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SwingTowns Review 2024 — Real Poly Dating Site or Scam?

SwingTowns Review 2024  — Real Poly Dating Site or Scam?
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Active Audience 88%
Quality Matches 94%
Popular Age 25-26
Profiles 1 900 000
Reply Rate 91%
Ease of Use 7.9
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • A genuine community for swingers/polyamorists.
  • A high-quality and safe community for real-world encounters.
  • Affordable subscription plans.
  • Many years of successful experience (since 1999).
  • Some features are too similar to popular social networks.
  • The free version has limited access to communication tools.

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This detailed SwingTowns Review aims to reveal all positive and negative sides of a popular dating website. Let’s have a closer look together.

What Can SwingTowns Offer to Its Users?

SwingTowns Review – Find Your Polyamour Love on The Dating Website

SwingTowns brings swingers together on this platform. It has transformed into a bustling union of open-minded adults. This platform allows single people to speak freely about their sexuality and lifestyle in general. You will appreciate finding a dating website with such an impressive level of honesty, freedom, and openness. If you share the same views and lifestyle, or you are simply new or curious about it, SwingTowns will fulfill your secret desires. The fear of being criticized has nothing in common with SwingTowns.

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All modern people know what the term “swinging” means. However, this website also touches polyamory, which means sustaining a sexual relationship with several people. All the people are involved in a single union. Note that polygamy is not the same because it means to be married to several individuals. Being polyamorous is a way of life and a way to express your sexuality.

SwingTowns focuses on polyamorous dating and relationships. It has been helping people since 1999. It is the right place where a lot of single people found open-minded partners. Today, it is one of the most fast-growing communities, which consists of polyamorous, swingers, and fetishists.

Get Access to the Available Key Features

SwingTowns Review – Find Your Polyamour Love on The Dating Website

The SwingTowns site has a separate “Action” section. It is presented in a newsfeed format. The primary purpose is to deliver various posts from members, whom you have liked before. It is a way to stay connected with each other. You should be ready to receive exciting posts from those members who live in your area. Make sure that you indicate your place of living in your profile if you want to receive such notifications. It is possible to customize the “Action” section and its posts updates. You can choose the desired criteria and hide the rest of the posts.

The search tool on SwingTowns is divided into three major categories, which are the following:

  • Threesome Finder
  • Polyamory Finder
  • Individual Finder

The first two options will fit couples and polyamorous unions. You can use this search category if you want to find partners to engage in threesomes or another kind of polyamorous relationships. As for the individual search option, it will fit single people in order to find couples or other single individuals. Before you start the search, you must think about the main criteria.

SwingTowns offers several options to communicate with other members. You can use either an online messaging tool or a video chat. All registered members are welcome to join numerous forums, which are divided into a lot of categories. You can discuss the swinging and polyamorous lifestyle with open-minded people. The website allows everybody to start a private blog. You can share your useful content.

Can We Consider the Site to Be User-Friendly?

SwingTowns Review – Find Your Polyamour Love on The Dating Website

The overall quality of the user interface is quite high. SwingTowns has a social network feel. We enjoy spending our free time on Facebook or other similar social networks. Here you get more or less the same feelings. Most SwingTowns members feel at home. The main secret is the genuine sense of friendship and community that all the members feel on the website. You should not worry about plenty of fake accounts, trolls, or scammers. They will not hound you to spoil the overall experience. It is a user-friendly community that invites open-minded single people who are looking for fun.

You Will Like the Website Design and Excellent Usability

There is nothing to complain about the web design of SwingTowns. The colors fit each other and make a very positive impression. When you just started exploring the dating platform to write our SwingTowns Review, you noticed that individual members are displayed as “validated.” How can you obtain this user validation? In fact, you can get it only from another validated member. It increases the level of security and trust, which makes usability boosted. Thanks to this reporting and validation system, the website remains pure.

Where Can You Get the SwingTowns Mobile Application?

SwingTowns has a fully responsive mobile version. It means that you can access your dating profile and all features via your computer, smartphone, or tablet. Additionally, the website offers an official application for all Android devices. You can download the mobile app from the official Google Play Store.

What Issues Can Customer Support Solve?

Every registered member can get professional help by contacting the Customer Support Team. You can get help in the following cases:

  • Reporting frauds.
  • Canceling your subscription plan.
  • Money refund.
  • Feedback about the quality of the dating service.
  • Security issues.

Simple Signing-Up Process and Detailed Users’ Profiles

SwingTowns Review – Find Your Polyamour Love on The Dating Website

SwingTowns Review would not be valid if you did not do the signing up process. So, let’s see how you can register on the dating website. We want to prevent everyone who is not fond of long and detailed registration forms. If you belong to this category, SwingTowns is probably not the best choice for you. You have to be ready to answer a lot of personal questions to help the website find matching dates. However, there is no need to provide your confidential information, which is a big advantage. There are 16 required fields for you to describe your gender, age, country/city, and email. There is nothing difficult in the registration, but it is a time-consuming task.

Find Out How to Sign-Up to The Dating Site

SwingTowns has a simple registration process. Every new member has to provide a valid email and give detailed answers to general questions. As soon as you have done this, you are ready to start interacting with people. SwingTowns acts as any other online swinging website. You have to create your unique username and password. Also, there is a special section where you can reveal all your partner’s preferences. If you are not ready to commit your time to the SwingTowns website right now, you can still take advantage of their free membership. This option is ideal for testing the website, as we did in our SwingTowns Review. If you are sure that the site can satisfy your swinging needs, then you can start checking a premium membership option. What we like the most about SwingTowns is that you do not have to share your personal information.

Our Verdict for Profile Quality and Verification Procedure

SwingTowns Review – Find Your Polyamour Love on The Dating Website

If you want to stand out on SwingTowns, you have to create an interesting profile. This website has the option to create a video presentation. This feature helps a lot to separate yourself from the rest of the members with plain profiles. Every profile has the button to block annoying members. Use it every time when you do not want certain people to contact you anymore. There are so many members, and you have to be realistic. You can’t please everybody. You have your goals, so always stick to them.

Available Search Options for SwingTowns Registered Users

SwingTowns offers different search options. If you are a free member, you can use a basic search with filters. Only premium users can access more extended search tools. You can apply more specialized filters. For example, you can search for potential matches by their regions. It is an efficient way to identify people who live not far from you and is positive to meet in person.

How Do Matching/Chatting Tools Work on This Site?

SwingTowns Review – Find Your Polyamour Love on The Dating Website

When we did this SwingTowns Review, we found out that creating a detailed profile is worthwhile. You should provide other members with your specific sexual preferences and expectations. It will make the whole process of finding potential matches much easier. If you are sure to find the right match for chatting, you have to mention whether you are a single person/couple, which is interested in a swing. SwingTowns has a lot of couples who are dreaming of adding new colors in their polyamorous circle. If you want to find more matches, it is essential to upload your pictures to attract maximum attention. The website allows you to upload a set of images to form your own photo gallery. During our SwingTowns Review, we did the test and added around three dozen photos, and it worked smoothly. You will have to select the most beautiful image of yourself and set it as your main profile image. The rest of the images will appear as the post. All members who follow your updates will be able to view them.

Choose the Most Suitable Subscription Option

This section of our SwingTowns Review is devoted to its subscription options. Every member can purchase add-ons. It is not an obligation, so you can use the basic features, for example messaging, without these adds-ons. We have to mention that SwingTowns does not offer any free trial version.

Available Subscription Plans: Premium Membership

  • A one-month subscription plan will cost you ₴459.54
  • A three-months subscription plan will cost you ₴919.07
  • The Lifetime subscription plan will cost you ₴4571.03

SwingTowns accepts the following payment options: CCBILL: Card.

Note that the website does not offer Coin-based plans.

Any subscription plan you choose is recurring, which means that the payment is automatic. You can stop it any time.

Free Version: What Features Are Available?

SwingTowns Review – Find Your Polyamour Love on The Dating Website

As a free SwingTowns member, there are some things that you can do on the website. It is true that all free members are quite limited. If you know how to use free features smartly, you will have a positive experience and a lot of successful dates. If you are a free user, you have access to general searches. You are able to view profiles and photos. You have the right to add some photos of your own. However, you can’t initiate instant messaging communication with other users. Other people can contact you, but you can’t start the conversation first. Chat features are limited too. Unfortunately, you are not allowed to post on the SwingTowns Live Ads, as well as to share your contact information.

If you have the sensation that the free features offered by SwingTowns lack sufficiency, perhaps it is the right time to consider purchasing a premium subscription plan. As a paying member, you have the right to view profiles and interact with other members freely without any limitations. You will get access to the instant messaging tool, which will be fully functional. While doing our SwingTowns Review, we discovered that there are a lot of swingers who love interacting in video chats, as well as live cams. Premium membership grants you full access to these features. We encourage you to be active in taking part in SwingTowns events because it is the most efficient way to find potential swinging partners. As a premium member, you can add yourself to all the website’s events. By the way, if you feel confident enough, you can host parties and fun social events.

Pricing: Is the Website Affordable to Everyone?

SwingTowns is a dating platform, which you can join and explore for free. In our SwingTowns Review we did the test and discovered that the number of free services was severely limiting. Especially, it concerns communication with other users. That is why we recommend you to purchase a premium subscription plan. If you compare the price with other similar websites, it is quite affordable for everybody who is interested in this kind of dating service.

A one-month subscription plan will cost you 15.95 USD. If you want to save your money, you can choose a one-year subscription plan, which will cost you 5.75 USD per month.

Cancelling Policy on The Dating Website

SwingTowns Review – Find Your Polyamour Love on The Dating Website

Many users wonder whether it is allowed to cancel their premium subscription. It is important to check the cancellation policy before purchasing a premium membership. SwingTowns allows you to cancel it online.

As the dating website, you should not worry about canceling either your subscription or your account. If you want to delete your SwingTowns profile from the website, you can use two options. You can deactivate your profile. It will be hidden from all members. No one will see it in the search results. However, you are allowed to log in again and activate your profile. The second option is to close your account and your profile. Your profile will be deleted from the website’s database. If you decide to use its dating services again, you will have to create a new profile from the beginning. Avoid this option if you plan to use the website in the nearest future.

If you want to delete your account because of technical issues, you can always contact the Customer Support and ask for help. An assistant will provide all the needed information for you to have a better dating experience.

Are We Satisfied With Safety and Security Measures?

SwingTowns provides a basic level of privacy to its clients. All your private data is sent via the SSL connection, which makes it technically impossible for any third party to track your messages.

Is there any fake prevention mechanism? We have already mentioned that all new SwingTowns accounts are created without email verification. It is a big disadvantage of the dating website. You can deal with fake accounts, and we do not like this at all. We noticed that there is a pretty big number of scammers. The only positive thing is that all uploaded photos have to be verified by an admin before they become visible on the website. If you are suspicious that a particular member is a scammer, we recommend you to report immediately. The admins will do further investigation.

What is the level of privacy on the SwingTowns platform? Privacy is the top priority of the dating site. SwingTowns does not allow non-registered members to view profiles. Also, when you upload your private photo gallery, you can choose who will be allowed to view them. You can give/block access any time. Note that it is not allowed to mask your photos. Every registered user has the right to view all the details and photos in your profile.

How does SwingTowns protect its clients from frauds? We recommend you to remain vigilant while using SwingTowns dating services. As any user can create a new account without email verification, you can run into a lot of fake profiles.

Find Out the Best Alternatives and Competitors to SwingTowns

  • SwingerPassion
  • SwingLifeSyle
  • AdultFriendFinder
  • Kasidie
  • TrueSwingers

Final Thoughts About This Specific Dating Community

SwingTowns Review – Find Your Polyamour Love on The Dating Website

SwingTowns is the leading niche-based dating platform ever. This excellent and user-friendly platform was created in 2001. It is experienced enough, which is more than enough to build a wide user’s database. The company has succeeded to create a perfect online space for single people. You will surely find a new partner to have a lot of fun together. On SwingTowns, any sexual orientation is welcome. The website welcomes straight people, transsexuals, gays, lesbians, etc. You can do the registration process and begin interacting with interesting people immediately. The SwingTowns network functions as an unique online dating platform. It offers all registered members, both free and premium, general filtered search tools. It is very easy to find matches by their gender, age, or place of living. It’s very simple, and everybody is able to use the following dating tools. Even older members can use the website to have some fun and entertainment. As soon as you find a match in your area, you should not hesitate to invite this person to a private chat session. If you enjoy the first online contact, it is a good sign to invite a person for the first date in real life. The website shows excellent results in matching its members with shared interests. We hope that this SwingTowns Review vanished all your fears and doubts. Good luck!

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