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WildBuddies Review 2024 — Real Dating Site or Scam?

WildBuddies Review 2024  — Real Dating Site or Scam?
About Site
Active Audience 57%
Quality Matches 90%
Popular Age 22-23
Profiles 1 800 000
Reply Rate 88%
Ease of Use 7.3
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • It has a working phone application.
  • It has an excellent customer support team.
  • It is used worldwide.
  • Large audience.
  • Membership cost is on the high side when compared to other online dating platforms and apps. WildBuddies is quite pricey.
  • Its website is undeveloped.

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WildBuddies is quite legit and well-organized. It is an online dating platform that aims to connect various people from different ethnic groups within a few kilometers. This site optimizes numerous modern features and retains a classic backdrop to give a user a worthwhile dating experience. It has an awesome interface — white and orange, alleviating fears of it being any other cash and grab site. It has a straightforward sign-up process without verification of any sort.

This platform is created for thirsty and lonely lovers who do not want to stress themselves with an endless pursuit of love. WildBuddies is an avenue for you to find your very own wild buddy. It’s armed with a plethora of options that make the experience rewarding and easy to get addicted to. Blessed with a remarkable customer’s service team, positive app reviews on Google Play Store, and a cool interface, WildBuddies is quite a thrill.

How Does WildBuddies Work?

How Does WildBuddies Work?

Take time to search for the WildBuddies website on Google; following this, you will be redirected to the official website. You can get to the registration right away, providing a few things, such as your age, e-mail address, and password. No verification is required. After you are done, you can consider one of the subscription packages to chat with fellow users on this platform. Then, you can get matched and interact with other members relatively easily.

The Analysis of WildBuddies Audience

  • Geography
  • The platform is international as anyone in any country can use WildBuddies with no problem. You can even find a user that lives across the street or in the same area you are visiting on your next trip overseas. It does not discriminate or segregate from offering its services to specific countries. People from Africa, Asia, and Europe, even America, can enjoy the perks of being a wild buddy.

  • Gender
  • WildBuddies is not a gender-specific site as it is open to men, women, and anyone in between. It allows everyone to find love in a relaxed manner, as well as sex and anything that tickles their fancy. WildBuddies lets trans users to get involved in the fun — on the homepage, there is a dedicated box that can be ticked.

  • Sexual Orientation
  • It is open to all sexual orientations, as seen from the homepage. That is where the wild in WildBuddies comes from. Anyone here can have a great time with any user of his or her choice, be the person straight, gay, bi, or pansexual. WildBuddies does not discriminate; instead, they accumulate. It received tons of praise from the LGBTQ community members for its inclusiveness and breaking from the discriminatory norms.

  • Age
  • This platform welcomes all users above the age of 18. On the website homepage, a clear and obvious question is asked, “Are you 18?” WildBuddies loves newcomers; however, it has a strict no-minor policy. New users are thoroughly checked to ensure that children are not left scared as the site contains adult content. On finding out that a member falls foul of this strict age rule, he or she will be immediately excluded from the user base.

  • Ethnicity
  • WildBuddies is not ethnic-specific, unlike some prominent dating sites such as Latinomeetup, which is only available to Latin users. It hosts people from all climes, giving African visitors the same privileges as European ones. Asian users are eligible for the same benefits as Americans. WildBuddies simply has one rule: get wild and make some diverse buddies!

Key Features of WildBuddies

Key Features of WildBuddies

WildBuddies has a matching set that enables you to find partners with next to no effort. It gives you suggestions each hour on your timeline, as well as their locations and display pictures. It uses your real-time location and has an ultra-chilled chatting feature to text, flirt, and have fun. Its awesome customer support team communicates with users, checks up on them, and gives useful tips.

WildBuddies User-Friendliness

WildBuddies is user-friendly and quite interactive. It has an easy to understand website background that screams ‘I’m available and ready for some good loving’. The customer support team is incredible, super helpful, and very cordial indeed. WildBuddies uses features that have been described as a combination of Tinder, eDarling, and xCheaters. It aims to give members value for money, and it seems they are doing exactly that.

Website Design and Usability

It has well-organized widgets that make the website self-explanatory and very intuitive. Its chat room is clear and applicable, giving users a worthwhile texting experience reminiscent of the earlier Facebook days. Matching is effective as it produces correct results and offers users the right information 95% of the time. Your profile page is your gateway to finding your ideal partner, so make sure your it brings out your best qualities.

WildBuddies Mobile Application

WildBuddies Mobile Application

WildBuddies has a working mobile application that is available on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store for iPhone and Android users, respectively. It is reputed as one of the best dating programs out there with a ridiculously high rating. Moreover, it does have all the website functions and even more. This app is essential as it conforms with the new world practices.

Customer Support

WildBuddies’s customer support team is flexible and responsive. They are the real MVPs, having gained praises and numerous accolades for their prime and proper service to the community. WildBuddies assigns a website assistant to each member who guides through all the functions, and it is free to text them even without subscribing. This is cordial and quite functional (kindly note that there is a no refund policy.)

Sign-Up Process and User Profile

It is quite basic and easy to do: fill in your requirements, which will help in finding a match. Specify your e-mail address, username, and intended password. You also should indicate your age and what gender you are interested in. The user profile is basic, straightforward, and up to the task. This is your gateway to the good books of fellow users, so ensure that all the information is accurate and proper.

How to Sign-Up at WildBuddies?

How to Sign-Up at WildBuddies?

You sign up after you might have been redirected from Google or a friend referral link. Proceed with filling in the necessary details like age, username, e-mail address, and password. Following this, you will be directed to your user profile section, and after that — to subscribe. Kindly note, you cannot enjoy chatting privileges on WildBuddies without membership. Now you are online!

Profile Quality and Verification

The profile quality is basic and quite easy to grasp. The better your page is, the easier it is to find matches, so do not hesitate to make it as sexy as you are. Exaggeration is not a sin, but downplaying your looks is a felony. WildBuddies has no verification process, so once you’re in, you are good to go.

This can be done on the widget section up on the screen, which looks very much like a microscope. Then, get to the filters to describe your dream girl or guy. Part of the selling points of this feature is the fact that it is generated by a sophisticated series of algorithms based on the questionnaire you earlier filled during the registration. It optimizes results and makes for a better search process as compared to rival online dating platforms and applications. Due care and skill are required here as WildBuddies usually gives users such a plethora of options that they struggle to keep count of the awesome results that pop up after a random filter generated search.

Matching and Chatting

Matching and Chatting

The site allows the matching procedure. It is one of the selling points of WildBuddies as even without subscribing initially, it suggests a variety of partners who fit one’s earlier stated preferences and specifications. You can easily chat with members that are brought to your WildBuddies timeline; however, ensure that you subscribe as only then you will enjoy the full experience.

Subscription Options

You can either be a free or paid subscriber. Free users can log in, update their profiles, put up a bunch of pictures, and also feast their eyes on the beautiful men and women, but that is where it ends. However, paid subscribers can go a step further as they can chat, chill, flirt, and have fun with relative ease. They are also open to a plethora of perks that free users cannot claim to have the right to. Subscription is a given as the website frequently sends messages to your e-mail address and the chat feature too. This is to remind WildBuddies users about the necessity involved.

Free Version

As a free Wild Buddy, you can check out other users, especially those randomly matched with you. You can also update your page as well as chat up the website assistant assigned to you by WildBuddies. Free membership is sadly quite limited as they are the clear and obvious second-class citizens on this platform. Thinking of enjoying this website as a free user? Well, think again.

Paid members or subscribers are the number-one citizens of WildBuddies. They can chat, text, and flirt with the rest of the community. They can also make advanced searches as well as having the chance to be frequently viewed. The subscription holders are also granted nice perks and offers every once in a while to encourage their kind.

Pricing Variations at WildBuddies

Pricing Variations at WildBuddies

WildBuddies pricing is as follows:

  • Three-day trial — $0.75 per day
  • One-month membership — $0.42 per day
  • Three months membership — $0.27 per day
  • Six months membership — $0.22 per day
  • (As at the end of April 2020)

Cancelling WildBuddies Subscription

To cancel your paid subscription on WildBuddies, all you have to do is message the customer support team. Click on the Contact Us button, which can be located under your profile. On doing this, submit the necessary details like your username, e-mail address, the reason for unsubscribing, as well as the subscription plan you are currently on. Be careful what you wish for and do as this procedure is non-refundable. WildBuddies operates under the strict no-refund policy.

Safety and Security

WildBuddies is sadly not that safe, as is quite apparent from the first page. There is no given verification mode or process, and tons of catfish accounts were noticed here. Be careful and avoid giving out your login credentials. Stay safe and protected. It is only you as a user who can ensure your overall safety on WildBuddies.

WildBuddies Alternatives and Competitors

WildBuddies Alternatives and Competitors

WildBuddies is a limit pusher and one of the best in the online dating industry; however, it has some quality alternatives:

  • Biker Planet
  • A biker-centric site that caters for the needs of the ripped, bearded and heavily tattooed. It is notable for its clear interface and unwavering focus on giving bikers a chance to find true love. Much loved and rarely loathed. This platform aims at providing users with a meaningful, loving relationship. Sadly, there is no affiliated mobile application.

  • eDarling
  • The German division of the eHarmony chain of online dating platforms. It has everything, gives its members value for money, and never leaves them with a sour taste. Sadly, this website has no mobile application, and it is mainly for Germans, without paying attention to the needs of other ethnicities.



WildBuddies does not strive for the long-term and committed relationships as it is focused on giving website users a fun-filled hookup experience. It utilizes new age dating protocols and boasts ultra-modern and impressive features that give even the older users that chilled vibe of being part of something fresh. A few questions are yet to be answered on its safety and security, though. It has a phone application that is arguably better than the website. All in all, we recommend you try WildBuddies for yourself and see whether you like it or not. It’s the best way to rate this platform!

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