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Three Day Rule Review 2024 – Legit or Scam?

Three Day Rule Review 2024 – Legit or Scam?
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Active Audience 62%
Quality Matches 45%
Popular Age 25-35
Profiles 1 650 000
Reply Rate 99%
Ease of Use 9.7
Popularity 6.3
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Flexible support system: The support system is functional, and users can inquire about anything with a prompt response from these guys.
  • High match ability: The websites match users with suitable people, and as such, you have availed the perfect partner that is similar to you.
  • The majority of members are serious about online dating, and it's not common to encounter fake profiles.
  • All matches are made by matchmakers affording you ample time to communicate instead of endlessly searching for a potential partner.
  • The prices for the paid subscription are cost-effective for the dating experience you will likely encounter once signed-in.
  • The website hasn't been innovated of late. Users have been provided with the same features for a while.
  • The site is not free, and to get the most out of the platform, you have to pay for a membership subscription plan.
  • There are instances of fake profiles though not common. Instances of fake profiles is a red flag for any dating connector.
  • The website does not protect users outside the platform. Meeting your suitable partner is up to you, and the site doesn't offer any assistance beyond matching users.

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The Three Day Rule dating site is not your ordinary love platform. By working with exceptionally talented matchmakers, the love connector affords a different approach to interested people seeking to join. But is the professional dating platform the right fit for you? To get to the bottom of this, you will need to do thorough research about different aspects of the site.

The good thing is that we have made a work of researching from different sources about the site. You can save your precious time and enjoy an already accomplished review of this channel. By the time you finish reading this review, you will have free insight into the functionality and other aspects related to the website.

From the sign-up, matching, and chatting to security matters, we will let you know everything there is to know about the Three Day Rule relationship site. Continue reading this review to get a better picture of this “love connector.”

Three Day Rule platform offers immense benefits, and although there are flaws concerning the site, this should not deter you from seeking its services. To understand more about the site, a detailed analysis of different aspects is paramount. Let’s take a look at other aspects concerning the platform.

How does Three Day Rule Work?

How does Three Day Rule Work?

According to the site, this dating company has partnered and works closely with Match.com to help people have a better dating experience. The company uses professional matchmakers to help you get the right matches. They do so by vetting potential matches to ensure you get the most suited dating partner.

All users are required to register for an account and then undertake a short quiz. The quiz is easy and takes less than five minutes to accomplish. The longer you continue using the website, the more information you will be required to avail. It is if you choose to become a premium member and have all matches provided for you.

Audience Analysis

The Three Day Rule dating is made for serious people seeking love and relationships that could lead to marriage. The website is free to register by all people regardless of their background. There are countless profiles of Black, White, Indian, or biracial members who are interested in getting the best dating experience. The majority of people in the platform are in the age group of 30-50 years.

This website accepts straight and heterosexual people seeking to get a suitable match. It has a huge presence in the US and operates in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and other major cities. People of all religions are free to sign-up, and they do not bias people in any way when registering.

Key Features

Three Day Rule Key Features

Users receive access to the website’s advanced features, which are suited for members with a paid-for subscription plan. They make users get the most out of the site with no limits whatsoever to what you can seek. Here are the key features we have found about this dating and matching channel.

  • Dating strategy services: This feature helps users get the best out of the website. It comes in the form of an hour coaching session conducted via Skype.
  • Guaranteed matches: After paying for a subscription, users are guaranteed to be matched with suitable matches. You will surely get a suitable partner by seeking for threedayrule.com services.
  • Professional photoshoot: The website has professional photo editors who ensure that only the best photos are uploaded on your profile.
  • Ability to meet your matchmaker: This improves your overall odds of getting successful with the website. By meeting your matchmaker, you get a one-on-one chance to reveal your interests.

Three Day Rule User-Friendliness

Three Day Rule User-Friendliness

One thing beneficial to people seeking to join the website is how it is easy to navigate through the platform. Registering and getting around the platform is made hassle-free for all people. If you get into trouble making the most out of the site, there is a support system that helps you tackle any obstacle.

The threedayrule.com website is friendly, and we have found not major concern regarding its usability. All functions are available on the site to help users have an easy time while seeking for different dating services.

Website Design & Usability

The website design is top-notch and straightforward for all members to get used to. Pink and black color elements have been used to create a beautiful website outlook. All features are defined in simple English, and a bold wording aspect makes it ideal for people with eye complications. The website has used clear and vivid photos of beautiful models who reveal the intentions of the website.

The site design is unmatched by other dating platforms, and we find it easy and no complicated to get used to the platform. Also, accessing all website features is possible through your phone browser. The design is compatible with most Android and iOS phone models.

Three Day Rule offers a hassle-free experience for people interested in joining. More so, all features are available on the official page to ease your dating activities. You can register through the official site comfortably and start your online dating hassle. Through the website, users can second their issues via a support system that is functional and flexible.

All in all, threedayrule.com is not a complicated platform and provides countless services for people interested in seeking for its goodies. You are guaranteed a smooth and hassle-free experience by seeking for the site’s features.

Three Day Rule Mobile Application

Three Day Rule Mobile Application

We have not come across the mobile app specific to this dating platform. Either they have not yet established one or are in the course of introducing it. Dating apps make it possible for users to get acquainted with the dating site’s feature by mobile means. If you come across the phone app that is specific to this website, please leave a comment after reading the review, and we will gladly appreciate it.

Customer Support

The platform has boasted of having one of the best online dating customer care system. Past and current users have confessed to having received the best support room these guys. The support system is flexible and can be used by users to seek advice when they encounter problems.

With a 24/7 availability and response time averaging 15 minutes, we can say it’s robust for members to use. You can reach this helpful tool by accessing it on the official page of the website.

Sign-Up Process and User Profile

Three Day Rule Sign-Up Process

To register is a simple and straightforward process that takes less than five minutes to complete. Users are provided with a registration form where they are required to fill basic info about themselves. Creating a personalized profile is not cumbersome, and the whole process takes a few minutes to finish.

To register and create your profile is made hassle-free, and through the website, everything is done free of charge. There are no costs involved with signing-up and creating a profile. Let’s take a look at how these processes are achieved.

How to Sign-Up

To sign-up, interested people are required to avail of basic info about themselves. It includes content like your name, city, and birthday. The whole process is made simple, and we have not encountered any troublesome issues. Everything is done through the website, and it takes a couple of minutes to complete the registration process.

Almost all information required to create your account is within your reach, and you only need to fill the blanks provided in the registration form. To register and become a free user of this site is simple and can be articulated without having to worry about giving private info. Private info is not requested when registering.

Profile quality and verification

Three Day Rule quality and verification

There is a dating strategy feature that provides users with priceless info about creating a personalized profile. Importantly, you will be required to avail clear and vivid photos that are made possible thanks to professional photo shooting experts hired by the website. A good description of yourself is crucial to let other people recognize your interest and needs.

The site has hired the best experts who check each registered account and profile manually for authenticity. Fake and scam profiles are not allowed in the platform and are terminated with immediate effect once noticed. It ensures that only real profiles feature in the search feature.

This website has afforded users the utmost dating experience by eliminating the verification of profiles. It’s all done by the website staff, providing you ample time to get matched with a serious dating partner.

Three Day Rule Rule Search

The search feature for this website allows users to search and seek different dating services provided. We have noticed that the feature is functional, and by a mere click of your mouse, all results are availed without delays. Users can key in for anything they seek from location, type of date, and the website will reveal all search results.

The search functions make it easy for users to get acquainted with the website goodies. All in all, we have found this feature helpful while navigating and seeking whatever you wish for in the platform.

Matching & Chatting

When ready to get matched, users are first introduced to other free members who fit their preferences and search criteria. Your matchmaker will make this by seeking for a suitable person from his or her contact network. Your matchmaker will first meet your suitable partner to ensure that they are the right fit for you.

Afterward, you will be provided with a photo and a description of your match. It is termed as an official match, even if you do not like the person you’ve been matched with. If you decide to accept the match, you will be provided with contact information of your suitable date. The rest is up to you in terms of communicating and scheduling for a date.

Subscription Options

Three Day Rule Options

To communicate and get real with your suitable mate comes at a cost. The website avails two membership plans for all people interested in seeking dating services. Below are the available membership plans for threedayrule.com.

Free Version

The free membership plan is open to all people who are interested in seeking dating services. This option is free for all members who are interested in being listed as potential matches. Free members are restricted from accessing advanced features that make online dating experience much real. Users are required to become premium members to get these services.

This option allows users to get all website features. There is no limit to what you can do with this dating connector. Members who opt to go for this plan can take a 3-month or 6-month membership plan. Either way, going for a paid membership plan is robust for people seeking to get the most out of the website.


Potential users can choose from these two subscription packages:

  • 3-6 matches guaranteed over three months for $5,000
  • 6-12 matches guaranteed over six months for $7,500

Both plans include a photoshoot with a professional photographer and two dating sessions to coach you on how to succeed.

Cancelling subscription

The website does not reveal any information about the cancelation of your subscription plan. If you want to terminate your paid for a membership plan, contact the website representatives. It’s free to communicate with the company’s representatives, and past reviews have shown they take less time to respond.


Three Day Rule Safety&Security

The site claims to offer the best protection for all members, whether they are free or premium. It experts check all new profiles manually to ensure that they are real. Any incidents involving fake and scam profiles are taken seriously and could lead to termination of the said profiles.

Also, users are matched with suitable partners who have been vetted by matchmakers. As such, you will be matched with people who have been investigated and validated to be safe.

The website advises users against revealing their private info because scammers can use it. To get more about the website’s safety, you can read the website’s safety and security policy to check measures undertaken to guarantee the safety of registered members. We have not encountered serious safety concerns, and we see it to be safe for all people.

Three Day Rule Alternatives and Competitors

There are similar searching and matching firms that people can access through the internet and get related services. Importantly it’s nice to recognize that there are a vast number of online sites that operate based on location. As such, it becomes paramount to investigate further how they operate to ensure that you get the best deal. The best example of a website that works like the Three Day Rule is eLove.com.


The Three Day Rule site has proved to be different from popular dating websites. The platform gives users the best service at the comfort of time. Almost everything is made simple for users to get used to. It is ideal for people seeking to get a suitable partner with the intention of finding love. Whether it’s the right fit for you or not is up to you to decide.

We hope we have provided you with essential info about threedayrule.com to help you make a sound decision. We recommend it for everyone interested in seeking love through online means! Give it a try.

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