vs POF – Full Guide for Comparing
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Zoosk vs POF – Full Guide for Comparing

Zoosk vs POF – Full Guide for Comparing

Comparing Zoosk vs. POF is not easy. Both brands are significant in making singles find love online; choosing one demands a closer look at each offer. For instance, both are popular and have millions of members, with a primary objective to connect singles., on its listing of best dating up 2024, has Plenty Of Fish in the top ten. But, according to the Wall Street Journal, Zoosk is likely to be the next big thing dating-wise. This review dives into the subtle differences that make each of them unique.

The First Impression

At a glance, the purpose and functionality of both brands bear more similarities than differences. You can easily get a casual hook-up or a long-term partner in either site; both are nondiscriminatory to who can join, and both have free subscriptions with options to upgrade for members.

The brands offer their members both web and app version as means of contact. However, the Zoosk app has a straightforward interface, with blue and gray as the theme colors. POF, on the other hand, has more icons and appears crowded. They both cater to single young adults to adults regardless of gender, race, or sexual orientation. This calls for further analysis of the brands like features, benefits, safety/security, and budget implications if you desire the premium packages.

Functional Differences: Zoosk Features vs POF Features

Both Zoosk and POF endeavor to making online dating a great successful dating experience. This can be seen in the design and the number of features available for members of each brand. For example, simplicity, image resolution, and colors are pretty distinct.

POF desktop view seems crowded and can overwhelm compared to the mobile app. On the other hand, Zoosk is a bit simple. Generally, there is no significant difference in the functionality but accessibility, as determined by either free or premium subscriptions.

In this regard, Zoosk has more features available for premium members in comparison to non-premium members. On the other hand, POF has the most features in free subscriptions, with only a few for those seeking an upgrade. POF users experience matchmaking and dating apps as they can browse freely or utilize the features to find dates.

Biggest advantages

Here are some of the advantages of each site.

Zoosk Plenty Of Fish
  • Quick sign-up process
  • Profile verification that eliminates fakes and scams
  • Ability to refine or modify search
  • Simplified modern design
  • Options to connect Facebook or Twitter account to your profile.
  • Over 80 million members, increasing chances of finding a partner.
  • Every form of date is available, from casual hook-up to short term/long-term relationship
  • The advanced search option provides a filter by category.
  • There is the choice of an app or desktop option.
  • It doesn’t require an upgrade to see who checked you out – you can use it without upgrading.

Biggest Drawbacks

The sites have some drawbacks as well. This is expected because these are technology-dependent brands with their dynamics. Here are a few:

Zoosk Plenty Of Fish
  • The mobile app lacks some features of the desktop version.
  • Has limited free trials with a ton of ads in the trial version./li>
  • No routine screening after the verification during signing-up therefore, there is a possibility of scams.
  • Most features are paid for; therefore, you must be a premium member to enjoy.
  • Has limited profile information
  • The only way to contact customer care is through email. There are no call options.
  • You must upgrade to get rid of the ads and see whether your message has been read or not.
  • POF members can no longer hide their profiles, thus a lack of discretion.
  • With such a user base, it is easy for scams and fake profiles to infiltrate.
  • You must upgrade to see the extended profile.

Interface Differences: which is more user friendly?

Although Zoosk and POF have made significant attempts to make functionality simple and easy, Zoosk limits the features available to the app users compared to the website. In contrast, POF has all the features available on the app, like on the site but can overwhelm new users, especially on the website. Nonetheless, Plenty Of Fish wins because it provides all the features of the web in the app.

Who has better designs/overall aesthetics?

POF has icons and functionality that are simple and can suit users across the board. This is because whether you prefer the desktop or the app, the icons are straightforward, and you can easily make contact. Zoosk has a simple design with icons on the lower side of the screen. POF is predominantly green and white, while Zoosk is blue-gray. Zoosk does need a little face-lift to appeal to a younger audience.


Both brands are accessible to users across different platforms and devices, as shown in the table below:

Zoosk Plenty Of Fish
iOS app Yes Yes
Android App Yes Yes
Desktop/ web version Yes Yes

User-base/Demography and Popularity

Zoosk commands a share of 40 million members worldwide with 1.6 million daily logins. The majority of whom are between the age of 25-34 and are looking for serious or long-term relationships. The wise, 45% are women, and the remaining percentage is men.

In comparison, POF has 90 million subscribers with 3.6 daily logins. The age bracket is similar to that of Zoosk, but in contrast, men outnumber women by 20 % in POF. The United States has the most members in both brands.

Men vs Women proportion

Women seem to be fewer than men in both cases. However, Zoosk has a better women-to-men ratio having 45% women and 55% men. On the other hand, POF has 40% women and 60% men, respectively, among its members.

Profile Details and Settings

Plenty Of Fish has more detailed profile requirements. You will fill in your hobbies, occupation, and details of your friends, family, and duration of your last relationship if any. Free subscribers can upload eight pictures, while those with a premium subscription have twice that number. In addition to verification, applying filters to profile is prohibited. You can define the relationship you are seeking on your profile. However, using any sexual language in the profile leads to an automatic ban of the account. Setting up an account takes approximately 10-15 minutes.

Zoosk requires validation for the profile. There are a set of questions to assist in setting up your profile, such as where you live, ethnicity, body time, and level of education. You can skip uploading a picture in the initial stages. Account setup can take up to 5 minutes, unlike POF that takes close to 20 minutes.

Searching and Matching System Differences

In Zoosk, there are two matchmaking modules, carousel, and smart pick. The first one is a profile suggestion with a maybe or check option, i.e., meet and match. On the other hand, smart pick analyses your activities in the platform, such as who you’ve sent smiles and hearts to, profiles you’ve checked, etc. The suggestions can become a match if you show interest in the person when using the smart pick.

It is worth noting that making contact is an uphill task for non-premium members – you can only send flings or buy gifts, but your date won’t reply if they are not on the premium package.

Contrary to Zoosk, Plenty Of Fish offers unlimited messaging and plenty of communication for free. As earlier mentioned, most of the features are available at your disposal without an upgrade. For example, you can purchase tokens to boost your profile visibility.

A chemistry test enables you to boost your profile through similar interest filters or locations for like-minded persons to locate you. You can also send a voice message but after a phone contact exchange. In addition, female members can send private images to their potential date, unlike their male counterparts.

The brand blocks messages with content deemed to have an abusive tone, solicitation, or pornographic materials. So unlike in Zoosk, ideally, you can send and receive messages and check priority to give your message a quick notice by others.

Chances to Find Serious Relationships

If you desire to find a serious relationship or long-term, Zoosk is your place to be. This can be attributed to the pre-paid approach of the site that ultimately limits joy riders. Nonetheless, it is not free from casuals or joy riders either.

Equally, POF has significant chances for members to find serious relationships. You can achieve this by setting your interests clear when filling out your profile and during initial engagements with a potential partner.

Chances to Find Casual Hook-ups

In contrast to Zoosk, Plenty Of Fish is more popular with casual hook-ups and less serious or non-committal kinds of relationships. This is probably due to the free nature of the brand that limits the desire for an upgrade. But, just like in Zoosk, it is not always a strange thing to find a long-term or serious relationship in POF either.

User Safety and Fake profiles

Zoosk has a strict verification process during sign-ups, and failure to validate your identification will disable you from using the platform. In addition to this, Zoosk members can report a fake profile to the admins or use the button available in each user profile to block the scams. The fact that the profiles are visible to everyone is also a safety boost as fakes can be easily identified and dealt with.

Plenty Of Fish has mandatory questions that must be answered before getting your profile established. Unlike Zoosk, POF does not connect to other social media networks. This is a drawback to safety and security because social media can be a great place to verify a profile.

User Verification Process

Plenty Of Fish uses the anti-robot feature to ensure human contact and fill a detailed mandatory questionnaire. The no-filter in profile picture policy is a plus for POF as people are seen for who they are.

Zoosk applies an account validation protocol that requires a contact number. The brand uses the number to send you a verification code that unlocks the features. This is in addition to the personal information that you have to provide.

Moderation Process: Reporting Fakes and Scams

Each brand has a way of dealing with fakes and scams. Plenty Of Fish has only one way to contact the administration. This is through an email on the site. In contrast, Zoosk has an additional button that a user can click to block/report a fake.

However, Plenty Of Fish does continuous profile screening to weed out scams and fakes in addition to limiting changes to profile info. Zoosk, on the other hand, relies on sign-up verification. So, both have a mechanism of reporting fakes and scams and content moderation.

Pricing and upgrading

Zoosk gives three premium plan options; 1 month, 3 months, and 6 months. These are one-time payment plans with auto-renew options unless you opt out. Zoosk has also provided a Coin option that enables users to unlock the premium features without necessarily having a contract of the plans above. Here is the price breakdown for Zoosk:

Monthly membership:

  • 1-Month Subscription of $29.99 / month for a total of $29.99
  • 3- Months Subscription of $20.00/ month for a total of $59.99
  • 6- Months Subscription of $12.50/ month for a total of $74.99.

Coin option

  • 180 coins equivalent to $0.11/coin for a total of $19.99
  • 480 coins giving $0.08 for a total of $39.99

Plenty Of Fish Pricing: The payment model of three plans like Zoosk, with the difference being in the duration of the plans.

  • Two months plan of $19.35/ month and a total of $38.70 or
  • Four months plan of $12.75/ month and a total of $51.00 and lastly,
  • Eight months plan of $10.18/ month and a total of $81.40

Just like Zoosk, Plenty Of Fish has a coin option but under a different name. Here it is called Tokens. All virtual purchases like the coins below are non-refundable. Here is the breakdown:


  • One token for $1.99
  • Five tokens for $8.95
  • Ten tokens for $16.90

Free version: Features available

Whereas Plenty Of Fish has fewer features in premium, Zoosk has more in this category. But unlike Zoosk, Plenty Of Fish users do have access to the majority of the features. Here are some of them:

Free subscription plan features:

Zoosk Plenty Of Fish
  • Register an account
  • Sending smiles and hearts to other users
  • Access to Carousel feature that gives you suggestions on possible matches.
  • Ability to view the complete profile.
  • User can undertake compatibility predictor test.
  • Send both text and voice messages
  • View other users profiles
  • Participate in forums
  • See who is near you and those who are online.
  • Create an account and be able to download the app.
  • Access to download the app
  • Creating a profile
  • You can even get a match without upgrading.

Final Verdict: The Prize Goes to Zoosk

Despite having a limited option for members who might not afford or are just not interested in premiums, Zoosk has a user-friendly app as wells as a website. In addition to this, there is a high likelihood of finding lasting relationships as there are fewer scammers and joy rides thanks to the verification process and cost involved.

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