vs Scruff – Are They Really that Similar?
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Grindr vs Scruff – Are They Really that Similar?

Grindr vs Scruff – Are They Really that Similar?

Finding your soulmate depends a lot on the dating platform you choose. There is a wide range of apps available out there for the LGBT community, but it seems like the apps offer more or less similar services and features when deciding the best one. But, the truth is the minor differences can certainly bring changes to your dating experience.

If you are new to the LGBT dating community, you might have searched several apps and surely have felt overwhelmed with the variety of apps. Grindr and Scruff’s use has increased since platforms like Bumble or Tinder don’t focus on what the LGBT community needs. Both the apps Grindr vs. Scruff, are specifically designed for the LGBT community and provide a good experience. However, it is important to know which one is designed for you.

Grindr is a 12 years old app, and Scruff is about 11 years old. Not a lot of difference! Talking about Grindr, it is a social networking app for gay, trans, bi, and queer people. Grindr is connected with Facebook. You can either register yourself from an email address or Facebook. As per reviews, Grindr is a helpful tool for hookups and finding friends and travel partners.

Scruff is a polished version of Grindr. It is pretty similar to Grindr. Scruff is a top-rated LGBTQ app for travel, dating, and social networking. Scruff is connected to Facebook; just like Grindr, you can log in to Scruff using Facebook. People find this way easier for logging in.

Dive into the article to find out more about Grindr vs. Scruff comparison.

Functional Differences: Grindr Features Vs. Scruff Features

Grindr and Scruff both majorly attract audiences who are specifically looking for an MSM relationship. So, its features are also designed for LGBTQ people. Scruff is used more by mature gay individuals with a small portion of transgender members. Scruff includes a more filtered target audience. On the other hand, Grindr’s target audience is faster because it is used majorly by gay, transgender, bisexual, and other community members.

Features of Grindr

To decide whether Grindr or Scruff is better for you, let’s dive into the major features of Grindr :

  • Location: Grindr app displays a list of profiles that are nearby your present location. The grid will automatically update the new profile list, depending on your site. You can see on every profile how far the user. It is important to note that it only works if they have enabled the feature of distance sharing.
  • Interest: For showing interest in the profile, you can directly send them a private message or tap the profile.
  • Media options: Grindr supports sharing photos, voice messages, short videos, and location. It doesn’t provide the opportunity for text or stickers.
  • Saving profiles: you can keep the profiles whichever you like by adding them as “favorites” and send messages to them later.
  • Multiple details: Based on various parameters, including height, weight, age, tribes, preferences, etc., Grindr allows the user to post multiple pictures on their profiles and fill in long details about them.
  • Searching with filters: Grindr App allows you to explore with filters like you can add your preferences (location, age, etc.) and then search. It helps you in making a perfect match.
  • Blocking option: To block Grindr, you can tap on the user’s profile and stop them in the upper right corner. The user will disappear from your profile, and the chat history between you two will also be erased.
  • Report: If you want to report a Grindr profile, you have to fill in the reason for reporting.
  • Group chats: Grindr allows you to chat in groups.

Features of Scruff:

  • Location: Similar to Grindr, it shows the list of profiles near your present location.
  • Interest: To show interest, you can send a simple “Woof” to the user or even send a direct message.
  • Media options: Just like Grindr, Scruff allows you to send videos, photos, location, etc.
  • Private photos: Scruff allows you to post personal pictures on the profile and unlock them for the individuals of your choice.
  • Scruff Match: It displays the deck of curated profile users filtered for your interest, which you can swipe right or left. They can also opt for the “Ask Later” option and save the profile on their deck.
  • Additional features: Scruff has features like Scruff events (for local LGBT events), scruff ventures (for gay travel community) hosting, and more.
  • Differences between Grindr vs. Scruff
  • Grindr has a wide variety of users, including individuals of all kinds. However, certain “tribes” of people use Scruff mostly.
  • Grindr doesn’t have features like curated matches, which is present in Scruff.
  • Unlike Grind, Scruff allows you to create local events and find travel partners.
  • Grind’s private messaging feature is a little better than Scruff. It provides more options to communicate.
  • On Scruff, you cannot back up your chats on Google Drive, but this feature is available on Grindr.
  • The pricing premium plan of Scruff is a lot cheaper than Grindr.
  • Scruff’s user interface is a bit better and more efficient than Grindr.

Biggest Advantages of Grindr Vs. Scruff

Grindr Scruff
  • Biggest dating app
  • Soft stalking
  • Easy to use
  • Numerous filters
  • Ego boost
  • Hookups
  • Free
  • Sleek and easy to use
  • Curated profiles
  • Spaces for travel and events
  • Useful forums and blogs
  • Artificial intelligence in matchmaking
  • Users data saved in the iCloud
  • Free

Biggest Drawbacks

Grindr Scruff
  • Messaging feature lags
  • Too many ads for a free version
  • Fewer users as compared to Grindr
  • Only targeted to gay men
  • Too many ads for a free version
  • Useful features available only for paid members

Interface Differences: Which Is More User-Friendly?

Designs and Overall Aesthetics

Grindr and Scruff are both known for their smooth interface and usability. The designs of both sites are made in a way that does not irritate the eye. As per reviews, users prefer Scruff’s user interface. Scruff has a modern layout. The colors and designs have more mild forms to the eyes and provide a feeling of comfort. Even though Grindr is loved by many because of its excellent interface, several users find the desktop version’s colors boring. The mobile app of Scruff is attractive as compared to Grindr’s mobile version. Hence, if we choose between Grindr or Scruff regarding their interface and design, we will give a thumbs up to Scruff. Scruff has better overall aesthetics. Based on the reviews, Scruff is more user-friendly, as it gives the options of curated profile and events alert. However, one major drawback of Scruff is all the valuable features are only available for paid users. In this regard, Grindr also has Grindr XTRA, which is the premium version of the Grindr app. You will be able to access all of the features you want from a refined and expanded version of the app.


Availability Grindr Scruff
iOS Yes Yes
Android Yes Yes
PC/Desktop version Yes Yes

Both Grindr and Scruff are available on iOS, Android, and PC. You can easily download the mobile app from Google Play Store or Apple Store, whichever device you want to use. Both of the apps are perfect on the phone. Both Grindr and Scruff provide a great user experience.

Demography and Popularity of Grindr vs. Scruff

Grindr vs. Scruff both the apps have been used massively among men who desire to meet men. In the past decade, Grindr and Scruff apps have gained a lot of attention. For the LGBTQ community, the Grindr app has become the most public and prominent app. According to the latest demographic, Grindr has over 3.5 million users worldwide, of which 1.4 million were from the US. Grindr now is known more as a hookup app. Grindr has the highest user engagement out of all current dating apps. It gives complete functionality for free users. According to research, 228 million messages and 20 million photos are sent every day. Live chat on Grindr is exclusive for premium subscribers. The total number of members of Grindr around the globe is 27,000,000. The total number of active members of Grindr is 3.3 million. An average user of Grindr spends 54 minutes on the app. Weekly active members of Grindr are 500,000. 25% of the Grindr users are from the US. Members of 190 countries are active on Grindr, having different nationalities. The age group of Grindr’s users is between 25 to 34 years old. Grindr is frequently used in the United States, having 6,585,000 members, in the United Kingdom having 1,819,000 members. In Australia, having 650,000 members, in New Zealand having 124,000 members, in Singapore having 162,000 members, Hong Kong has 191,000 members.

Scruff is considered a reliable and safe app for gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer people. Scruff has many active members looking for hookups or even friendships. In 2014, Scruff won the best dating app in New York City. The current members of this app are more than 12 million globally. The members of Scruff have a variety of interests. The members from the USA of Scruff are 3,600 000. All of the users are from the LGBT community. The total weekly active users of Scruff are 800,000. Some members of Scruff are travelers as well. The age group mainly using Scruff is between the ages of 25 to 34. The gender proportion of Scruff is 10% females and 90% males.

Profile Details and Settings

Signing up process

The signing up procedure of both the apps Grindr vs. Scruff is easy and takes just a few minutes. For registration, you have to provide your email address or Facebook account. You also need to provide your birthday, age, gender for completing the signup process. Allowing the location will help you in finding the matches.

Profile Details

For both Grindr and Scruff, you can add as much information as you want in your profile. You can add a short description of yourself by adding existing data, including Display Name and About Me. Add your height, age, weight, body type, relationship status, ethnicity, tribes, etc. Also “I’m Looking For” option is for your sexual preferences. Tribes include Daddy, Geek, Jock, Otter, etc. There is a sexual health option on Grindr; make sure to select the right one. On Grindr, you can link your social media accounts easily. All of the information is editable on both apps.

Searching and Matching

Making contact on both apps is not that difficult. On Scruff, you can send a “Woof” it is the Scruff way of saying Hello.” On Grindr, there are two ways for connecting: Taps and messages. Taps include those who are interested in you for different reasons: Friendly, Looking, and Hot. The emoticons are available, which you send to show interest to the other member. For example, sending a Hot to someone you think is hot. On Scruff, different modes of communication are accessible: text message, GIF, Snapshot of location.

Chances to Find Serious Relationship and Casual Hookups

The chances of finding a serious relationship depend on the person you are interested in. Grindr is an app with 27 million users, and most of them are looking for sex. If you are Gay and Horny, your thirst can be quenched here. Gay social groups have major chances for finding a serious relationship. Other than that, Scruff and Grindr both have increased chances of Hookups. It is dependent on what sort of a relationship you are looking for. Casual or Serious.

User Safety and Fake Profiles

Most of the accounts of Scruff are real. The fake accounts are mostly created on Grindr. If you think a profile is fake, there is always an option to block and report. Grindr and Scruff, both apps are highly protected. Both of the apps have a verification process. You can verify your account by giving your phone number or email address.

Pricing and Upgrades

Here is the price comparison of the premium subscriptions of Grindr vs. Scruff:

Period Grindr Scruff
One Month 13.00 USD 14.99 USD
Three Months 28.20 USD 39.99 USD
Twelve Months 62.40 USD 119.99 USD

Free Version: Features Available

Free services provided by Grindr and Scruff are:

Grindr Scruff
  • Profile creating
  • View up to 100 matches
  • Basic filters
  • Send and receive messages
  • Select one tribe
  • Explore profiles
  • Create group chats
  • Using the site without an account
  • Profile creation
  • Browsing profiles
  • Sending, receiving, and reading messages
  • Responsiveness insights

Paid Services Provided by Grindr and Scruff:

Grindr Scruff
  • Ad-free experience
  • Push notifications
  • View up to 600 matches
  • Online-only view
  • Select 3 tribes
  • Unlimited block and favorites
  • Save and send chat phrases
  • No ads
  • Up to 1000 guys nearby
  • Unlimited private album sharing
  • Advance grid sorting
  • Browse anonymously
  • Unlimited searches and filters

Final Verdict: The Best one Is …

After reading this complete comparison of Grindr vs. Scruff, you would be able to pick the suitable app for you. If you want to use something specific and look for a better user interface, you should go for Scruff. It helps you find not only dating partners, friends, and travel partners as well. So, Scruff is a complete package for you. On the other hand, if you want to meet a lot of people and play an active role, then Grindr is the right choice for you. Grindr certainly gives you the best love-making features. Which app is the winner according to your verdict? Let us know!

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