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VGL Review Review 2024 — Real Gay Dating Site or Scam?

VGL Review Review 2024  — Real Gay Dating Site or Scam?
About Site
Active Audience 89%
Quality Matches 89%
Popular Age 23-24
Profiles 1 600 000
Reply Rate 90%
Ease of Use 7
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • It allows users to share unlimited photos with other guys all over the world.
  • Guys can search for other men in their nearby geographic location by use of the filter search option.
  • It has a free version available for download to anyone.
  • There are no banner ads on the platform.
  • It works for both short-term casual encounters and long-term relationships.
  • It is a user-friendly app for gay and bisexual men.
  • The app is not compatible with Android. This is a disadvantage to Android users who may want to download the app on their mobile phones.
  • The browser version is buggy.
  • Sometimes, uploading of photos takes much time than expected.
  • It costs users to get full features from the app.
  • Older gays are disadvantaged as this platform is limited to twinks and junks aged between 18-35 years old.

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Welcome to VGL’s review 2020. VGL is a legitimate gays’ dating site that is limited to the twinks and junks. In this review, we will discuss components of VGL, such as how it functions, registration process, search options, membership types, and many more. Follow this review to gain more insights into VGL’s legitimacy, the areas mentioned, and many more aspects.

VGL is a gay dating site where single gays meet fellow gays searching for hook-ups and dating. VGL is an acronym name for “Very Good Looking.”

There are over a million guys worldwide in their 20s and 30s on the site. Members rate each other based on their attractiveness and allow users to view others based on their rankings.

The hottest guys can be viewed from the “Hottest List” based on the rankings provided. The app utilizes filters and a matching algorithm that finds suitable matches for the individuals on the platform.

How Does VGL Really Work?

How Does VGL Really Work?

The site works by bringing together twinks and junks all over the globe to connect for either short casual encounters or long-term relationships.

The individuals using the platform rate each other based on their attractiveness, and the hottest guys are ranked and placed on the hottest profiles page on the homepage.

It matches members based on features that they believe would be interesting to them, such as the member’s search preference and location. It also allows users to use the filters on the site to search for their suitable matches based on their preferences.

Audience Analysis

The individuals on this site are over a million from all around the world, with constantly increasing numbers. The following descriptions can characterize the audience:

  • Age distribution: It is a must for an individual to have attained the age of 18 years or older to join VGL as it is an adult site. Most users are in their 20s and 30s, mainly aged between 18-35 years.
  • Gegraphical Location: This app is available for everyone in all geographical locations. The majority of the members, however, are from the United States and Canada.
  • Sexual Orientation: gay and bisexual men use VGL.
  • Gender: This site only belongs to males.
  • Ethnic backgrounds: All individuals from any background can join the platform. Having members from all over the globe, it gathers people from diverse ethnic backgrounds.

Key Features

Key Features
  • Browse and chat with the unlimited number of guys from diverse geographical locations.
  • Filter search feature: You can search for other dudes near your location by using geographical location as a search feature.
  • Follow others: You can follow numerous guys who you like and let others follow you as well. This helps you to stay connected to each other and get a better sense of your favorites before meeting with them.
  • Get notified: You can get notified on the latest updates like viewing the photos posted and the latest profiles updated.
  • Post and view an unlimited number of photos, both the private and public photos posted by the users.
  • Message alerts: This feature allows you to get notified on the arrival of new messages, giving you no chance of missing out on those who have inboxed you.
  • Hottest List: This is a unique feature for the site that showcases the hottest guys and keeps you posted on the rankings of the hottest guys worldwide. The hottest guys are listed daily to allow you to see the top guys whom you may want to meet.
  • Who is online: The app allows you to sort users according to those who are online at the moment that you are interested in.
  • Select and filter: This enables you to select and filter guys whom you would like to allow seeing you based on your own desires.
  • Advanced filtering: This is a premium feature that enables you to search for anything you would like based on your preferences. You can do this by clicking on the “filters” button and filter your results based on factors such as age, weight, location, and other physical attributes desired.
  • Customize your profile: You can customize your profile by using a unique name that others will always remember. This allows you to stay on top of the searches.
  • Create profiles with your best photos: You can pose at any angle, take pictures, and post them on your profile that you wouldn’t get a chance of posting anywhere else. This lets other dudes easily reach out to you.
  • No ads posted on the site. This makes it all fun as you use the site exclusively for connecting with other men with no distractions from the adverts.

Is VGL User Friendly?

Is VGL User Friendly?

The site is user-friendly with one of the best designs, but some features need to be upgraded to increase the effectiveness and provide a better experience to the customers. For example, the web browser version is still buggy and needs to be reviewed to ensure user-friendliness.

Additionally, the app needs to be made available for Android users to ensure that people who use Android devices can also have a chance to download the mobile app.

VGL Website Usability & Design

The website is easy to use and accessible for individuals to visit at any time. It has a well-designed interface that looks good with personalized profiles.

The only problem encountered by those using the web browser is that the site is buggy, making it less user-friendly.

VGL Mobile Application

The mobile application is currently available for mobile devices.

It is only available for download via App Store; there is no version for Android phones.

There was a time when the Android version was launched in 2013 but is currently inaccessible via Google Play.

Apart from the App Store, you can download the app via VGL’s website.

Customer Support

Customer Support

Yes. VGL has an active customer support department that performs various roles to ensure a smooth running of the app and customers’ satisfaction.

The customer support department receives and responds to customers’ feedback, queries, and any other concerns.

It also verifies profiles and moderates what is being posted. It also has the authority to ban accounts belonging to members who keep posting prohibited stuff such as nudes and other sexually suggestive content.

Sign-up Process and user Profile

The registration process to the platform is quick and straightforward.

Only a legitimate email is required to create an account and get started. It is a simple procedure that can be done within seconds.

Creating a profile is quick and straightforward, as you are required only to create a basic profile.

You need to access your account once you get started to personalize your profile.

Members are strictly prohibited from posting nudes and other sexually suggestive profiles.

Here’s How To Sign-up

Here's How To Sign-up

You need to register to use VGL’s platform in the following steps:

  • First, download the app on your App Store or use the web browser.
  • Secondly, open the app on your device and sign up by entering a valid email address.
  • Finally, get started.

Profile Details and Verification

VGL profile details are simple, unlike other complex profiles required by other dating platforms.

The details required include your VGL username, profile headline, age, weight, height, ethnicity, details of whom you are looking for, and other personal attributes.

You are allowed to post private, and public photos to your profile, but posting nudes and other sexually suggestive images are not allowed.

The profiles that are filled out entirely usually find more chats than the ones that not filled out fully. Consequently, more matches are obtained from filled profiles. You can have both public and private photos on your profile.

Like many dating sites, some people use fake profiles on VGL. With this regard, the app has a verification process using a feature that allows you to get verified by enabling others to see you if you are the real person shown in your account.

This, however, does not remove all the fake profiles on the site as there will be others that are still fake and will use all the possible means to keep their fake accounts.

There are people from the customer support who continuously review the posted photos. Those who post banned images repeatedly result in their accounts being banned.

Members are provided with the option of having their profiles verified—this is done by submitting verified IDs to the VGL’s customer support department. An alternative option requires members to submit their picture performing a test specified by the support department.

This test usually involves a member posing with VGL’s sign with the member’s user handle.

VGL Search Options

VGL Search Options

There are search options available on this site. You can filter your searches to find a guy based on your desired attributes. The app allows you to search by location, age, and other physical characteristics. You can also search based on those who are online.

Matching & Chatting

At VGL, you are matched using a matching algorithm based on suggestions believed to be interesting to you. It gives you the suggestions of other singles on the site. It also saves the members’ search preferences to enable members to locate their best matches easily.

You will be shown updates of those you’ve liked; their status, posts, and comments.

There is an interactive map that shows the members of the available matches within their locality. Further, the app gives tips and blogs to help those searching for their matches to improve their visibility and raise the number of matches reaching out to them through chats.

Private messaging is available for guys to chat with their favorites. You can access this by clicking on the “chat” button on a member’s profile page. If the person that you texted accepts your message request, they can reply, allowing you to proceed on a live text chat. You can view your messages by going to the “messages” button at the bottom of the site.

Types Of VGL Memberships

Types Of VGL Memberships

The members on the platform are limited to those aged 18-35 years who can choose to use the free membership or upgrade to paid membership depending on the features they would like to access.

Free Version

Free membership entails limited features whereby members who use free accounts can use it. The following is a list of the free services offered:

  • Register and create a profile.
  • Modify your profile.
  • Seek assistance from the customer support department.
  • Get profile identity verification.
  • View the rankings of other guys based on their level of attractiveness and profiles that are normally sorted in order from the highest rankings.
  • Utilize the messaging features though you are limited on the number of messages to send.
  • No banner ads.

The free membership can be upgraded to a paid membership to get extra features.

Paid Membership

Many features require payment from users to utilize. You can select any membership period that suits you to enjoy those features that include the following:

  • Chat with the selected hot guys by sending them unlimited messages.
  • View verified profiles only.
  • Post unlimited pictures on your profile.

VGL Subscriptions

The subscriptions for VGL membership are available for 30-day, 90-day, 180-day, and 365-day membership. You can select any depending on what you like. The pricing for each of the different subscription duration is as follows:

  • One month subscription at $9.99, payable monthly.
  • Three-Month subscription at $24.99, payable quarterly.
  • Six-month subscription at $39.99, payable half-yearly.
  • Twelve-month subscription at 59.99, payable yearly.

How To Cancel Your VGL Subscription

VGL subscription usually renews automatically after the end of the subscription period. To cancel the subscription, you need to go to the account settings in your device’s App Store and cancel the auto-renewal.

It is important to note that VGL does not refund money for the active subscriptions, as stated in the terms and conditions.

VGL Safety & Security Features

There are safety and security features that have been put in place for the site’s users to enjoy being on the platform without harm. Some of these measures include the following:

  • There are VGL’s privacy policies that have a part that outlines the safety and security measures on the site.
  • There are terms and conditions for using the platform to keep the members safe and secure.
  • The customer support department does profile and account verification to keep away from fraudsters.

VGL Competitors And Alternatives

VGL Competitors And Alternatives

As a dating site for gays, VGL faces competition from the alternative sites offering similar services. Currently, there are many such sites posing competition to each other. Some of the top competitors and alternatives that users can choose from depending on their preference are discussed below:

  • Grindr
  • Grindr is one of the most popular dating sites for gay, bi, trans, and queer individuals. It was the first location-based dating app worldwide—it has a quick free registration process with no email verification. Grindr boasts both free and paid membership, with a live chat exclusive for premium users.

    The app is user-friendly with a straightforward design available for download both for Android and iOS users.

  • Surge
  • Surge is a gay dating site that provides a safe dating platform for the gay, bisexual, and queer individuals to mingle and get hook-ups with a possibility of long-term relationships.

    It has a simple and one of the shortest registration process that requires email verification. It has both free and paid membership; free membership has limited usability.

    The app’s interface is eye-pleasing and easy to use. It is available for free download for both Android and iOS users.

  • Hornet
  • This is a dating platform that doesn’t consider itself a dating and hook-up site but also a platform for meaningful connections such as business networking, finding a job, and other opportunities.

    It has an easy registration process done via Google or Facebook account; an automatic username is provided, and no password is required.

    It has a mobile app with a user-friendly design that allows viewing of unlimited profiles with many features for free members. Paid membership offers extra services, such as checking those who visited your profile.

Final Conclusion

VGL is a suitable site for young gays who are seeking connections all over the world. It offers excellent interactions for members from a variety of backgrounds.

If you are an adult gay or a bisexual man searching for a dating site, we recommend this site or seek from any of the alternatives given. However, you should note that an Android mobile app is not currently available. Go give it a try!

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