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FCN Chat Review 2024 — Real Dating Site or Scam?

FCN Chat Review 2024  — Real Dating Site or Scam?
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Active Audience 68%
Quality Matches 87%
Popular Age 24-28
Profiles 2 000 000
Reply Rate 79%
Ease of Use 6.3
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Live chats: Through the use of the webcam, you can have live chats on the selected rooms available on this chat platform. These live conversations can be made either on messages, audio, or video content.
  • Mobile chat: this website has a free forum available to both Android and iPhone mobile users. This makes it usable anytime, anywhere, through smartphones or tablets.
  • Instant Messaging: this is a messaging feature where people can use it for free to contact other users in the room. This instant messaging feature is open to all members.
  • Several forums: this online forum has different rooms for different groups of people. There are adult rooms, gay rooms, sex rooms, lesbian rooms, among others. You just need to choose and join your forum room as per your likes and preference.
  • Easy Registration process: the registration process on this platform is easy and very fast. Users can choose to join in as guests, whereby they provide limited information, or as users who have to undergo the registration process.
  • Free of charge: Registration process and the use of this website cost nothing. Members can access all features of this site free of charge.
  • This is not a dating website, but just a forum where members can meet and share ideas—not recommended for people looking for dates or serious relationships.
  • No Mobile application: There is no fully functional mobile application for this website. Users have to use mobile browsers to access these forums.
  • Username and Photos: most people of this site are using anonymous accounts. One does not know the kind of people they are chatting with.

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Follow this review to get to know the features of this website, including pros and cons, user interface, key features, usability, among others. This will guide you in knowing if it is still the best site to use in finding a perfect match.

FCN, also known as Free Chat Now, is an online dating site for individuals who would like to get into conversations with other users through messaging, audio conversations, and through live videos via the webcam. This dating site is used mostly by people who are looking for other members to talk with or share ideas. These ideas might include relationships, love, and sex. Users can also share X-rated photos and videos as they give insights on topics related to sex and relationships.

Launched in 1998, this dating site has connected global users who are available on various rooms and forums available on this site.

It is a forum and a chatting site, not for short term dates or flirts, but for members who are looking for romantic sexual conversations. If you are looking for mature dates and serious relationships, then this is not your ideal website.

Members here meet on these rooms to share ideas, flirt and show to each other their erotic photos and films. Once in a while, users can create a conversation and agree to meet for a steamy sexual encounter.

This online adult platform provides a free forum to its users, and the use of the website does not require individuals to create their profiles. One can start an instant conversation with other people of the room by just login in using a guest account.

These conversation rooms are always free.

How It Works and More

FCN Chat Review –What You Need To Know(Hint: It’s Legit)

Well, unlike other online dating websites, FCN Chat works in conversations. Just like its name. It allows users to access several forums for free and join the conversation. Members can choose the best conversation room to participate according to the available options.

These chat rooms include the following.

  • Adults
  • Singles
  • Gays
  • Roleplays
  • Sex
  • Lesbians
  • Cams
  • Videos
  • Mobiles

One can join a forum and follow conversations through messages, audio, and also through the webcam. Members can either type or speak the messages they would want to pass to others.

Let’s Discuss Audience Details

This online chat room site has different types of audiences which can be grouped into the below segments:

  • Geographical: This online forum has members who come from all over the world. Different countries have members who have registered to use this site. Either as full members or as guest accounts.
  • Gender: this online service accepts all genders. It includes the male, female, and the transgender group of people.
  • Sexual Orientation: The website accepts all the sexual orientations. It has different chat rooms for each sexual orientation. On this site, you can find adult rooms, lesbian rooms, gay rooms, and roleplay rooms.
  • Age: users who use this dating site are all adults who have attained the minimum age of 18 years. You can find teenagers, the youth, and mature old adults. However, the majority of the users are youth, who range between 18 to 40 years of age. Anyone below 18 years of age is not allowed to use this chat forum.
  • Ethnicity: this platform has different types of ethnic groups. You can find the Arabs, black Americans, Arabs, Africans, Indians, Chinese, among other ethnic groups.

Essential FCN Website Features

FCN Chat Review –What You Need To Know(Hint: It’s Legit)

The main feature of this website is the chat rooms. There are different types of rooms designed for specific groups of people who use this website. These forum rooms include:

  • Adult rooms: This room is meant for adults. In this room, you will only find mature adults sharing their dating and sexual life experiences.
  • Singles: these are chat rooms for the singles. Members who are yet to marry or get their partners. In this room, members can hook up and find their preferred partners if they match and can agree to meet for a date.
  • Gay: These are rooms reserved for the gay community. Members in this room are gay, who meet and share their life experiences and other sexual gay fantasies.
  • Role-play: This room is only for members who have attained 18 years and above. It is a room whereby members discuss all the sex styles, meet, and have that sex.
  • Sex: This is a room where users share their sexual pleasures. In this sex room, you can find different sex topics, whether by men or women. Users of this chat always share explicit sexual content.
  • Lesbian: these are rooms reserved for the lesbians. It is used by women who would like to chat with other women for their sexual pleasures.
  • Cam: These are forums where members can find people to watch, or other members can watch them through the webcams.
  • Video: In these conversation rooms, members can watch other users’ videos, or share their videos to be viewed by other people who use this site.
  • Mobile: It boasts features that can only be used via mobile phone browsers. However, members have been cautioned never to share their mobile numbers via these chats.

How User Friendly Is FCN Chat?

The ergonomics of ECN Chat has undoubtedly improved over the years with regular updates. We appreciated the ease of navigation and the ability to find profiles quickly, but let’s see more.

FCNChat Website Usability and Design Details

This website is straightforward to use.

The registration process is straightforward and fast. You are only required to choose your forum, key in your username, gender, and date of birth, and then join the conversation room.

There are no complicated features, no creating of the profile, no matching. Just join the forum and enjoy the fun.

Is There an FCN Chat Mobile App?

FCN has a dedicated, mobile forum for Smartphone users. These mobile conversations are available for android and iPhone users, free of charge. Members do not pay anything to use these mobile conversations.

This mobile chat gives users all the benefits of the website, including conversations, features, and also the login page.

To use these mobile conversations, you do not need to download any mobile applications, plugins, or any other software.

Users just require mobile browsers to access this mobile chat feature.

Customer Support—It’s Reliable!

FCN Chat Review –What You Need To Know(Hint: It’s Legit)

FCN chat has dedicated customer care, which tries to solve the users’ queries about the features and use of these free rooms.

It has a dedicated FAQ platform that answers questions about the website, forums, and also the rooms.To get to the customer care, you are required to fill a contact form with details which include: Email Address, subject, and the intended message. We received an answer within two hours!

FCN Chat Registration& User Profile Details

The registration process on this chatting site is straightforward and straight to the point. It takes less than a minute to complete the registration process.

This site can be used in three different ways:

  • As a guest: it requires users to create their username, gender, and date of birth before being allowed to use the site as a guest.
  • Login to the account: this requires users who already have accounts on this chat website. They are required to provide only their username and password used while creating the account.
  • Create an Account: this is where the new members create an account to use on this chat platform.

Here’s How to Sign-Up as a Member

The sign-up process is straightforward and straight to the point. During the registration process, minimal information is required, which include:

  • Name: this is the username that you will be using on the chat rooms. Any username is accepted. Usernames cannot be changed while using the conversation rooms.
  • Email Address: you are required to provide a valid email address. The site does not accept disposal email address while registering an account.
  • Password: you are required to create a unique, easy to remember the password to secure your account. It needs to be confirmed twice during the registration process.
  • Gender: you have to include your gender: You can specify your gender as male, female, or unspecified – especially for transgender individuals.
  • Date of Birth: this shows your age publicly on forum rooms. The date of birth is only done once and cannot be changed later.

Once done with the above information, you are required to accept the terms of use before being allowed to sign up.

A verification link is always sent after, through the email address used for registration.

Profile Quality? What About Verification?

FCN Chat Review –What You Need To Know(Hint: It’s Legit)

You don’t need to create another profile after the registration process. Once done with the sign-up process and account verification, you will become a member. Other information you can add to this profile include:

  • Status Message: You can update your current status in this section.
  • Avatar: this section requires members to upload their profile pictures. Users are not recommended to use their real photos.
  • Location: you can include your location in this section. This includes your town or country of residence.
  • Homepage: You can give an introductory statement about your profile.
  • About you: you can provide a short description about yourself, your likes and the general information sharable to the public.

The verification link is always sent to the email address which was used to register the account. Users are required to click on the link, to confirm and approve their accounts.

FCN Chat Search Explained

The only search available on this website is to find the conversation forums.

You can search for conversations on this forum by use of:

  • Keywords
  • The member who posted them
  • stay on the forum (Age)
  • Type of the forum

Chatting & Matching—How Do They Work?

Being a chat forum, there are no matching features associated with this online site.

Members-only login to read, listen, and view what others have posted. They can also post their content to other members and interact with them through the various forums included in this website.

However, you can click on a user’s profile and post a message to their profile posts. Once they reply to the message, you can then create a conversation.

You can also ignore a user, report, or comment on a member’s profile on this forum. Once you follow a member, you will be able to see their future posts and comments in real-time, at your homepage.

Membership Options

FCN Chat Review –What You Need To Know(Hint: It’s Legit)

This forum website has two types of memberships. All for free.

  • Guest membership: Without an account, you can log in and use this site for free. You are only required to key in your username, email address, and age. To be a long time user, you are required to create an account.
  • User Membership: you are required to create an account to become a full user of this online adult forum.


All the features available on this forum are free of charge. Members do not pay anything to get access to these rooms.

Once you login to this account, you can view other user’s views, share your opinions, and also read feedback from other members. All this is done without making any form of payments.

This online forum has no paid membership. Members always use this site for free. You do not pay to use any of the chat rooms.


Pricing does not apply to this online forum. Just log in and join other members for a conversation.

Canceling Your FCN Chat Subscription—How To Do It

Since no payments are being made to this website, there are no cancellation procedures for subscriptions. Members-only delete their accounts after they feel they are not interested anymore in using this chat forum.

Deleting an account is easy: you just click on delete account, under your profile.

After removing the account, you can only recover it for the next 24 hours. After that, it will forever be deleted.

FCN Chat Safety & Security Measures

The site has a detailed privacy policy that commits itself to protect the rights of its users and that of their data.

The Privacy Policy states:

  • The kind of data collected and how the website manages it.
  • How data is stored and used.
  • The kind of data shared with other third parties.
  • The choice members have on their data stored by the website.
  • How users can access and correct information on the site.
  • How the company protects individuals’ personal information.
  • Do not track policy – explained.
  • Changes to this privacy policy
  • etc.

On serious incidents, users are required to fill the Chat Incident report form. These incidents may include: postings of illegal content on forum rooms, misuse of copyrighted materials, credible threats concerning a person, etc. these Chat incident report form has to be filled with the below details:

  • Username of the reporter.
  • Reporter’s first and last name.
  • Reporter email address
  • Reporters address Street, city, residence, country, postal address, and phone number.
  • Reporters date of birth
  • Offenders details
  • A chat room where this incident happened, date, time, and summary of the event.

FCN Chat Competitors and Alternatives

FCN Chat Review –What You Need To Know(Hint: It’s Legit)

There are a bunch of notable websites that are good contenders and are worth mentioning here. Let’s see them!

  • Chat Avenue
  • DelphiForums
  • Just Chat
  • VP Chat
  • Teen Chat


This review has concentrated a lot on the Free Chat Network. Members on this site have all the freedom to share experiences with other members for free. Remember that this is a conversation forum, not a dating site.

For members who are seeking to find serious partners on online dating sites, they can look for alternatives sites available online. This website is just meant for fun and to enjoy chats with other members. Not recommended for serious dating and for persons looking for long term relationships.

The great thing about this site—members can acquiremuch information concerning sex life by joining different chat rooms available. It is an ideal website for keeping people busy through message chats, audio, and video conversations. All in all, we recommend FCN Chat!

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