Is a Strong Contender: Jack’d or Grindr?
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Who Is a Strong Contender: Jack’d or Grindr?

Who Is a Strong Contender: Jack’d or Grindr?

Are you thinking of giving up on your never-ending hunt for your homosexual partner? Or are you aghast scrutinizing fake profiles on dating apps? Well, you probably haven’t transcended the boundaries to explore two of the best dating apps. We bring a pellucid comparison so that you can choose your perfect date partner with full discretion and freedom.

The First Impression

Jack’d: People spanning across 2000 cities in 180 countries are interested and eager for casual dates, long-term relationships, and a lot more stuff! Diversified and blooming with the energy of QPOC, Jack’d is an independent, LGBTQ+ owned and operated company.

Grindr: Bringing you a step closer to the undiscovered queer world around you, this beguiling app has grown ever since its launch in 2009. The overwhelming response from millions of daily users makes it one of the popular choices among the LGBTQ community.

Functional Differences: Jack’d Vs. Grindr

Jack’d allow you to chat and view up to 5 profiles through the unpaid plan. You can also see the anonymous people who viewed your profile. Other intrusive features are video sharing, swiping feature, 24/7 support, etc.

Grindr offers a whopping user base with genuine profiles and built-in location features. However, when it comes to popping ads, Grindr disappoints users.


  • Swipe Feature: Its quirky left and right-swiping feature is just the perfect feature for the new generation.
  • Viewers: You can see who viewed your profile without any paid subscription or in-app purchases.
  • Video-Sharing: You can share unlimited videos and photos over messages.
  • Spam protection: With its spam protection feature, it displays fewer ads and allows you to enjoy them uninterruptedly.
  • 24/7 support: There’s a community support team available 24/7 for any queries or doubts, or interface problems.
  • Profiles: You can save the profiles of the people you are interested in to look at later on. You know, just in case!
  • Easy Process: It’s signing up, and the registration process is super day.
  • In-Built Location Feature: This feature allows you to customize the matches according to your location.
  • Whopping user base: The enormous user rate of 4.5 million members per day is highly appreciable.
  • Quality of members: Users’ profiles are scrutinized for fake accounts; thus, you’ll meet genuine people here.


  • Clumsy design: App’s clumsy design of send buttons causes inconvenience in using.
  • Limitations: The app poses some constraints for non-paying members, like deleting pictures after sending.
  • Too many ads: Users complain of too many ads in the app. It makes mingling less interesting and chaotic.
  • In-app glitches: Many times, users have faced restrictions while creating a profile.
  • Crashing: The latest version of the app has registered many complaints of crashing. It is something Jack’d fix.
  • Fake profiles: Hindrances like bots and fake profiles are a common nuisance here.
  • Interrupting ads: Users have complained of pouncing very irritating ads.
  • Unexplained bans: It bans the accounts of users for unspecified reasons. No reports or proofs are produced before the users.
  • Limited features: It has limited features when compared with other gay dating apps.
  • No email verification: There is no mobile verification. It makes the profiles vulnerable to be used by anyone on behalf of others’ names.

Interface Differences: Which Is More User-Friendly?

Grindr showcases a much more dazzling design and features while Jack’d improve on its clumsiness when compared. The web version of Grindr is breathtaking. Both Grindr and Jack’d show grid profiles; Grindr has few options like Favourite, Home, menu. Whereas Jack’d have a clumsy little design with a favorite and matched option too.

Who Has Better Design/Overall Aesthetics

Here’s a full review of the overall interface of both apps:


  • Icons: The inappropriateness of one of the icons of this app confuses the users. There’s an icon consisting of an arrow and a square in the upper right corner. In other apps or in general, this icon connotes exporting or sharing files however, in Jack’d, it simply opens up more options in a different menu.
  • Menu: Consistency in an app is expected to be the most important aspect of the interface. This app upsets its users in this. The interface inconsistency presents different options depending upon the screen.
  • Features: although Jack’d offer too many features on the app’s top, making it clumsy. These features, if group, of the interface, will result in a beguiling app appearance. Options like Nearby, Online, World, and filter make it easier to choose from innumerable matches.

These mind-boggling new filters produce accurate results. You can filter the matches based on their availability status, location, and proximity.


  • Web-version: Recently, Grindr launched its web version for the people who prefer to chat and communicate through PC and laptops. Its black and yellow audacious theme is a perfect one for the new era LGBTQ community’s boldness and ferocity.
    You can easily enter the web world of Grindr with a few simple clicks.
    • Just like Whatsapp, you first need to log in through your phone.
    • Go to settings and choose Grindr Web.
    • There’ll be a square window asking you to scan the QR code.
    • Once the scan is done, you are taken to
  • Features: On the right corner of the web version, you can see various options like blogs, advertisements, careers, video, bloop, etc.; these enhance the site’s look.
  • Grindr for equality: This striking feature of the site flexes the option’s already highlighted look. Grindr for Equality is a movement to support the LGBTQ community in intricate issues like advocacy, health, safety, or any other.


iOS App Requires iOS 13.0 or later Yes
Android App Yes Yes
Web/Desktop Version Yes Yes

User Base: Demography and Popularity


Jack’d have a very diversified user base of 5 million, sprawling over 2000 cities of 180 countries. The parent company Online Buddies flaunts an installing rate of 10,000 downloads per day. Proudly securing 4th place on Google Play Store and App Store, it manages to be the most popular gay dating app. 67% of users are between 18 and 26, and 60% of users are black and Latino.

People of different ages, height, weight, etc., can be filtered, bringing you closer to your perfect date:

  • Last Online
  • Photo
  • Relationship
  • Open to
  • Age
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Body Hair
  • Ethnicity
  • Sex Preferences
  • Intersect


Grindr has been flouncing towards success all the more since last year. In the past 12 months, its app has been installed 2 million times in the USA. Past five-year downloads are gigantic. About 30 million users have downloaded Grindr to find their soulmate or catch up for casual hookups. Busiest on Sunday nights, over 700,000 men from 162 countries are using this enthralling app. An average Grindr spends approximately an hour daily on this app.

Men/Women Proportion


The highly diversified population at Jack’d encapsulate every gender of the LGBTQ community to identify themselves. Some of them are:

  • Agender
  • Bigender
  • Cisgender
  • Man
  • Non-binary
  • Trans


According to the statistics, 15% of men are inclined towards this intrusive app, whereas only 5% of women use Grindr in the USA (January 2018). This data correlates to the age group 18 and above.

Profile Details and Settings


Profile Photo

The official customer support poses some restrictions on the profile photo a user can put.


  • You can’t put shower shots.
  • You can’t put the photo to draw attention to your pubic hair.
  • Strict actions against pictures with nudity obscured with hands, towels, or any other substance.
  • No images displaying genitals or protruding parts that are recognizable shall be put.


Only people of 18 years and above can create a profile.


People using someone else’s profile or fake profiles will be suspended permanently.


  • The text shouldn’t be meant to threaten, intimidate, harass or kill or insult anyone.
  • No tolerance policy against racist texts.


Here’s how you can create a profile on Jack’d

  • Locate the Jack’d app icon on your home screen.
  • Tap and hold the icon.
  • Select App info from the context menu that appears.
  • Then tap Storage, then tap Clear Storage or Clear data.


While creating a profile on Grindr, keep these things in mind:

  • Nudity: Although Grindr supports body positivity and sex-positivity, it doesn’t allow any nudity content to be put up as the app’s profiles. Maintain stringent policy over such things. It has banned users’ accounts upholding its intolerance against nudity and sexual content.
  • Age: Just like Jack’d, Grindr is only for adults. Any underage account, if found, can undergo scrutiny and can be banned. You aren’t allowed to put up blurred photos as the app considers it as concealing your identity.
  • Harassment: Any bad or violent image or reported text might result in a ban of the user’s account at a minimum. Don’t cross boundaries, else your account might be reported.

Jack’d Vs. Grindr: Searching and Matching System Differences

Both the apps are fit for casual as well as serious relationships. The basic plan uses geolocation as a factor for matchmaking. As you proceed to premium plans, you can add more filters to your search like proximity, age, relationship status, etc.

Chances to Find Serious or Casual Relationship

Jack’d: It allows you to swipe through various profiles to find your match. If you have set your relationship status to single, you will be shown the single people’s profiles. When you reach the bottom of the page, new results will be shown in the next 24 hours. Thus, the match is based on mutual interest. Whether you want to make love or keep it casual, Jack’d got you covered.

Grindr: Grindr uses the geolocation feature to show profiles. They automatically load as you scroll down. You can filter your matches by making changes in the option “My Type.”

User Safety and Fake Profiles


When it comes to users’ safety, Jack’d got it licked. The Jack’d 4.0 version has improvised on the safety and security feature keeping in mind users’ privacy.

Concerned over rising threat cases against the LGBTQ community. The app is caressing its users in the following ways:

  • Disabling the “taking screenshots feature” when the app is open.
  • Displaying a rounding error while gauging the user’s approximate location.


Earlier, Grinder’s had fraught with danger. It was under scrutiny when news about a breach of data spread like wildfire. It had shared the data of users with third-party advertisers. However, it is now being operated under new leadership. Thus continuous speculations are being made about its other safety policies.

User Verification Process


  • For creating a new profile, you will be asked to verify your device by either reCAPTCHA or by SMS.
  • reCAPTCHA can be entered as and what they see.
  • For verification by SMS, a verification code will be sent on your device via SMS.
  • Wait for the code and manually enter it in the space provided.
  • Once the verification code is confirmed, you will receive a confirmation message that your account has been successfully created.


Grindr requires a mandatory SMS verification code. For this, you will have to share your number with them. They assure their customers of not leaking their phone numbers to the third party. We can hold them for that.

Following the similar steps as mentioned in Jack’d app, your number will be verified. It is a necessary part of preventing scams and fake profiles.

Moderation Process: Reporting Fakes and Scam


  • Many a time, people abuse the scam reporting feature to mock the efficacy of the system. Thus to prevent such abuse of the reporting system, your request for a report may not be processed immediately.
  • It first enters the admin queue, where the report is scrutinized based on past accounts of the id or pieces of evidence. Thus have patience while proceeding for reporting.

The official customer support of Jack’d offer the following solution, in case you faced a serious scam and want to report urgently.

  • From the member’s profile, tap or in the upper-right corner
  • Tap Report
    • Select a Report Reason
    • Select What / Where
    • Where applicable, enter additional details as to why you’re reporting the profile and tap Done
    • Review your report to ensure all details are correct
  • Tap on Submit Report


  • Grindr allows you to report and block uncanny and suspicious accounts from within the app. From the top right-hand corner, there’s an icon from where you can either block or report and block the profile.
  • Blocking the account will remove it from your list.
  • If you choose to report it, a dialogue box to complete further steps will appear.
  • Fill in the information like where did the scam happen, what happened, etc.
  • In the end, it will ask you to share the last 30 chats with the user. It’s upon your discretion if you want to share the same or not.

After your report is submitted, it will review your message to ascertain the scam.

Pricing and Upgrades


The basic plan is intriguing and interactive, but the premium members get delightful features extending far beyond users’ expectations. The premium plan costs $9.99 per month. However, it’s at the customer’s discretion to purchase a premium plan or make in-app purchases ranging from $3.99 to $54.99.


There are two types of paid versions here. Grindr XTRA and Grindr Unlimited

  • The unlimited version is $24.99 per month, while the Xtra plan costs $4.97per month.

Free Version: Features Available

You can get access to chatting and unlimited voice calls in the free plan of Jack’d. However, there’s a limit to the number of times you can share images through the free program.

Jack’d premium features:

  • You can block the accounts if you feel it’s a scam
  • You can store your favorite profiles up to 25000 guys in about 100 folders!
  • You can view the incoming messages from the status bar
  • You can disable irritating ads and spam messages.

Apart from the above-mentioned, premium features allow unlimited messaging, profile filtering, and unlimited album storage.


In the free version, you get features like creating and editing a profile, sending and receiving messages, basic filtering using location features.


  • Similar to the premium feature of Jack’d, it allows no ad policy for premium users.
  • You can have personalized push notifications.
  • Congratulations! You can view up to 600 profiles in the grid menu.


  • No restrictions to the no of profiles that can be viewed.
  • Allows you to skim through the profiles of people who viewed yours!
  • You can enable incognito mode.

Final Verdict: Prize Goes to …

After considering all the aspects of the two rivals, you would pick the best choice for yourself according to your needs. On the one hand, Jack’d a bit more NSA friendly; on the other hand, Grindr’s audacious interface and features make it a popular choice among youngsters. However, Grindr fails to make its users believe in its non-breach policy. Past horrendous trends where users were duped into sharing their profiles are shameful.

Thus the final prize from us goes to Jack’d. Brimming with body positivity and embracing the LGBTQ community, it has stood up to our expectations.

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