlight its features and other necessary information. Its functions are not operational via desktop browsers.

S’More is owned by smore.com, whose offices are located in Lexington Avenue, New york.

Its primary function is to connect users by letting them know more about their match before actually meeting up for a date. It claims to have 100% genuine members on its dating platform. S’More stands for something more. This means members who use this app get more than what other dating sites offer.

Follow this review to understand more about its features and if it does as it claims.

How Does S’More Work?

S'More Review – Legit Or Scam?

S’More works by connecting like-minded people for hook-ups and long term dates. Its primary purpose is to let members know more information about their potential match before committing themselves to date.

This dating site is used by individuals who want something more. More than what the average dating circumstances provide. It helps users to:

  • To enjoy more than just a relationship: it connects users who are looking for more serious relationships.
  • Sexuality: it let members enjoy more sexual adventures. This includes all types of sexual orientations available on the LGBTQIA community. S’More is a part member of this community.
  • Anything else from typical dating: this dating site gives members what they want, without restrictions—sex, hook-ups, orientations, and other sexual fantasies.

Audience Analysis

This online dating application is currently limited. Its membership is still growing, but we can give a little information concerning its membership:

  • Geographical: Currently, this application is available to members in these cities: New York, Boston, District of Columbia, and Chicago. It is also launching its membership in Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Austin, and San Francisco.
  • Gender: it incorporates all types of Genders. This includes male, female, and the transgender community.
  • Sexual Orientation: This iPhone dating application accepts all types of sexual orientations and much more. You will find straight individuals, lesbians, Gays, Transsexuals, Intersex, Queer, people looking for Asexual dating, and all other sexual behaviors on this app. It allows its members to enjoy something more.
  • Age: This is an adult dating site. The minimum age is 18 years and above. Anyone can join this site as long as he or she is above this minimum age. You can find teenagers, young adults, youth, mature, old, and the oldest generation.
  • Ethnicity: Well, the site does not specify the kind of ethnic groups accommodated on its platform. This means anyone in the world can join and use this site. You can find Chinese, Arabs, black Americans, Africans, among other ethnicities using this site.

Key Features

S'More Review – Legit Or Scam?

S’More is still new to the dating market, and it’s growing rapidly. This section will review its essential features, which make this dating site exciting to its members. Some of these available features include:

  • Photo Uploads: this online dating application allows individuals to upload their original pictures. Unlike other dating sites, failing to upload your real photo may lead to having a suspended account. This makes all photos on this site to be genuine. One thing about these photos, there are rules on what to upload. These rules include:
  • No nude photos or those with only underwear. Pornography is not allowed.
  • Kids’ photos must have an adult on-site, and they should be fully covered.
  • Faces must be visible in all photos.
  • Neither watermarks nor texts on uploaded photos.
  • Photos should not include illegal substances, violent scenes, sex toys, or any other advertisement type.

  • Messaging: this is a communication feature available to all members of this online app. The dating site requires its accounts to send appropriate and relevant messages after thoroughly studying the message recipients’ profiles. It does not condone copy-pasting or sending of old, lame messages.
  • Selfie Verification: to verify an account, this application requires its members to take a selfie via the app. This is to demonstrate their real identity and confirm whether the uploaded photos are genuine as per the users’ verification photo.
  • Rating Score: Rating scores are based on the following criteria:
  • How active a user is on S’More
  • Profile quality – is it complete?
  • Messaging rate – how fast do you respond to messages from other members?
  • Kindness – are you kind when dealing with other users of this site?

Being kind is the most considered aspect in rating since S’More values its members’ kindness more than the made dates.

  • Icons: these are photos added to the site by members.
  • Top Five: these are the available matches selected by the site to its members.

They are always five on any given day. Icons are profiles within your area or those who match your preferences.

  • Activity: this represents the recent activities in one’s profile. It may include updated members’ profiles, messages, new features, events, or happenings.
  • Graphs: this represents the number of winks users receive every week.

S’More User-Friendliness

S'More Review – Legit Or Scam?

This online dating application is currently found on the IOS platform. Though still under developments, we can say this application is user friendly according to user reviews.

The app has easy to use features, including messaging and creating the profile.

Apple Inc handles all subscriptions and payments to this site.

S’More Website Design And Usability

From some of its users, we can say it is user-friendly. But this entirely depends on the person using it. The design is excellent, and navigation has been made simple since features are within reach on the app.

They are still working on this application, hoping to get better design than what is already in place. For android users, they are still yet to launch this application on the android platform. iPhone owners are enjoying this, meaning its design does not disappoint.

Mobile Application

Well, S’More itself is just a mobile app. This dating platform works on the application, currently available to iPhone and Mac users via the IoS operating system.

It is still not yet available to android users, who have to wait a little longer for its launch.

According to the current reviews, this mobile application provides excellent features, which include: creating a profile and registration, messaging, uploading of photos, chatting, and other essential elements.

The website is there just to guide users on terms of use, privacy policies, features, FAQ’s and any other information members would want to know.

Customer Support

S'More Review – Legit Or Scam?

Yes, an available customer support system is designed to solve members’ issues while using this dating app.

Customer support can be contacted using the “contact us” feature available at the app’s settings. They can also contact this customer support via various venues including:

  • Email address: [email protected] Media: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
  • Offices: Lexington Avenue, New York.

The Sign-Up Process And User Profile

To register, users are required to download the application from the IOS store. Before registering, users have to accept website terms of use and privacy policy.

How To Sign-up

S'More Review – Legit Or Scam?

To register an account, users are required to provide the below information:

  • Gender – Members have to put in their sex during the registration process to determine the kind of members they will meet.
  • Username –This is the name that members will be using while on this mobile application.
  • Password – Members will also require a password to secure their accounts.
  • Age – Members must include their real age while registering.
  • Mobile Number: this is used to verify the registered account.

Profile Quality And Verification

Profile creation involves adding other necessary information that wasn’t available on registration. Members are required to create their profiles by keying in the below information:

  • Photos – In this section, users are required to upload their real pictures. These are confirmed via the selfie feature.
  • Interests – you are required to specify your interests. This may include sports, music, and travel.
  • Personal information – you are required to provide your full information on this segment. This includes:
  • Details about yourself
  • Relationship status either straight, gay, lesbian, etc
  • Sexual orientation: includes being straight and other LGBTQIA sexual types.
  • Physical features: these include body features
  • Location: This is your current location.

Verification: This website uses two types of verification methods.

  • Selfie Method: this requires members to take a selfie using the app to verify their photos.
  • Messaging: involves the website sending verification codes via texts for members to verify their accounts.

S'More Review – Legit Or Scam?

S’More users can search for their matches using various filters available on this site. These search options include:

  • Location: you can search for matches depending on their locations.
  • Gender: you can sort matches according to their gender.
  • Sexual orientation: you can choose the type of matches by their sexual orientation.
  • Relationship type seeking: you can search users according to the type of relationship they are seeking.
  • Preferences: you can choose users by their choices.
  • Interests: you can use interests as a search feature to find compatible matches

Matching And Chatting

Matching and chatting on this online dating application is a bit tricky as compared to other online platforms.

To chat with a user on this site, you are first required to create interest. You can do this by sending winks and friend requests.

This site requires users to know their preferred matches better before revealing their identity. This means you are only able to see their photos after chatting with them for a while. You have to “unblur” a profile by chatting or winking to them.

Messaging on this online app is free. But limited to only ten people per day. To chat with more accounts, you are required to upgrade the account to a premium.

Subscription Options

S'More Review – Legit Or Scam?

There are two types of memberships on this online dating application. These memberships include:

  • Free membership – this is a free, non-paid kind of membership.
  • Premium Membership – This is a paid type of membership.

These memberships have been discussed in detail, as mentioned below.

Free Version

This is a non-paid membership available to all members just after registration. Free accounts enjoy most of the basic features, which include:

  • Account registration and creating profile: users on free accounts can register and create their profiles for free on this dating application.
  • Top Five: users on free accounts get their top five matches daily, as suggested by the website.
  • Account verification: users on free profiles can verify their accounts via the selfie feature on this app for free.
  • Messaging: users on a free account can send and reply messages to and from other members on this platform.
  • Winks: Users on free accounts can send winks, as an icebreaker, to create attention to other profiles.
  • Conversations: users on free accounts can only enjoy ten different types of conversations. To have more of these, they need to upgrade their accounts to premium.
  • Profile saving: users on free accounts can save up to five other members’ profiles on this dating app.

Premium Subscription

S'More Review – Legit Or Scam?

These are paid accounts available to those members who wish to upgrade and use this dating site’s advanced features. Users on premium accounts enjoy the below benefits:

  • Conversations: Premium accounts can have 15 conversations with other users of this mobile dating platform.
  • Saved profiles: Premium accounts can save ten profiles of other members into their profiles.
  • Winks and saved Profiles: Premium accounts can view the profiles that have “winked” or “saved” them in their respective profiles.
  • Favorite Profiles: users on premium accounts can favorite as many profiles as they want, once they get them through search.
  • Unlimited chats: Premium accounts can chat with as many people as they want on this dating platform.


There are different subscription types available to all users who would wish to upgrade their accounts to premium. These subscriptions come with different packages, as shown below:

  • Weekly Package—it costs $4.99 plus a free day trial.
  • Monthly Package—it costs $9.99.
  • Quarterly Package at $24.99

Members who pay monthly and Quarterly packages enjoy 50% and 60% discounts respectively.

To get the actual prices to these packages, users need to download the app, login, and view the subscriptions. Charges are always done via Apple accounts on the IOS platform.

Canceling Subscription

S'More Review – Legit Or Scam?

Canceling a subscription is very easy since it’s done via the apple store.

To cancel a subscription on iPhone: Open settings, Tap name, tap on subscriptions, then cancel the S’More subscription.

These subscriptions are generally auto-renewed once they expire. To cancel, at least do it 24hours before the expiry date. Already paid subscription gets a long way to be refunded, which is not recommended.

Cancellation puts your account back to basic, removing all the premium benefits.

Safety And Security

To be honest, S’More is one of the most secure dating sites in online dating platforms. It has strict verification methods that members need to go through to verify their accounts. These procedures include: verifying the account via email or through phone number and taking a selfie to confirm identity.

S’More also has a privacy policy, which secures members and their data on this website. The privacy policy gives hints on:

  • The kind of data the website collects.
  • Data storage and usage
  • Disclosure of this information
  • Changes to policy
  • Third-party accounts that use this data

Users can also ban, block, and report threatening accounts on this site using the blocking feature.

S’More Alternatives And Competitors

Being a new entrant into the dating market, S’More is facing significant competition from already established apps. These apps, which can act as alternatives, including the ones below:

  • OkCupid
  • This is one of the largest and most active dating websites in the world. Most features of this dating app are free of charge, and it is more popular because of its match compatibility. OkCupid is available in desktop browsers and also on mobile applications.

  • Zoosk
  • This is one of the largest dating sites with better chatting and matching services than S’More. The good thing about Zoosk is that users can send and receive messages for free.

  • OurTime
  • OurTime is one of the best dating sites designed for singles over 50 years. The good thing about this site is its features and ease of use. It is a location-based site where users can meet matches in their location.


S'More Review – Legit Or Scam?

This review has highlighted almost everything found on this dating site. Users can decide whether to put full use of it or seek other alternatives, as highlighted above. S’More is recommended because it is a mobile app. Users can chat; message each other anywhere, anytime via their smartphones.

Another advantage of this site is because it’s secure. It is a more dignified site compared to other dating platforms that allow the use of X-rated materials. On this site, everything is covered. No nudes, no adult videos.

However, there are drawbacks. These include a lack of a mobile app for Android users. However, the site promised its release soon— we are hoping it gets more members and gets launched to all countries.

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