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Tinder vs Tinder Plus – Full Guide for Comparing

Tinder vs Tinder Plus – Full Guide for Comparing

Meeting an ideal partner is not as straightforward as anyone could imagine. Some people prefer using dating sites over traditional dating. Dating sites are a common trend, especially in the modern era characterized by social distancing due to the global pandemic. With this fact, you should settle for a dating site that guarantees higher chances of catering to your relationship needs.

Choosing a dating app isn’t a piece of cake, more so if it is by the same provider. Are you stuck on whether to upgrade to Tinder Plus or stick with the present? Or are you new to online dating and seeking some guide? Here is a full comparative review of both.

The First Impression

Tinder is one of the well-known dating sites that has attracted plenty of worldwide subscribers since its launch. The website has been resourceful in hooking up singles from all walks of life. Primarily, a user’s location determines who you are likely to meet (users are matched based on their locations).

Tinder is quite distinct when comparing to its counterparts. For a beginning, users have the freedom to link other social accounts like Spotify and Facebook. After registration, users can only become a match after liking each other by swiping right. Interacting will be subject to users’ decisions.

On the other hand, Tinder Plus is an upgraded premium version of Tinder that unlocks additional features to the member. The big question is, therefore, what are the unlocked features? What is the cost of upgrading, and is it even necessary? So there is no notable difference rather than the additional features for plus. The app has a simple design that looks cool on the mobile device.

Functional Differences: Tinder vs Tinder Plus

There are no functionality differences between the two. Rather the scope of feature available to the user as it is the same brand with different subscription packages. Each subscription unlocks specific features that increase your search for a potential partner. With Tinder Plus, for example, you can have an instant match, see members who liked you, get matches all over the world, and have unlimited right swipes or even rewind for a missed swipe.

Biggest advantages

Here are some of the advantages of both the free and the paid option of Tinder.

Tinder Tinder Plus
  • Free registration and photo upload.
  • Access to messaging feature
  • Possibility of Matches
  • One super like daily
  • Ability to locate matches that are nearby.
  • The passport feature allows you to change your location to reflect anywhere globally and find matches on the go while traveling.
  • Unlimited right swipes
  • 5 Super likes daily for a potential date you’re truly interested in.
  • There is the choice of an app or desktop option.
  • Tinder boost that makes your profile visible for 30 minutes once a month.

Biggest Drawbacks

Here are a few drawbacks of using Tinder free or Tinder Plus, which is a premium option.

  • Uncontrollable amount of ads.
  • Only suitable for those seeking casual hookups than lasting relationships.
  • Not stringent on profile authentications, therefore prone to scammers.
  • Likes are based on photos and not information, making Tinder superficial.
  • Has restriction to changing of profile details, e.g., name or age.
  • Upgrade doesn’t automatically guarantee a date; getting the profile right and having a great photo might do.
  • Unlimited swiping may lead to a waste of productive time online.
  • Hiding locations can encourage criminals and scammers to take advantage of unsuspecting persons.
  • Upgrading is quite costly.

Interface Differences: which is more user friendly?

There are no interface differences except for few icons that are unlocked by subscription to Tinder Plus. The account is flexible and can be linked to other social media accounts such as Snapchat, Spotify, or Instagram. Some features like easy swipe are very convenient and easy to use.

Designs/overall aesthetics?

The design is excellent, especially for the app, but they should pay closer attention to the icons. The brand color might need changing to appeal to the younger generation of users. However, in general, Tinder has a practical and straightforward modern user interface.


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User-base/Demography and popularity

Tinder has several million members worldwide, with 8 million in the United States only. There are at least 8 million logins weekly. The majority of users are singles between the age of 24-34 seeking casual relationships.

Men vs Women proportion

The ratio of women to men is approximately 1- 3. Men are 63 % of the total membership, while women are 37 %. There are fewer members using Tinder Plus as it has a pricey membership.

Profile details and Settings

Creating a profile is easy on Tinder. You can choose how many details you want to provide or hide. However, genuine photos must be uploaded. You can add, delete or rearrange the photos in the profile. The smart photo feature enables you to upload multiple pictures for Tinder to pick the best overall for your profile. In addition, there is an extension to gender identity that allows you to add your gender identity if the current categories do not contain it. Last but not least, users can add a tune or profile anthem to their profile, thanks to Spotify.

Searching and matching system

During the sign-up, you have the option of indicating who you are seeking, e.g., men or women, their proximity from your location, and preferred age. This plays an essential role in searching and matchmaking. Tinder gives an unlimited messaging option to members. The communication is, however, depends on mutual liking. There is also a video chat option at hand. Moreover, you can block a profile if you change your mind about the person or unmatch someone if they are provocative. It is worth mentioning here that deleting a message is not an option unless you delete the whole conversation. Several features enable one to search, filter, and match on the platform. Some are listed below. Most of these come with a premium package.

Super like: It is a none premium feature members receive daily while Tinder Plus subscription gives 5 per day. This feature enables a user to tag another user that they are attracted to.

Passport: As the name indicates, this feature enables you to change your location, especially when you’re in transit. You can be able to check those nearby your destination location.

Rewind: This enables a user to undo their action if they bypassed a potential match by mistake. For example, when they swiped too fast past a noticeable profile, they’d like to take a second look.

Top Pick: this is a profile recommendation feature by Tinder based on your profile information.

Super Boost: this feature puts the member ahead of the line during pick hours. Ideally, it increases your chances of being noticed by 100 times.

Chances to find serious relationships

Tinder is a marketplace for casual hookups. This does not, however, rule out the possibility of getting a long-term relationship. Since most of the users are between 24-34, this can be a prime age for settling down. On the other hand, it can also be a time to explore yourself without commitment. So, yes, there are slight chances of finding serious relationships. This is even more likely with Tinder Plus, as it is a paid subscription.

Chances to find Casual hook-ups

The casual relationship of temporary hookups is the model of Tinder. So yes, most definitely, you can get such from this site. However, Tinder Plus seems to have the upper hand for meaningful dates.

User safety and fake profiles

Tinder has made some effort to ensure members’ safety and security by demanding basic information and emphasizing photo upload. However, this is not enough as the number of details to put in the profile is left to user discretion. As a result, there are high chances of scams and fake profiles being on the platform.

User verification process

The user is only asked to verify their email or mobile numbers. The uploading of the photo is more of the profile status than a verification mechanism for Tinder. Therefore, there is a scarce verification process.

Moderation process: Reporting fakes and scams

The user has the option of reporting offensive/scam materials to the support team. They can also unmatch or block such profiles by using the block feature. Moderators are constantly working around the clock to make sure users have an incredible experience with online dating!

Pricing and upgrading

Tinder Plus is the paid option of Tinder and has the following subscription plans. The pricing is based on the age of the user causing older people to pay a high amount. The logic behind it can only be left to the assumption that; the older has more to spare or are serious about investing in a relationship.

Tinder Gold for users under 28 years:

  • One month costs $15
  • Six months at $53; you will part with $8.83 per month
  • One year at $83; a month costs $6.92.

Tinder Gold for users above 28 years:

  • One month at $30
  • Six months at $113; each month will cost $18.83
  • One year at $55; each month costs $4.58.

Tinder Plus for users under 28 years:

  • One month subscription of $9.99 / month for $9.99
  • Six months subscription of $5.83/ month for $34.99
  • One year subscription of $4.58/ month for $54.99.

Tinder Plus subscriptions for users over 28 years:

  • One month plan of $19.99/ month for $19.99
  • Six months plan of $10.00/ month for $60.00
  • One year plan of $6.67/ month for $80.00.

Free version: Features available

Since Tinder Plus is a premium version of Tinder, users can utilize the following free of charge.

  • Downloading the Tinder app
  • Register and create a profile
  • Finding members close to their location
  • Left swipe to skip over unwanted match profile
  • One super like daily for swiping
  • Matchmaking.

Final Verdicts: The prize goes to Tinder Plus

The winner is Tinder Plus. Although the free option can land you a date, it seems like a gamble and time-consuming. However, the cost notwithstanding, Tinder Plus offers more features that speed up the search and matchmaking. Therefore, Tinder Plus meets the objective of the app more conveniently.

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